Oops, almost lost my blog

I keep forgetting that I have to post at least every 6 weeks, or risk losing my Blog.  I try to post the first week of each month, but forgot this month.  I don’t want my blog to disappear, and yet I find it so easy to forget to write.

It’s not that I have nothing to say, I’ve written novels on the boards (sometimes in a single post), I just am completely resistant consciously and unconsciously to structure.  It drives my anal husband up a wall (When I met him, I thought he was disorganized too, but turns out that was just laziness regarding things he finds unimportant.  When it comes to the things he values, he’s a structure fiend.  He has a “schedule,” and is constantly telling me I need one too.   

I probably do.  It would definitely get me doing some of the things I keep putting off (like writing my novel).

It isn’t that I haven’t tried – in fact I’m always making schedules and lists (which is why I fool most people into thinking I’m organizied).  Unfortunately,  I often then don’t use them (or worse, lose them – I’ve made the same grocery list out three or more times because I’ve lost the previous version – and then forget to take any of the copies to the grocery store).

I even make nice little schedules and charts and checklists and store them on computer and print them out and put them in a day planner.  I use them frequently, I just don’t use them consistently.

I have too many ideas and goals, and I need to pare down.  I just see the potential in EVERYTHING and am easily distracted.   Every new thought takes me down some new and unexplored alleyway, and I end up in strange places and don’t know how I got there (figuratively, of course).





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