Really need to get back in the swing of things.

Okay, so, now that all of the ‘temptation’ food is gone (read: eaten) i should easily be able to get back on track without all that yummy salty goodness staring me in the face. I’m sure I’ll be regretting it for a couple days while I wait for the sodium to flush out of my system, but I can’t make myself throw away food. Especially food other people have paid for. So I was eating chips and doritos with my lunch and dinner the last couple days. BUT they are gone now, and I don’t have to stress them causing me any more issues. I don’t think, even with the indulgence of the little bit of junk food that I’ve gone too far over my calories. I think (HOPE) the scale isn’t moving much right now because of water. We’ll see.

I’ll get back to work on the wii fit as soon as my ankle calms itself down. Don’t know what I did to anger it, but until then I’m limited to arm lifts with the weights. Fingers crossed for a better day tomorrow, since I will be free of temptation, and hopefully my ankle will allow me to exercise away some of the calories!

Have a good night everyone!

Dinner was dangerous…

I could definitely sit and eat a whole rotisserie chicken, given enough time. even being full i was still picking at pieces of it because it was SO GOOD. i had some broccoli with it, as well as some hummus with some special K crackers. Those things are dangerous too! you can eat 24 of them in a serving, for 120 calories. 5 calories apiece! that can’t be too bad right…. unless you sit and eat 3 servings because they are whole grain with that hint of sweetness.

Grocery shopping this weekend so I can stock up on fruits and veggies. Hummus is my new addiction though. IT’S SO GOOD! Especially the roasted red pepper hummus with that hint of spiciness. Yummy. How did I not know about this stuff before?!

Anyway, starting tomorrow, I will only be updating my ticker on a weekly basis so I’m not stressing the occasional water gain that happens in the day to day, though I will still weigh in daily. Seeing a steady drop every week will keep me on track much better than an up and down daily change.

Also, TOM’s due the middle of next week. I’m dreading it! It will be the first time I have to sift through the cravings and cramps and tiredness since I started this attempt at weight loss. Hopefully I can make it through without too much of a gain.

So now that I’ve let dinner digest a bit and I don’t feel so full, I’m gonna go do my 30 mins of step aerobics. I’m hoping that in the near future I won’t be so tired and out of breath at the end!

Good Night!

30 minutes of step aerobics…

Is not as easy as I thought it would be! Wow. 10 minutes wasn’t that bad, but by 20 I was red faced and couldn’t breathe, but I kept going and got to 30 minutes. Sweaty and gross and feeling a major sense of accomplishment.Β  I thought I was going to somehow be deprived of decent cardio workout because I don’t have a treadmill, a stationary bike,Β  or an elliptical machine in my home. But I guess doing the ‘free step’ for 30 minutes on the wii fit is a decent substitute, if you go at a fast pace. It seems to be better for me, cardio wise, than the ‘walk it out’ game, because even though I take more steps in the ‘walk it out’ game, I seem to get a more intense work out via the step aerobics.

And as nasty as it may sound, I kinda like this sweaty, gross, achy tired feeling. Makes me feel like I *did* something. πŸ™‚ (Time to go shower it off though!)

Moving right along…

I don’t know why, but this morning when I woke up, I felt like a sponge! So swollen… my ring didn’t even want to come off! High temps and extra sweating… maybe not enough water? Either way, I know the exercise was good for me, and the scale told me I was down a little bit today (282.9, drop of 0.2) so maybe there’s a significant loss in there, hidden behind the bloat? I hope so, and hope it shows itself by the end of the week πŸ™‚

Today I’ll be working on cleaning all my old clothes and unnecessary stuff out of my spare bedroom to make room for my fiance’s stuff for when he moves in (and to make room for my guests that are coming to town for my bridal shower/bachelorette party weekend!) If I’ve got the time and the energy, I will definitely repeat some of my exercise fromΒ  yesterday to make sure I get that extra movement in. Gotta burn the calories somehow, cause they sure don’t burn themselves on a wish.

Time for some yummy oatmeal (and that’s not sarcasm, I love oatmeal!), and then onto the business of my day. Hope everyone can find something to smile about today!

In The Zone!

I hope it’s not possible to exercise too much in one day. Probably not, at least not for me. I’ve just had so much energy today that when I wasn’t doing “structured” exercise, I was dancing around to the music, just because. To try to measure and document some of that extra energy to burn, I turned the wii back on, stuck in the wii fit disc, and spent some time with super hula and free step, as well as a couple balance games. I had to do some work to get rid of that 100 cal ice cream bar I ate with dinner! (which turned out to be a lean pocket and yogurt instead of fish, because I wasn’t much interested in cooking…)

I *probably* should have put some of that energy into getting laundry done… whoops. I promise I’ll do it tomorrow!

I think I should drink a couple extra bottles of water today, to make up for all the water lost to sweat during exercise. I’ve already drank 5 half-liter bottles of water today, which is my goal, but I think I’ll try to add a couple more before I head up to bed in a couple hours. I don’t want to see the scale go up because of water retention.Β  Those bumps up make me sad! I know they are inevitable, I know, and as long as my trend is downward, I’m doing fine.

Feelin good though! πŸ™‚

Extra Exercise Today!

I was off today, and that means a little less activity than normal, since I work retail and am always walking around. To make up for it, I spent some extra time on the ‘Walk It Out’ game and these are the results of that session:

Time – 1 hour

Steps: 14565

Distance: 4.2 miles

Calories burned: 666.2

Hopefully those numbers are fairly accurate. Because I am sweating buckets right now! Haha, it’s rather warm outside and I haven’t turned my AC on yet. Time to drink lots of water and re-hydrate after that… maybe if I’m up to it in a little while I’ll do some wii fit exercises.

Time for my favorite dinner: Seasoned tilapia, lima beans, and a boiled potato! mmm

Have a good night everyone!

What a busy weekend!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted. It’s been such a crazy weekend with work and housework and wedding crises… not even sure which way is up!

The good news is, I’ve managed to stay on plan (with food, water, and exercise!) all weekend, even started to vary my exercise routine because 30-45mins of ‘walking’ just didn’t seem to do enough. I’ve added some muscle training type exercises that I do as well. Squats and push ups. SO HARD. I can’t do very many in a row yet without feeling the burn, but if i keep it up, I know I’ll get there soon.

I haven’t seen a number shift on the scale much yet, 287.9 is the lowest it’s gone, but I have to keep telling myself “keep doing what you’re doing and it will come off”… losing weight quickly is not the answer. I do not want to end up packing all of the weight back on after fighting so hard to lose it.
It kinda sucks, the slowness, when you’re someone like me…. wanting immediate results, instant gratification. But I know that eventually, in the long run, this is so much better for me and my body. I can do this, especially with the support of my friends, my fiance, and the forums on 3FC!Β  πŸ™‚


I so did not feel like exercising tonight. I was a bit sore from work and generally tired… but I made myself get up and do 30 minutes, so NOT quite as exciting as yesterday, but still much better than nothing at all.

According to the ‘results’ screen:

Calories burned: 301.2

Distance walked: 1.8 miles

Steps taken: 6508
I need to get busy with the water today, cause I had such a salty lunch. I need to flush that excess sodium right out of my system. But before all that, I need to eat dinner! πŸ™‚

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