Back to Losing, No more RE-losing

With my weigh in today of 266.5 I am officially losing “new” weight, instead of re-losing from my honeymoon gain. Not too shabby. That only took 2 weeks. I’m pretty proud of myself! Especially since this week has been full of eating off plan, including birthday cake all week.  I’ve tried to stay within my calories, but admittedly the food choices weren’t the healthiest use of my calories. After tomorrow morning’s cheesy “yay we’ve been married for 3 weeks” celebratory breakfast of waffles with blueberries and whipped cream, scrambled eggs, and sausage… i will be 100% back on track. My biggest issue right now is trying to cook well for my husband while at the same time staying healthy for me. I’ve taken to simply eating smaller portions of the less healthy stuff and filling up on lighter food like fat-free yogurt and salad. I suppose it’s working.

Here is a recap of my weekly progress since I started recording my weight daily/weekly/monthly:

3/25 – 291.4
4/1 – 287.9 (-3.5)
4/8 – 284.8 (-3.1) (total 6.6lbs)
4/15 – 282.4 (-2.4) (total 9lbs)
4/22 – 278.2 (-4.2) (total 13.2lbs)
4/29 – 276.9 (-1.3) (total 14.5lbs)
5/6 – 274.5 (-2.4) (total 16.9lbs)
5/13 – 271.8 (-2.7) (total 19.6lbs)
5/20 – 267.9 (-3.9) (total 23.5lbs)
5/27 – 274.6 (+6.7) (total 16.8lbs)
6/3 – 269.8 (-4.8) (total 21.6lbs)
6/10 – 266.5 (-3.3) (total 24.9lbs)

Before I started recording, I was at 300lbs, so the total lost on my ticker is a bit higher than this recording because of that. But it’s nice to see that my progress is fairly steady without too many blips (wedding/honeymoon excluded!).

Every week is a new start with a new goal. It’s so much easier to look at this journey in that light, instead of “omg i still have to lose 100lbs…”

Hope everyone has a great day!

Progress photos.

Well. I’ve done it. Posting photos, 10lbs at a time, to visually track my progress.

I don’t have one of me at 300. I didn’t think to take one, so the first one is me at 290. I look so angry! And yes I know my hair is gross.  But these aren’t fashion shots, they are “see if I can spot a shrink!” shots.

Between 290 and 280, the only difference I can really see is my neck. Which is good. Shrink that double chin first! The wedding dress hides the rest of it! 🙂

I know they look awful, but I’m really hoping they’ll get progressively better 🙂

Closing in on Mini Goal #1

That mini goal is the loss of 20lbs. I have 3.1lbs to go to get there. I can do this, and I can do it by the end of next week. By April 22nd. That gives me 11 days to lose 3.1 pounds. And thus take another awful set of progress pictures, but it also means I get to order my charm bracelet! I am so excited. I love silver bracelets.

I’ve added a ticker to the side of my blog, I need to be able to see it. My progress MATTERS. It’s IMPORTANT that I have a visual validation of what I’ve done so far, because I’m not seeing it in my mirror, or in the way my clothes fit. At least not yet. I’ve only lost 5% of my weight, that’s not a significant amount. At least not as far as what I can see. 15 pounds is not “a little bit” by any stretch of the imagination, I’ve picked up 15lbs. It’s a pretty hefty chunk. I like knowing that that chunk is now off of my bones and joints, and hopefully, if they could, they’d thank me for even that minor progress.

Ideally, this time next year, I’d like to be at goal weight of 165lbs. I realize that would take a lot of effort, a lot of will power, no slips and no setbacks. I know that’s not likely to happen, but I’m not giving up on that dream until a bit closer to that time. Realistically, I’d like to see myself entering Onederland this time next year. I have not been below 200lbs since high school, and that’s more than 10 years ago. I would LOVE to see myself close to or AT goal for my first anniversary. I am really making the effort, I want those professional pictures done to make up for the fat wedding photos!

Good luck to everyone today. It’s Monday, regardless of whether you’re losing or maintaining, you’re gonna need it!

I finally did it.

I did not want to do it, for fear of what the camera might show me.

But I did it. I finally took my “before” pics. 292 lbs. YUCK. my goal is to take a photo for every 10lbs i lose, starting at 280. At the end, I will publish a photo journal of my progress. I will need to SEE the changes happening before I actually believe that the number on the scale isn’t lying to me.

I’m not quite ready to share them with the world yet, but once I start seeing progress, then most likely they will show up. In their, depressing, bad hair, angry looking glory.

For now, I need to go eat a small meal… Probably a 4 cheese pizza lean pocket because I’m seriously craving some pizza. I’ve got a small fruit salad (no sugar added!) to eat with it, made with fresh fruits. (apples, bananas, oranges, grapes) and i’ll probably allow myself to have a pudding cup for dessert.

Not the most nutritious of meals, I admit, but it’s within my calorie range, and I will feel full afterward.

Also, exercise. I need to get my walk on.