40lbs down, new pic and new goals achieved!

I’ve made it to the 40 pound mark. I weighed at 260.1 this morning, and 39.9 is close enough for me to claim it 😀 So there’s a new photo posted under that tab, and a few new mini goals have been achieved as well, so there are new dates under that tab.

260 is a good mark for me! I’ve never been this low as an adult, and the shopping trip with my mom yesterday just made it so much better. I managed to fit into size 20 jeans (at target, and old navy!) AND even managed to squeeze into a pair of 18s! I was so happy, I literally danced in the fitting room.

In the pics I wore the same outfit as the first one I took so it’s easier to spot the changes. I’m really happy and really proud of myself right now. 40 pounds lost! new clothes! time for a new charm! Seriously, this is the motivation to keep going. This happy sense of achievement when I hit a minigoal just really can’t be explained.

The hard part is, I can’t do much on the exercise front since my foot is stuck in one of those obnoxious plastic boots due to a torn ligament in my right ankle. Oh well. I made the adjustment on My Fitness Pal to account for lack of exercise and it lowered my calorie goal to keep my weight loss where I want to be. I will not let an injury give me the excuse to give up. I REFUSE! 🙂

Have a great day everyone!

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