Dinner was dangerous…

I could definitely sit and eat a whole rotisserie chicken, given enough time. even being full i was still picking at pieces of it because it was SO GOOD. i had some broccoli with it, as well as some hummus with some special K crackers. Those things are dangerous too! you can eat 24 of them in a serving, for 120 calories. 5 calories apiece! that can’t be too bad right…. unless you sit and eat 3 servings because they are whole grain with that hint of sweetness.

Grocery shopping this weekend so I can stock up on fruits and veggies. Hummus is my new addiction though. IT’S SO GOOD! Especially the roasted red pepper hummus with that hint of spiciness. Yummy. How did I not know about this stuff before?!

Anyway, starting tomorrow, I will only be updating my ticker on a weekly basis so I’m not stressing the occasional water gain that happens in the day to day, though I will still weigh in daily. Seeing a steady drop every week will keep me on track much better than an up and down daily change.

Also, TOM’s due the middle of next week. I’m dreading it! It will be the first time I have to sift through the cravings and cramps and tiredness since I started this attempt at weight loss. Hopefully I can make it through without too much of a gain.

So now that I’ve let dinner digest a bit and I don’t feel so full, I’m gonna go do my 30 mins of step aerobics. I’m hoping that in the near future I won’t be so tired and out of breath at the end!

Good Night!

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  1. ArEyBee on April 14th, 2011

    Rather than using crackers, switch to carrots or celery for dipping in the hummus! It’s delicious and you only have to feel guilty if you overindulge in the hummus portion. The veggies are safe! 🙂

    Keep at it with the aerobics. Your endurance and breathing will get better over time without a doubt!

  2. incontrol2day on April 15th, 2011

    Hummus is my go-to spread now too! I get the jalapeno cilantro 🙂 Love it as a pre-workout snack with vegetables and wheat-thins.

    My TOM is approaching too and I always get cravings right before 🙁

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