How do I stop thinking so little of myself?

I am so sick and tired of feeling like I am nothing. I am tired of feeling like I can’t do anything. Everyone grasps things a different way. For some, it’s fast. For others, it’s a bit slower. I need to give myself some time. It takes me longer to absorb information. I have not […]

Significantly better!

I am doing significantly better since the last time I wrote. The rest of last week went okay. We role played with an associate from TSC-Direct and the following day we did more role playing on paper. I did very well on that sheet so I was pretty proud of myself. I took my time, […]

Mental frustrations!

I am still seriously questioning my ability to work at this company. There is no reason for my apprehension though. Today we did some role playing sheets on the computer. I got two out of four right. The last two were more in depth and had multiple components. It confused me. After that we went […]

Step By Step, Day By Day

Hey girls. I haven’t written in a little while because I’ve been so busy. Just to clarify – I talked to Drew about the comment he made about the “hot chick”. He apologized and realized as soon as he sent the text that it was wrong. It was a momentary lapse in judgment and I […]

“Some hot chick bought me a beer”

Am I reading too far into this? Okay, here is what happened. I send Drew a text at 10pm saying that I love him and I’m going to bed. I got nervous when I did not hear from him right away. I figured he was out at his friends birthday and didn’t feel his cell […]

I GOT THE JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 I am so happy. O.M.G I’m now working at Tri-State Consumer Insurance! Yesterday I woke up in a significantly better mood than the previous day. No matter what happened, I was determined to make it a good day. So, I woke up, got ready, checked my directions […]

Please, please oh PLEASE!!

I had my interview this morning and I think it went really well. Any time I say I think it went well, however, I end up not getting the position. I really liked the atmosphere of the company. It was family oriented and personable. I think my personality is a great match for the job. […]

Nikki, where are you?

I seem to have lost myself. I can’t find her. I’m going to post a reward soon. This morning turned out terrible. I left my house at 9am so I would have a lot of time to find the place I needed to be at. I ended up passing the street and got so nervous […]

Getting back into the swing of things..

Good morning, girls. It’s 9:26am, I’m awake. What more do you want? =P Yesterday was a really good food day. In fact, I woke up around 3:30am and I was hungry. I haven’t had that feeling in a long time and it felt really nice. I didn’t feel stuffed before bed. Snacks yesterday included strawberries […]

And back to normal, I go.

Hey girls. I am happy to report that I am home and attempting to get back to some form of normalcy. Last week was a mess. I was depressed, anxious and completely abusive towards my mental and physical self. Not good. Not good at all. I have not weighed myself in about three weeks. I’m […]