Getting Close…

To several things, actually. If the whoosh the scale showed me today, I’m .2 (yes point-two) pounds away from being no longer morbidly obese. 270.1 this morning is what I saw, and a BMI of 40.03 (according to wii fit) morbidly obese goes away when your BMI goes below 40. That’s the good news.

The bad news is, 268 seems to be my psychological barrier weight. I can never seem to break past it. I almost always lose weight for 2-3 months, overcome issues, mostly stay on plan and stay positive until I hit that number, then suddenly everything is hard and nobody is supportive and I get in the mindset of “I really can’t do this. What’s the point? So much further to go…” and I start caring less and less until I find myself eating a whole LARGE 2 double cheese burger meal from mcd’s complete with a huge sweet tea and 2 apple pies. Yep. Done that more than once. And sometimes more than once in a week. SO NOT HEALTHY.

I think once I get past the 265 mark that anxiety or fear or whatever you want to call it will disappear. I know it’s coming and I’m determined to get past it.  Logically, I know, to break past a psychological barrier such as that a good mindset, positive attitude, determination and plain old stubbornness should be enough to get through without an issue. Pretty sure I’ve got all of the above. 🙂

Oh, and, I’m also wearing a pair of jeans I haven’t been able to wear since last year when I hit 268 🙂

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