Really need to get back in the swing of things.

Okay, so, now that all of the ‘temptation’ food is gone (read: eaten) i should easily be able to get back on track without all that yummy salty goodness staring me in the face. I’m sure I’ll be regretting it for a couple days while I wait for the sodium to flush out of my system, but I can’t make myself throw away food. Especially food other people have paid for. So I was eating chips and doritos with my lunch and dinner the last couple days. BUT they are gone now, and I don’t have to stress them causing me any more issues. I don’t think, even with the indulgence of the little bit of junk food that I’ve gone too far over my calories. I think (HOPE) the scale isn’t moving much right now because of water. We’ll see.

I’ll get back to work on the wii fit as soon as my ankle calms itself down. Don’t know what I did to anger it, but until then I’m limited to arm lifts with the weights. Fingers crossed for a better day tomorrow, since I will be free of temptation, and hopefully my ankle will allow me to exercise away some of the calories!

Have a good night everyone!