Posting Pictures – Help!

Help! I want to post pictures as a separate tab on my page but I’m not quite sure how to do it. Any help is much appreciated 🙂 Yesterday was okay. Food was decent. My meal plan went like this: smoked turkey, lettuce & tomato in spinach wrap sunchips apple veggie straws 1 cup whole […]

Ugh, Hmph, Blargh, SIGH!

My weight this morning is a very ridiculous 158.0!!! My weekend of eating out and eating the greasiest things around has caused me some series weight gain. I’m sure it’s all from salt and once I start drinking my water and sweating a bit it will all come off but come on.. seriously? How the […]

I. Feel. Fat.

I was okay before but right now I feel huge. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Sigh. Sometimes I think I look okay and then others I am comparing myself to women in magazines, women on TV, women on the streets and even my friends. I have not been to the gym since Tuesday […]

Enjoying my day off =)

I’m *REALLY* enjoying my day off. I woke up at about 8am which is surprising for me! So far this morning I’ve converted two episodes of The Vampire Diaries to watch on my iPod when I go to CT tomorrow night. I made a pot of coffee and a healthy breakfast. I ordered three books […]


I’ve felt blah all day long. Sigh. TOM came yesterday. This could explain most of it. I’ve also got another cold sore. I’m sure TOM could have caused it. It’s not that bad. Already crusted over. TMI, I know. I don’t think it will be gone in time for Saturday, unfortunately. I hate having a […]

Please, no more snow.

More snow. All day today. Sigh. I woke up around 7:45am this morning. I showered, grabbed my bags, got some internet time in and then headed off to the store. Lauren and I opened up together. She was late so I opened alone. I’m not supposed to do that so when the boss called I […]

Late Night Post

Hey girls. I haven’t written in a couple of days because my computer went on the fritz. I kept coming up with warnings and errors. It was going ridiculously slow. So slow that I would type something and have to wait for the words to appear on the screen.. character by character. *Very* frustrating, needless […]

Weight = 152.5?!?!

I don’t understand where in the hell this number came from! I mean, I’m not complaining but it *is* kind of hard to believe when I’ve been bouncing between 155 to 157 and all of a sudden this number comes out of no where. Either my scale is going bonkers or my body is adjusting […]

Weight = 155.0

I’m *really* happy with this mornings weigh in. I was this weight about two weeks ago and at the time I wasn’t really eating much of anything. I just had no appetite. The second I started eating regurlarly again it spiked up about two pounds. I’ve been hitting the gym three to four times a […]

Awaiting the storm :(

Ugh. I flipping hate this weather. I just want it to go away. I want spring. I want summer. I want to roll around in the freshly cut grass and I want to feel the sunshine on my skin. Thanks and bye. =( Today was a good day. I had work from 10 – 3. […]