Morbidly Obese.

My weight puts me in that category. I admit it, I accept it, I own it. And I’m doing every thing in my power to get myself out of that category… in a healthy, permanent way. 270 is the lowest weight I can be to still be considered ‘morbidly obese’… 2.5 more pounds to go, and then I can ditch that title, for the less depressing sounding, yet still unpleasant “obese” category.

I do not feel morbid, nothing about me is morbid. I hate having that title slapped on me! hopefully 10 days from now, I can be rid of it! It would be SO GREAT to get rid of that ‘morbidly obese’ title in time for the least morbid day of my life, with the exception of the birth of my future children. 🙂