Early days…

It’s so difficult for me to stay within my calories on the days my work schedule shifts me to the beginning of the day! When I work 2-11, I basically do intermittent fasting, with calorie counting. I don’t eat before work, I don’t eat at all until 4pm, when I have something small, usually trail mix. Then a sizable meal at 6 and again at 11, no more food after I eat at 11, bedtime at 2am. I get meals where I feel full, I don’t stress much about ‘bad’ foods because if they sneak in, they usually fit, and my weight has been going down.

When I work early shifts, like today’s 8am – 5pm, or yesterdays 6am – 3pm, fitting my food into that same type of window just isn’t possible! my window for food is usually about 7 hours, with a slight adjustment up sometimes if I get out of work late. I can’t do those hours when I’m working so early! I’m on my feet all day moving around, and if I don’t eat during that time, I get really dizzy or I get a bad headache. My window, when I work the late shift, is slightly offset from my work schedule. It opens 2 hours after I get to work when I take a break, and it closes shortly after I get off work, after I eat my meal at the end of the day. On 6-3 days, that would mean my window to eat is only open from like 8am to 3pm-ish. or 10am to 5pm-ish today. NOT going to work for me. So I suspend my IF type rules, and then eat a little more spread out. So I can’t eat the meals like I’m used to. I try to do a large lunch meal, mid work shift, then have a graze type meal when I get home, and a larger meal later. So far, it’s been working, but it hasn’t been super easy.

Luckily for me, I don’t seem to be as uber sensitive to carbs as some people, but I am pretty sensitive to sodium, so I try to keep that under 1800mg (MOST OF THE TIME I succeed). Today I went over 1800 by a little bit because I didn’t realize there was so much sodium in the BBQ sauce I put on my chicken. I’ve been drinking extra water to see if that helps. But I wouldn’t be surprised at a gain on the scale tomorrow.

Had a good workout today with my Leslie Sansone DVD! I decided to stop after mile 2, because my ankle was starting to protest. (I’m currently using 5 Mile Fat Burning Walk DVD), then later after some ice and ibuprofen got up and did mile 1 again. It felt good to get up and move, and I LOVE how the 12 minutes seem to just pass in a blink during the workout. 🙂