Getting myself back on track..

Instead of just *talking* about getting back on track with my health, my body and my life I am going to start *doing* it. I’m tired of talking.

Today was a great day, food and water wise. Calories are at 1,114. Water is at about 50oz. Not bad for the first day really back on track! Exercise still has not showed it’s head but.. that’s all going to change tomorrow.

I’ve gotten the coffee set for tomorrow morning. My snacks are together (carrots, apple, banana, yogurt etc..). In a moment I’ll be getting my sandwich together (tuna on whole wheat!) and my gym clothes packed.

Tomorrow’s plan is work from 8:15 – 5:15. After work I’ll head straight to the gym. After the gym I’ll come home, prepare dinner, get lunch together for the following day and relax. Thursday I won’t make it to the gym. I have work until 5:15 and then a friend is come over to hang out a bit. The weekend is a completely different story. I only have work on Friday and Saturday for only 4 hours. That means directly after work I’ll be heading to the gym. Sunday morning will be spent at the gym as well. I’m determined to get there as often and as long as possible. I need this to become routine again.

My birthday is in a little bit more than 4 weeks. My weight yesterday morning was a disgusting 179.5. Here is hoping I can find 169 by then. There.. there is my goal right there. My first goal will be to see my first ten pounds gone by my birthday. Ten pounds in a month? I can do it. I just need to dig deep, work hard, believe I can do this.. enough talking. No more excuses. Just do it. Just get home, get my shoes on and get to the gym. Okay!

First check mark will be packing my bags for the gym. I *will* do this 🙂

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