3/9/10 (Tuesday)

b. turkey bacon sandwich (starbucks) l. 12″ wheat bread w/ cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles (no condiment) s. 1 newton fruit crisp, 1 serving jalepeno snyders pieces d. 3 banana fiber 1 pancakes, 3 turkey sausages, butter lite syrup s. 3 orange tootsie midgees Work Out = 30 mins treadmill – About 2 miles

1/28/10 (Thursday)

b. 1 multigrain bagel w/ cream cheese l. teriyaki chicken wrap w/ asian salad & peanut sauce s. 1 airhead, 1 package m&ms d. 1 bowl cheerios w/ 2% milk s. fiber plus bar

1/18/10 (Monday)

b. egg white turkey sausage flatbread from DD s. 3 musketeers mint bar l. sante fe chicken panini from Starbucks d. homemade chicken noodle soup w/ brown rice, tuna on wheat bread

1/13/10 (Wednesday) 1/14/10 (Thursday)

1/13/10 (Wednesday) b. special k w/ cranberries & 2% milk s. pistachios l. turkey sausage, peppers & onions in ww wrap, apple s. fiber one bar d. hot boneless buffalo wings (applebees) 2 beers & 1 strawberry daquiri s. 2 ferrero rocher chocolates 1/14/10 (Thursday) b. jimmy dean d-lights s. dark chocolate hershey bar l. green […]

1/12/2010 (Tuesday)

b. jimmy dean d-lights egg, sausage & cheese on english muffin s. sour cream and onion chips l. buffalo chicken on ww w/ lettuce, tomato, cheese & mustard – pop chips s. sour cream and onion chips, pretzels, 1 3 musketeers bar (eep!) d. single serving brown rice, turkey sausages, peppers & onions s. apple Exercise: jog/walk […]

1/11/10 (Monday)

b. turkey bacon sandwich from Starbucks l. sesame chicken wrap w/ asian salad s. 3/4 3 Musketeers bar d. turkey sausage, peppers & onions in ww wrap s. fiber 1 bar

1/6/10 (Wednesday) & 1/7/10 (Thursday)

1/6/10 (Wednesday) b. whole grain bagel full, yogurt s. fiber one bar & apple l. salad w/ veggies, cheese, grilled turkey & poppy seed dressing, banana d. soy sesame salmon w/ brown rice & veggies s. whole grain tortilla chips 1/7/10 (Thursday) b. 1 egg white (15), 1 whole egg (70), 1 slice ff cheese (25),  2 […]

12/29/09 (Tuesday) 12/30/09 (Wednesday)

12/29/09 (Tuesday) cottage cheese doubles turkey on whole wheat w/ ff cheese & mustard, pretzel nuggets, banana fiber plus bar 1 package m&ms cinnamon toast popcorn chicken sausage, peppers, onions & mozz cheese on a roll X 2 12/30/09 (Wednesday)  

12/27/09 (Sunday) 12/28/09 (Monday)

12/27/09 (Sunday) b. none l. 3/4 turkey burger w/ lettuce, tomato & ketchup, french fries s. sunchips d. 1 grilled cheese (2 pc wheat, 1 pc ff cheese) s. 5 mini thin mints 12/28/09 (Monday) b. none s. baked lays l. chicken & brocolli w/ brown rice d. 6″ grilled chicken sub w/ tomato, lettuce, […]

12/26/09 (Saturday)

b. 1 cinnamon raisin bagel w/ butter, coffee l. buffalo chicken wrap w/ mustard, lettuce & tomato – baked lays s. 1/2 sugar knot, 1/2 dark dove bar d. 2 pcs chipotle pizza, 1/2 ceasar salad, 2 pcs tortilla rolls, 1 pc garlic bread w/ tomato, 2 sams light, few glasses of champagne