Wedding approaching…

17… well, since it’s after midnight here on the east coast, I guess it’s technically 16… days until I get married. I don’t think I’m gonna make it to 269 like I’d been hoping for 🙁 but I’m still gonna push like it’s possible. I’ve started using “myfitnesspal” to keep track of my calories, and “hydrate” to keep track of my water (both free apps on the android market).

I like to keep my calories between 1600-1800, higher on the days when I exercise, lower on the days I don’t. Myfitnesspal says I should consume 1770 calories per day (with 3 times weekly 30-minute workouts) in order to lose 2lbs per week. According to my apps (cause lord knows I couldn’t survive without them) I had 1551 calories today, and 81.8oz of water. My water goal is 80oz or more every day. I’m also trying to keep my sodium down, because the doctor said I’ve got blood pressure issues. Though according to my own personal tracking, my blood pressure is rarely over 110/75 (with some spikes of course, as I stress about the approaching wedding).

The next few days of work are gonna be kinda wonky. My shifts until the wedding are as follows: 11a-8p, 10a-7p, 6a-3p, 8a-5p, OFF, OFF, 2p-11p, 2p-11p, 10a-7p, 2p-11p, OFF, 7a-4p, 7a-4p, 7a-3p, 7a-4p, OFF, WEDDING! It’s hard to get into a routine when I don’t have a regular schedule! ugh! At least when it’s 2-11 all the time, I can plan everything out around times all week and things are easy. But this is ridiculous! I hope I can keep on plan… *sigh*

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