Excited to be back on track!

Yesterday I was sad to think about not eating anymore of the junk food i’ve indulged in over the weekend, and the leftovers through yesterday. Today I woke up and could barely pull my ring off (my test of bloatedness), then saw a gain of .4 to 279.1 on the scale. After seeing that, it made me happy to know that today I can be 100% back on track because all the junk food and salt that makes me bloat is gone! It’s out of the house, and I’m back to my regularly scheduled healthier foods.  My ankle is feeling less broken today too, so hopefully that means I can get some time in with the rhythm boxing later.

I love me some rhythm boxing! I’ve got a whole game from golds gym based solely on boxing, and I LOVE it. I think I will eventually cycle back and forth between boxing and free step to focus on upper one day and lower the next, but for now the boxing seems to be the smarter choice since my ankle is being wonky again (stupid tendonitis). I’m wearing my brace to work just in case.

Even with my slight gain (up almost a pound from my low!) I’m still feeling good today, and know that going back on plan will see that pound gone, plus some. I can’t give up, not yet. It’s only been six weeks. I’m definitely learning new things about my body (like how I tend to gain during ovulation, not my actual period), and how sodium seriously affects my weight, but carbs don’t seem to have a horrible effect. Sugar in moderation seems to be okay, but really super processed stuff (like diet candy) tends to not work out so well. Lunch meat (which I had for dinner last night – turkey on whole wheat), with all of it’s processed saltiness is the worst. I almost always show a gain the next day if I eat something like that for dinner. Even with almost a gallon of water yesterday, I couldn’t flush the sodium out.

So the plan for today is: oatmeal + fruit or yogurt + skim milk for lunch, and tilapia fillet + brussell’s sprouts for dinner. snack at work will likely be a bag of raisinettes or trail mix. breakfast right now is a piece of toast with a little peanut butter and jelly and an apple. snack later will likely be a fiber bar. and all day long WATER WATER WATER! i need to get back on track with my water. this weekend really threw me off!

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  1. ctrsara on April 27th, 2011

    The boxing to help rest your ankle is a good idea! In college when I was trying to lose weight I sprained my ankle fairly badly. For weeks all I could do was double-wrap it and -carefully- do a Tae-Bo Advanced tape. My arms had definition for the first time in my life! 🙂

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