My husband is a magician!

Today was my first day fully back on plan after my honeymoon. I do intermittent fasting, sort of. My window for eating changes daily based on my work schedule. I allow myself an 8 to 9 hour window starting, most frequently, 2 hours after I get to work, and ending about an hour after I get home from work. I try to keep it closer to 8, but occasionally I leave work late, and so my dinner ends up a little bit beyond the 8 hour mark.

Well today, my eating window was from 2pm to around 10pm. At around 11:15 I was getting the munchies. And I saw that my husband had a crumb cake muffin from a charity bake sale. I suggested we split it. I wanted to eat some of it, but somehow, magic man that he is… hubby somehow got me to workout instead of snack. I DON’T KNOW HOW HE DID IT. But somehow he turned my craving for empty calories after my eating window into a 30 minute brisk walk workout with one of my Leslie Sansone DVDs.

Now that I’m done with my workout, he’s doing some strength training exercises on the wii fit and I’m sitting here puzzled as to how he talked me into exercising when I was determined to eat.