Weekend over.

My weekend this week was Monday and Tuesday. So, as of now, the weekend is over for me. I generally love having days off of work, however, days off of work mean lots of free time and eating. Yesterday I went over on my calories because I ate for comfort after a fight with the significant other.  I didn’t do a horrible horrible binge. Just a spoonful of peanut butter with a bunch of Special K mutli grain crackers. I didn’t even see a gain this morning. So yeah, I like to think I controlled that better than I actually did, but I know I shouldn’t have done it at all.

Anyway, today I went to mom’s. Always a food challenge. While I was there I consumed 8oz light cranberry juice and a small amount of beef jerky, a small plate of spaghetti, a bunch of baby carrots (like a cup), a banana, and a fiber bar. As well as drank almost 1.5L of water. I was there for about 8 hours, so i guess that’s not too awful. A meal and a small snack. I came home and had a half PBJ and a granola bar to end my day, as well as the first 2 miles of “Walk Your Belly Flat”… I would have done more, but my stomach started rolling, probably not good to exercise with a lot of food in the tummy, eh?

Oh well. Day’s over, and I’m tired. Four days of work, Sunday off for church and a Jack & Jill shower for the fiance and I (given by his grandmother and a friend of hers from church) then Four more days of work, and then my vacation time starts for wedding and related festivities. Rehearsal dinner, the main event, honeymoon, and movin the new hubby into my place.

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  1. picklesthepirate on May 10th, 2011

    For going over your calories, you seemed to make really healhy choices. Whole grains and fruit and veggies. That alone should show you the progress you’ve made. You’ve changed your way of eating…everything else will follow. =D You should be celebrating your progress!

    Plus…you’re definitely going to get your exercise moving in (soon to be!)DH.

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