Back to Losing, No more RE-losing

With my weigh in today of 266.5 I am officially losing “new” weight, instead of re-losing from my honeymoon gain. Not too shabby. That only took 2 weeks. I’m pretty proud of myself! Especially since this week has been full of eating off plan, including birthday cake all week.  I’ve tried to stay within my calories, but admittedly the food choices weren’t the healthiest use of my calories. After tomorrow morning’s cheesy “yay we’ve been married for 3 weeks” celebratory breakfast of waffles with blueberries and whipped cream, scrambled eggs, and sausage… i will be 100% back on track. My biggest issue right now is trying to cook well for my husband while at the same time staying healthy for me. I’ve taken to simply eating smaller portions of the less healthy stuff and filling up on lighter food like fat-free yogurt and salad. I suppose it’s working.

Here is a recap of my weekly progress since I started recording my weight daily/weekly/monthly:

3/25 – 291.4
4/1 – 287.9 (-3.5)
4/8 – 284.8 (-3.1) (total 6.6lbs)
4/15 – 282.4 (-2.4) (total 9lbs)
4/22 – 278.2 (-4.2) (total 13.2lbs)
4/29 – 276.9 (-1.3) (total 14.5lbs)
5/6 – 274.5 (-2.4) (total 16.9lbs)
5/13 – 271.8 (-2.7) (total 19.6lbs)
5/20 – 267.9 (-3.9) (total 23.5lbs)
5/27 – 274.6 (+6.7) (total 16.8lbs)
6/3 – 269.8 (-4.8) (total 21.6lbs)
6/10 – 266.5 (-3.3) (total 24.9lbs)

Before I started recording, I was at 300lbs, so the total lost on my ticker is a bit higher than this recording because of that. But it’s nice to see that my progress is fairly steady without too many blips (wedding/honeymoon excluded!).

Every week is a new start with a new goal. It’s so much easier to look at this journey in that light, instead of “omg i still have to lose 100lbs…”

Hope everyone has a great day!

Another week down…

Not down as much as I’d like to have been, only 1.3lbs for the week, but much much better than I thought I’d get after indulging so much during the week and missing out on exercise from my ankle being grumpy. It was enough to see my ticker move, and the total lost to go over 23lbs, and that makes me happy!

Today will be another day of ‘indulging’… my bridal shower is tonight, and nobody there really knows I’m trying to lose weight. I’ve kept it pretty quiet. My mom knows though, and she’s hosting, so I hope she keeps that in mind when setting out snacks and things. I’m proud of my progress, and want to be down another 7lbs or so before the wedding. I know that’s REALLY ambitious seeing as it’s only 3 weeks away, but it can’t hurt to exercise a little more, right?

I’m learning that if there is food out where I can see it, I’m going to eat it or want to eat it. If it’s hidden away, I’m less likely to feel an urge to snack on it. Out of sight out of mind truly works for me. I left a box of granola bars out on the counter, and every time I walked by I wanted to grab one. I ate almost a whole bag of baby carrots simply because I left the bag open in front of me. I’ve done the same with chips and candies in the past. I didn’t really crave chocolate until I had a bag of the snack size hershey bars (70 cals apiece) and saw it out. So I’m gonna try a new approach. I’m used to having things out on the counter (like cereal/chips/bread etc) and a candy dish, things like that. I’m going to put them away and see if that helps. Any little bit is good!

About my blog here: I’ve added a new page to keep track of my mini goals, both scale and non scale related, and when I’ve achieved them. It’s not very exciting now as I’ve only hit the first of my mini goals, but hopefully the thought of adding to it will add another layer of motivation for me. I can use any extra motivation available. Later, I will add a page with my progress photos. 🙂

Weekly Weigh in!

Well, the bad news is, my weight this morning was up .6lbs from yesterday, putting me at 282.4.

The good news is, I lost 2.4lbs this week, and managed to stay completely on plan with food, I only missed one day of exercise, and I managed to drink 2.5L-3L of water every day. So that mysterious bump is probably just my body being my body, and prepping for TOM to show up. Lord knows the cravings and cramps that go with TOM have already made themselves known.

Yesterday I was craving frosted flakes, and today I was craving s’mores granola bars (and a Big Mac from McD’s)… At least 2 out of 3 were things I could easily fit into my plan for the day. So now I’ve got chicken breast from the rotisserie chicken, some hummus, the s’mores granola bars, a couple boxes of instant oatmeal, tilapia, apples, bananas, broccoli, frozen veggies, and small red potatoes tp get me through the week. Lots of healthy!

Though I must confess to buying a dozen mini choco-fudge cupcakes from the bakery… they were on sale and I know my chocolate craving will go nuts this week. They are 100cals apiece, but they are really small… the good thing is, they pack a rich chocolate taste that will easily satiate that craving without forcing me way over my calorie limits for the day. I will be sure to budget room for a choco-fix or two the next few days.

I need to buy yogurt. My fridge is weirdly empty without it.