Finally an update!

Sorry lovelies, I’ve been so busy with work and adjusting to being married that I haven’t really taken the timeΒ  to post on my weight loss progress.

It’s slow going right now due to my ankle injury, but I DID find a fairly interesting exercise alternative…. desk pilates! It looks pretty easy and do-able, so I’m thinking if my ankle keeps me out of commission for a while I have an alternative to my walking videos. πŸ™‚Β  I’ve been staying on plan with my calories, and I’ve continued to lose weight, just not at the pace I was before. I’m down to 263.7 as of this morning, and I think I’ll fall just a little short of my 260 goal for the 4th of July, but I won’t let it get me down! I will just continue to focus on my goal of “less than 250” by Labor day.

My optimistic goals are 10 pounds per month, but my more realistic goal is more 6-7 pounds per month. I know that slow and steady wins this race and while I would LOVE to see the weight just rapidly fall off, I know it’s much better for me in the long run to let it come off slowly and in a healthy manner. I want this weight loss to be permanent. NOT temporary!

People are starting to notice my weight loss, and I’ve had some comments made, and people asking me about my plans and things. It feels really good for people to notice and be supportive. I’m loving this journey, even without pizza and cheesecake! πŸ™‚

Back to Losing, No more RE-losing

With my weigh in today of 266.5 I am officially losing “new” weight, instead of re-losing from my honeymoon gain. Not too shabby. That only took 2 weeks. I’m pretty proud of myself! Especially since this week has been full of eating off plan, including birthday cake all week.Β  I’ve tried to stay within my calories, but admittedly the food choices weren’t the healthiest use of my calories. After tomorrow morning’s cheesy “yay we’ve been married for 3 weeks” celebratory breakfast of waffles with blueberries and whipped cream, scrambled eggs, and sausage… i will be 100% back on track. My biggest issue right now is trying to cook well for my husband while at the same time staying healthy for me. I’ve taken to simply eating smaller portions of the less healthy stuff and filling up on lighter food like fat-free yogurt and salad. I suppose it’s working.

Here is a recap of my weekly progress since I started recording my weight daily/weekly/monthly:

3/25 – 291.4
4/1 – 287.9 (-3.5)
4/8 – 284.8 (-3.1) (total 6.6lbs)
4/15 – 282.4 (-2.4) (total 9lbs)
4/22 – 278.2 (-4.2) (total 13.2lbs)
4/29 – 276.9 (-1.3) (total 14.5lbs)
5/6 – 274.5 (-2.4) (total 16.9lbs)
5/13 – 271.8 (-2.7) (total 19.6lbs)
5/20 – 267.9 (-3.9) (total 23.5lbs)
5/27 – 274.6 (+6.7) (total 16.8lbs)
6/3 – 269.8 (-4.8) (total 21.6lbs)
6/10 – 266.5 (-3.3) (total 24.9lbs)

Before I started recording, I was at 300lbs, so the total lost on my ticker is a bit higher than this recording because of that. But it’s nice to see that my progress is fairly steady without too many blips (wedding/honeymoon excluded!).

Every week is a new start with a new goal. It’s so much easier to look at this journey in that light, instead of “omg i still have to lose 100lbs…”

Hope everyone has a great day!

Been a while…

Hey folks!

I know it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted. Adjusting to married life is taking a lot of my energy and attention at the moment… But since I’ve got a few minutes, and hubby is at work, I thought I’d pop in and give an update on the goings on.

On the weight loss front: after a quick gain from the honeymoon, and an equally quick loss of that weight, I’m back down, and just a smidge below where I was before the wedding. Yesterday saw me at 267.2, I’m hoping my noon weigh in will not show much of a gain (I def went over my calories yesterday, but there was a birthday celebration for my husband involved, so they don’t count, right?). I’m hoping all the moving around of cooking all the food and the cleaning of the kitchen sort of negate the calories from the cake. But I did get all my water in for the day… that counts for something right?

On the NSV front: I can wear my rings on my middle finger now, and I can wear my husband’s ring (which is a size smaller than mine) on my ring fingers. ALSO, I tried on the Ralph Lauren jeans… and they fit! so that’s a NSV goal I can check off of my list πŸ˜€

On the marriage front: OMG my husband is a bed hog… I’m not sleeping as well as I used to because he takes his half of the bed out of the middle! haha. I love him to death, but this adjusting to another body in the bed is gonna take some time. But I do love cooking for him every day. For some reason that just makes me happy.

The lack of sleep and the impending TOM visit are likely why I spent 3-4 days stuck at the exact same weight. Got a good night’s sleep and whoosh, there went that weight. It could also be the fact that I like the hubby to eat yummy food, and his definition of yummy and my definition of “diet” really don’t overlap much.

Anyway, I’m still around, and still on track… Just busy adjusting to my role as a wife πŸ™‚ I hope everyone’s having a GREAT month so far!

Also, to close, here is a wedding photo πŸ™‚

Getting Close…

To several things, actually. If the whoosh the scale showed me today, I’m .2 (yes point-two) pounds away from being no longer morbidly obese. 270.1 this morning is what I saw, and a BMI of 40.03 (according to wii fit) morbidly obese goes away when your BMI goes below 40. That’s the good news.

The bad news is, 268 seems to be my psychological barrier weight. I can never seem to break past it. I almost always lose weight for 2-3 months, overcome issues, mostly stay on plan and stay positive until I hit that number, then suddenly everything is hard and nobody is supportive and I get in the mindset of “I really can’t do this. What’s the point? So much further to go…” and I start caring less and less until I find myself eating a whole LARGE 2 double cheese burger meal from mcd’s complete with a huge sweet tea and 2 apple pies. Yep. Done that more than once. And sometimes more than once in a week. SO NOT HEALTHY.

I think once I get past the 265 mark that anxiety or fear or whatever you want to call it will disappear. I know it’s coming and I’m determined to get past it.Β  Logically, I know, to break past a psychological barrier such as that a good mindset, positive attitude, determination and plain old stubbornness should be enough to get through without an issue. Pretty sure I’ve got all of the above. πŸ™‚

Oh, and, I’m also wearing a pair of jeans I haven’t been able to wear since last year when I hit 268 πŸ™‚

Morbidly Obese.

My weight puts me in that category. I admit it, I accept it, I own it. And I’m doing every thing in my power to get myself out of that category… in a healthy, permanent way. 270 is the lowest weight I can be to still be considered ‘morbidly obese’… 2.5 more pounds to go, and then I can ditch that title, for the less depressing sounding, yet still unpleasant “obese” category.

I do not feel morbid, nothing about me is morbid. I hate having that title slapped on me! hopefully 10 days from now, I can be rid of it! It would be SO GREAT to get rid of that ‘morbidly obese’ title in time for the least morbid day of my life, with the exception of the birth of my future children. πŸ™‚


Today I can officially move my ticker past the 25lb mark. I’m so excited about that! Even if I don’t lose any more weight in the next 2 weeks, I will have done what so many women do not manage to do… lose a significant amount of weight before my wedding!

Okay, so I was kinda bad today, and had a peanut butter cookie and some potato chips, BUT, they fit into my calories, so I didn’t go over to have them… And I don’t feel the least bit guilty! If I see a gain from the salt in the chips, then so be it. I enjoyed sticking my toe back into the ‘junk food’ pool for a meal. What’s the rule? “Everything in moderation!”…. I think I did just that!

Unfortunately tomorrow’s weigh in will likely be a little bit off due to the fact that I have to work at 6am, so I won’t get much down time to let the day’s food wear off… s’ok! I almost always have a bounce up on Saturdays, then it goes back down plus a bunch during the week. Fingers crossed for 4.6 more pounds over the next 2 weeks! I would LOVE to be below 270 for my wedding!

Another week down…

Not down as much as I’d like to have been, only 1.3lbs for the week, but much much better than I thought I’d get after indulging so much during the week and missing out on exercise from my ankle being grumpy. It was enough to see my ticker move, and the total lost to go over 23lbs, and that makes me happy!

Today will be another day of ‘indulging’… my bridal shower is tonight, and nobody there really knows I’m trying to lose weight. I’ve kept it pretty quiet. My mom knows though, and she’s hosting, so I hope she keeps that in mind when setting out snacks and things. I’m proud of my progress, and want to be down another 7lbs or so before the wedding. I know that’s REALLY ambitious seeing as it’s only 3 weeks away, but it can’t hurt to exercise a little more, right?

I’m learning that if there is food out where I can see it, I’m going to eat it or want to eat it. If it’s hidden away, I’m less likely to feel an urge to snack on it. Out of sight out of mind truly works for me. I left a box of granola bars out on the counter, and every time I walked by I wanted to grab one. I ate almost a whole bag of baby carrots simply because I left the bag open in front of me. I’ve done the same with chips and candies in the past. I didn’t really crave chocolate until I had a bag of the snack size hershey bars (70 cals apiece) and saw it out. So I’m gonna try a new approach. I’m used to having things out on the counter (like cereal/chips/bread etc) and a candy dish, things like that. I’m going to put them away and see if that helps. Any little bit is good!

About my blog here: I’ve added a new page to keep track of my mini goals, both scale and non scale related, and when I’ve achieved them. It’s not very exciting now as I’ve only hit the first of my mini goals, but hopefully the thought of adding to it will add another layer of motivation for me. I can use any extra motivation available. Later, I will add a page with my progress photos. πŸ™‚

Time to get that bracelet…

Just a quick check in… the scale this morning told me I can say good bye to the 280s for good! 278.2 and falling. I’m so excited! TOM didn’t ruin my week or my progress… 4.2lbs this week! I am so thrilled. I love when it falls off quickly like that!

I can’t write too much right now, as I have to head back to work, but I will definitely do a better update after busy-life dies down after Easter.
Have a good day everyone!

And now for my next trick, the 270s.

Alright ladies and gentleman, that’s a wrap on the 280s!

This morning the scale said 279.5 and I’m hoping that means goodbye to the 280s forever! I’ll do another progress pic, and order my bracelent! I’m so excited! (IF, and ONLY if tomorrow’s weigh in reflects the same, since it’s my official weigh in day, and when I change my ticker.)

It’s an all around good day. Hubby to be is on his way to pick me up after his doctor’s appointment, and we will be headed over to the court house to obtain our marriage license! We will be legally allowed to wed. Woo! One month until the big day…. think I can shed 10 more pounds?! I hope so!

Happy Sunday People!

I hope everyone is doing well! I’m having a splendid day so far. I’ve cleaned my kitchen, gotten 2 loads of laundry done, did some exercises on the wii fit (saw 281.1 on the weigh in!) and had an event that just made me want to dance around.

I can’t call it a ‘non scale victory’ because it involves the scale, but it’s kinda strange. I had gone upstairs to get a basket of laundry that needed washing, and on a whim at the bottom of the stairs (where I keep my scale) I decided to step on with that heavy basket of laundry… AND THE NUMBER POPPED UP WITH MY START WEIGHT! I can’t believe I’ve been shrugging off my “only 20ish pounds” lost! I used to have the equivalent of that heavy basket of laundry attached, most likely, to my mid section!Β  It’s no wonder my knees and ankle don’t hurt as much at the end of the day anymore.

It’s hard to believe how much you’ve actually lost until you pick up something that weighs as much as your loss. It’s amazing! I recommend it for anyone in a situation similar to mine. Starting out with a lot of weight to lose, and not too far into your progress yet. Don’t knock those first few pounds! They add up!

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