If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it!

Hey, girls. I just got back from seeing the Squeakual with Shannon and Nicole. VERY adorable movie. I loved it. I liked the first one though so I knew I would like this one. I can’t get that song out of my head though lol =)

My weekend went well. We went out Saturday evening with Shannon and Dave to celebrate Christmas. I looked pretty awesome too. I had on straight legged jeans, high heels and a cute flowy top. Dinner was good. I tried to enjoy the conversation more than the food and I think I succeeded. Drew and I came home and had our own Christmas topped off with gifts, champagne, candles and canoodling =) It was really awesome. He went all out for me. I got a digital camera, a cd, leather journal, The IT Crowd (all three seasons), pink leather moccasins, an iPod case and a little Hallmark dated train ornament =) I miss him already.

I checked my weight to see where I was at and I’m still, thankfully, at 155.5. All of the food and drink during the holidays haven’t swayed me. I can’t believe I’ve actually lost weight during the holidays. How awesome is that? Usually it’s the other way around =)

I’ve gotten a couple of compliments so far. One being from my aunt. She asked if I’ve lost more weight. The other being from Drew. He said he could definitely tell that I’ve lost weight in the last two weeks. Yay! As much as I want to do this for me, those compliments make it so much easier to stick to plan. It shows that I’m actually physically changing. It’s a nice boost.

Anyway. I had best get going. I’ve got work at 9 tomorrow and I’m pretty tired right now. Gonna get some food together for tomorrows lunch and then bed time. Nighty night girls =)

– Nikki

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  1. WOW! How cool is that?! You lost over the holidays! You’re almost down there again lady…! Your goal for the 140s again?

    How cool about the digital camera! What a neat gift. I love the little train ornament idea–considering you two travel back and forth for visits. 🙂 Symbolic.

    I tried to just be “MINDFUL” of what I am eating, but I have learned that it is disastrous when I become ravenous hungry. When I plan, I eat every couple hours and don’t reach the intense hunger point. That’s hell and I NEVER make good choices.

    I know what you mean about not sticking to a plan you’ve written. It took me many weeks to finally decided to STICK TO PLAN. I don’t know why this has to be so hard. 😐

  2. Well, my first comment got deleted or didn’t stick somehow, so lets try this again!

    Weight loss during the holidays is damn near impossible so that is AWESOME that you have managed to lose! Congratulations Nikki!

    Those are really nice gifts, but the train ornament is really adorable and thoughtful. So sweet!!

    Happy New Year!

  3. Sounds like a fabulous weekend 🙂

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