Productive Tuesday

I had a good day today. I had work for ten hours which went by pretty smoothly. I cashed in my lotto ticket that won $290 and went to the bank. When I got home I started up some laundry, made a turkey burger & sweet potato fries, ordered a new comforter and sheet set […]

Rainy Monday

Welp. It’s my first day back from vacation and I am really not looking forward to it. At all. But alas, here I am.. drinking my coffee, eating breakfast and journaling before work. Welcome to Monday all. I already got a call from my boss this morning. She apparently has a dental appointment at 12:30 […]

Here comes reality..

Hello 3FC =) My weekend has been phenomenal. I’m at Drews house right now. We got back from our Foxwoods weekend yesterday morning. We had a fabulous time. We gambled, ate, drank, laughed, loved.. It was the most perfect vacation anyone could ask for. We ended it Friday evening by going to a nice Italian […]

It’s going to be a looooong day!

I woke up around 7:35am this morning. There are blue skies with spotted clouds outside my window. It’s a little windy and I’m sure chilly but that’s alright 🙂 Yesterday was a great food, water and exercise day. I wasn’t going to work out. I didn’t change for the gym and I didn’t plan on […]

All things look brighter in the morning.

I’m feeling better this morning. I got out of bed at 8am. Brushed my teeth, put my hair back and made a cup of coffee. Work today is from 10 to 6. I need to go to the bank to deposit yesterdays paycheck and my tax refund check (Lots o’ monies!). The gym is definitely […]

“You need to find skinny little body.”

I’m frustrated by a comment that was made about.. twenty or so minutes ago. Let me tell you about my day first though. I had work from 9 – 7. The day went by smoothly. No problems. Indranie wasn’t in all day long because of a meeting in New Jersey. Lauren and I hung around […]

Headachy Sunday

I woke up with a headache this morning. Blah. It’s almost gone though. Yay. Today is going to be a busy day. The majority of it is in the morning. I’ve got to cover lunches, get to the gym, the super market, the drug store and then finally home. I’m going to do all of […]

Grumble, grumble.

Hmph. I didn’t want to get up this morning. Truth be told, I could have slept longer. The alarm went off at 7:30am. I had planned to get to the gym this morning but I’m just too tired. Yesterday was a pretty good day. I had work from 9 – 3 (was supposed to stay […]

Happy Friday!

I am feeling *much* better today! I had work from 9 – 3. I had the option of having work until 7pm tonight but I just couldn’t do it. Fifty hours this week is good enough. The day has gone by pretty smoothly. Not much to report. Food is really good. I had a chicken […]

Get me out of this funk!

Today was a very strange day. I had work from 9 – 7. It was just.. strange. I had a lot of crazy people in the store. I’m convinced that the nice weather brings out all of the crazies! Ugh. I really hope I make it through the rest of the week unscathed. I’m working […]