I am very interested in trying this. Not at my current weight of course, I would like for my knees to stay intact. But I’ve talked to my husband-in-3-weeks, and he told me that he would be willing to do this program with me, once I get to a weight where I feel comfortable putting that kind of pressure on my knees and my bad ankle. He’s a lot smaller than I am, at 185, however, we could both benefit by getting into better shape. At hisĀ  height and with his build, he is considered overweight, but not by much. I’ve checked it out, and I like the fact that the program can be completed on a treadmill. Allergies are bad for me, and running outside isn’t a viable option. Wanting to do this, I think, will only motivate me to get more weight off so I can actually run.

This excites me!

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