What a busy weekend!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted. It’s been such a crazy weekend with work and housework and wedding crises… not even sure which way is up!

The good news is, I’ve managed to stay on plan (with food, water, and exercise!) all weekend, even started to vary my exercise routine because 30-45mins of ‘walking’ just didn’t seem to do enough. I’ve added some muscle training type exercises that I do as well. Squats and push ups. SO HARD. I can’t do very many in a row yet without feeling the burn, but if i keep it up, I know I’ll get there soon.

I haven’t seen a number shift on the scale much yet, 287.9 is the lowest it’s gone, but I have to keep telling myself “keep doing what you’re doing and it will come off”… losing weight quickly is not the answer. I do not want to end up packing all of the weight back on after fighting so hard to lose it.
It kinda sucks, the slowness, when you’re someone like me…. wanting immediate results, instant gratification. But I know that eventually, in the long run, this is so much better for me and my body. I can do this, especially with the support of my friends, my fiance, and the forums on 3FC!  🙂