In The Zone!

I hope it’s not possible to exercise too much in one day. Probably not, at least not for me. I’ve just had so much energy today that when I wasn’t doing “structured” exercise, I was dancing around to the music, just because. To try to measure and document some of that extra energy to burn, I turned the wii back on, stuck in the wii fit disc, and spent some time with super hula and free step, as well as a couple balance games. I had to do some work to get rid of that 100 cal ice cream bar I ate with dinner! (which turned out to be a lean pocket and yogurt instead of fish, because I wasn’t much interested in cooking…)

I *probably* should have put some of that energy into getting laundry done… whoops. I promise I’ll do it tomorrow!

I think I should drink a couple extra bottles of water today, to make up for all the water lost to sweat during exercise. I’ve already drank 5 half-liter bottles of water today, which is my goal, but I think I’ll try to add a couple more before I head up to bed in a couple hours. I don’t want to see the scale go up because of water retention.  Those bumps up make me sad! I know they are inevitable, I know, and as long as my trend is downward, I’m doing fine.

Feelin good though! 🙂

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