Home from the Honeymoon!

Yeah, I’m back. Totally gained almost 7 pounds in the last week, but it was SO worth it. Wedding was beautiful despite the mishaps, the reception was a ton of fun with a delicious food and no issues, and the honeymoon was pretty much perfect. I couldn’t have asked for a better week without sounding greedy.

Here are some happy fun pictures! 😀

dancing at the reception:

and my rings…

Progress photos.

Well. I’ve done it. Posting photos, 10lbs at a time, to visually track my progress.

I don’t have one of me at 300. I didn’t think to take one, so the first one is me at 290. I look so angry! And yes I know my hair is gross.  But these aren’t fashion shots, they are “see if I can spot a shrink!” shots.

Between 290 and 280, the only difference I can really see is my neck. Which is good. Shrink that double chin first! The wedding dress hides the rest of it! 🙂

I know they look awful, but I’m really hoping they’ll get progressively better 🙂