Finally an update!

Sorry lovelies, I’ve been so busy with work and adjusting to being married that I haven’t really taken the time  to post on my weight loss progress.

It’s slow going right now due to my ankle injury, but I DID find a fairly interesting exercise alternative…. desk pilates! It looks pretty easy and do-able, so I’m thinking if my ankle keeps me out of commission for a while I have an alternative to my walking videos. 🙂  I’ve been staying on plan with my calories, and I’ve continued to lose weight, just not at the pace I was before. I’m down to 263.7 as of this morning, and I think I’ll fall just a little short of my 260 goal for the 4th of July, but I won’t let it get me down! I will just continue to focus on my goal of “less than 250” by Labor day.

My optimistic goals are 10 pounds per month, but my more realistic goal is more 6-7 pounds per month. I know that slow and steady wins this race and while I would LOVE to see the weight just rapidly fall off, I know it’s much better for me in the long run to let it come off slowly and in a healthy manner. I want this weight loss to be permanent. NOT temporary!

People are starting to notice my weight loss, and I’ve had some comments made, and people asking me about my plans and things. It feels really good for people to notice and be supportive. I’m loving this journey, even without pizza and cheesecake! 🙂

Been a while…

Hey folks!

I know it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted. Adjusting to married life is taking a lot of my energy and attention at the moment… But since I’ve got a few minutes, and hubby is at work, I thought I’d pop in and give an update on the goings on.

On the weight loss front: after a quick gain from the honeymoon, and an equally quick loss of that weight, I’m back down, and just a smidge below where I was before the wedding. Yesterday saw me at 267.2, I’m hoping my noon weigh in will not show much of a gain (I def went over my calories yesterday, but there was a birthday celebration for my husband involved, so they don’t count, right?). I’m hoping all the moving around of cooking all the food and the cleaning of the kitchen sort of negate the calories from the cake. But I did get all my water in for the day… that counts for something right?

On the NSV front: I can wear my rings on my middle finger now, and I can wear my husband’s ring (which is a size smaller than mine) on my ring fingers. ALSO, I tried on the Ralph Lauren jeans… and they fit! so that’s a NSV goal I can check off of my list 😀

On the marriage front: OMG my husband is a bed hog… I’m not sleeping as well as I used to because he takes his half of the bed out of the middle! haha. I love him to death, but this adjusting to another body in the bed is gonna take some time. But I do love cooking for him every day. For some reason that just makes me happy.

The lack of sleep and the impending TOM visit are likely why I spent 3-4 days stuck at the exact same weight. Got a good night’s sleep and whoosh, there went that weight. It could also be the fact that I like the hubby to eat yummy food, and his definition of yummy and my definition of “diet” really don’t overlap much.

Anyway, I’m still around, and still on track… Just busy adjusting to my role as a wife 🙂 I hope everyone’s having a GREAT month so far!

Also, to close, here is a wedding photo 🙂

Weekend over.

My weekend this week was Monday and Tuesday. So, as of now, the weekend is over for me. I generally love having days off of work, however, days off of work mean lots of free time and eating. Yesterday I went over on my calories because I ate for comfort after a fight with the significant other.  I didn’t do a horrible horrible binge. Just a spoonful of peanut butter with a bunch of Special K mutli grain crackers. I didn’t even see a gain this morning. So yeah, I like to think I controlled that better than I actually did, but I know I shouldn’t have done it at all.

Anyway, today I went to mom’s. Always a food challenge. While I was there I consumed 8oz light cranberry juice and a small amount of beef jerky, a small plate of spaghetti, a bunch of baby carrots (like a cup), a banana, and a fiber bar. As well as drank almost 1.5L of water. I was there for about 8 hours, so i guess that’s not too awful. A meal and a small snack. I came home and had a half PBJ and a granola bar to end my day, as well as the first 2 miles of “Walk Your Belly Flat”… I would have done more, but my stomach started rolling, probably not good to exercise with a lot of food in the tummy, eh?

Oh well. Day’s over, and I’m tired. Four days of work, Sunday off for church and a Jack & Jill shower for the fiance and I (given by his grandmother and a friend of hers from church) then Four more days of work, and then my vacation time starts for wedding and related festivities. Rehearsal dinner, the main event, honeymoon, and movin the new hubby into my place.

Back to life…

I had a lovely 3 day weekend!! I didn’t lose much weight, but I didn’t gain much of anything either. So, I’m pretty  happy about that! I did exercise quite a bit during my free time, so I’m wondering if the soreness in my arms and upper back from the shape/rhythm boxing is contributing to my lack of loss.

Today was back to my regular schedule, which was nice. I know exactly when I’ll be eating, and what I’ll be eating, so it’s MUCH easier to stay on plan. Hopefully these next few days will see a loss, I really really want to be out of the 270s by my wedding!

Excited to be back on track!

Yesterday I was sad to think about not eating anymore of the junk food i’ve indulged in over the weekend, and the leftovers through yesterday. Today I woke up and could barely pull my ring off (my test of bloatedness), then saw a gain of .4 to 279.1 on the scale. After seeing that, it made me happy to know that today I can be 100% back on track because all the junk food and salt that makes me bloat is gone! It’s out of the house, and I’m back to my regularly scheduled healthier foods.  My ankle is feeling less broken today too, so hopefully that means I can get some time in with the rhythm boxing later.

I love me some rhythm boxing! I’ve got a whole game from golds gym based solely on boxing, and I LOVE it. I think I will eventually cycle back and forth between boxing and free step to focus on upper one day and lower the next, but for now the boxing seems to be the smarter choice since my ankle is being wonky again (stupid tendonitis). I’m wearing my brace to work just in case.

Even with my slight gain (up almost a pound from my low!) I’m still feeling good today, and know that going back on plan will see that pound gone, plus some. I can’t give up, not yet. It’s only been six weeks. I’m definitely learning new things about my body (like how I tend to gain during ovulation, not my actual period), and how sodium seriously affects my weight, but carbs don’t seem to have a horrible effect. Sugar in moderation seems to be okay, but really super processed stuff (like diet candy) tends to not work out so well. Lunch meat (which I had for dinner last night – turkey on whole wheat), with all of it’s processed saltiness is the worst. I almost always show a gain the next day if I eat something like that for dinner. Even with almost a gallon of water yesterday, I couldn’t flush the sodium out.

So the plan for today is: oatmeal + fruit or yogurt + skim milk for lunch, and tilapia fillet + brussell’s sprouts for dinner. snack at work will likely be a bag of raisinettes or trail mix. breakfast right now is a piece of toast with a little peanut butter and jelly and an apple. snack later will likely be a fiber bar. and all day long WATER WATER WATER! i need to get back on track with my water. this weekend really threw me off!