Got my DVDs in!

Well, 2 out of the 3, and I’m so eager to give them a shot! I think I’ll try a 2-miler first, I think I could easily get through 1 mile… but I’m not quite sure if I could handle the 3+ miles yet.

I’m really interested in seeing how well I can do with these. I hope they are a bit more challenging than some of the wii exercises I’ve been doing. I don’t think it’s exercise if you’re not feeling it somehow.

Let’s see if I can walk away 4.6lbs before the wedding! 😀

Leslie Sansone

Last night I decided to order a couple “Walk Away the Pounds” DVDs… 3 actually, and one is a combo of 3, so it’s actually like 5, and it was only 26 dollars! I thought that was a great price (check amazon for it HERE) and the 2 recommended with it, and because it was over $25, it shipped free! My walk-it-out game on the wii just wasn’t cutting it for me anymore, I barely felt like I’d exercised when I was done, and felt like “what’s the point?” and just started skipping it. Now I’ve got some options for exercise! I’ve got the various aerobic exercises on the Wii Fit, the Gold’s Gym “shape boxing” game on the Wii, that’s like a more advanced, full workout version of the rhythm boxing on the wii fit, and now I’ll have the “walk away the pounds” option as well. I can exercise to suit my mood!

This makes me happy! 🙂