So Behind!

I am now a week behind on tracking my food & thoughts about food! I am so busy and stressed right now!! Childcare, work, money, FOOD, exercise, love life, raising 3 children……etc its all getting to me!!! And the summer is coming up so that means more time with people and that usually means activities centered around FOOD and gatherings! All things here that have to be done are usually up to me to make sure they get done! I started out this journey to make a better me and now all the habits I was trying to keep up with I just don’t have time for!! I will try my best to keep posting if only for myself to help stay on track!!

Food Journal 5/4

OP for the most part on Saturday! Did really well until I got to work and my coworkers were all eating from an Italian place and they offered me some garlic bread. I resisted long enough then went ahead and had a little bit. Not going to kill the rest of my good habits this weekend but I wish my will power had stuck around a little longer.

Eating for Saturday:

1. Breakfast. 2 scrambled eggs, strawberries. clear pink lemonade shake

2. Lunch: 2oz chicken breast, 1/2 oz almonds, 8oz salad, 2oz potato, clear wildberry shake

3. Supper: 4oz ground turkey breast, 4oz cauliflower, strawberries. clear pink lemonade shake

Plus a 1/4 of a piece of garlic bread. It wasn’t even good! Not worth it at all!!

Oh well, back on track tomorrow!

Food Journal 5/3

Ok, this Friday I was OP and felt pretty good! We decided to have dinner out and chose Olive Garden so I could get lots of salad!! YUM So supper meals are all from OG!

1. Breakfast: Huevos Rancheros (spelling)
just brown a tortilla in olive oil, “fry” an egg. Place the egg on tortilla then 1oz of cheese on egg. I had some of my pico de gallo with it for some spice!! IT WAS SO GOOD! I got the recipe/idea out of the MRC cookbook, t was very easy!! Clear pink lemonade shake

2. Lunch: 4oz chicken, 8oz salad, 1/2 orange. Clear wildberry shake

3. Supper: (Olive Garden)- 4oz grilled salmon -sn here I did not like the italian seasonings on this. I would much rather have regular seasonings like you would get at a seafood place. ok then I had a huge salad, not sure exact oz but I’m sure it was over 8oz. I brought a serving of Melba toast so I did not get tempted by those breadsticks!!! I didn’t have one!! Yay!! clear pink lemonade shake.

Good Friday! did a lot of housework!!

Shocking News!!??!! In a GREAT way!!

Every Thursday is my official scheduled weigh in, I usually look forward to it to check my progress positive or negative.

This week I felt really good going in and I was so confident!

THe hard work I did this week has paid off!!

1. Lost 2 pounds since Monday! Yay!!

2. And this is the most shocking number to me….. 31.25 total inches!!!!!!!! I was like WHOA!!!!! Are you kidding me??!??!?!?!? Over 31 inches off of my body since March 7th!!!???!

CAN YOU SAY HOLY CRAP??????!!!!!!!


Food Journal 5/2

Very good day!! Even though I was so sleepy all day! I was up 24 hours straight after work! Went on a field trip with one of my boys!! 🙂 Had so much fun! Then went to a weigh in and had wonderful results!!! Will post a separate post in inspirations on that!! 🙂

Food stuffs:

1. Breakfast: Vanilla wafer meal replacement. Clear mixed berry shake.

2. Lunch: 2oz white cheddar, 8oz salad, 1/2 orange. Clear pink lemonade shake

3. Supper: 4oz chicken breast, 4oz steamed cauliflower, Melba toast. Clear wildberry shake.

I feel full and I have conquered the cravings this week!!! GO ME!!!!!!!!

Hope to have a great Friday!!

New Opportunities~

This can be categorized under “general life stuff” I am an RN. Found a job right out of school at a nursing home as a night shift supervisor. I am VERY thankful to have a job….. BUT I am a brand new nurse who is so extremely energetic in my nursing career! I am so bored by the small parameters of clinical skills needed in the facility I work. I want to learn so much about nursing and myself and it just isn’t happening here!!So, with my solid 6 months of experience I applied to around 50 jobs 2 days ago. I am so excited to report that I got a call back from a specialty hospital today to set up an interview!!! Oh my goodness I was jumping for joy!!!! I pray pray pray that I get this job!! I have done clinicals there before and I know a lot about it!! Oh I’m so excited!!!

May Goals #1

Here are some goals I have been thinking about for May: 1. Get my weight to 158lbs (10 pound lost) 2. Finish Week 3 of Couch to 5K3. Complete squat challenge4. Have some fun with exercise & try new things5. GET ENOUGH SLEEPI don’t see any reason why I can’t achieve these in the month of May!!

Food Journal 5/1

Whew!! Already MAY??! Yep! Stayed very OP today! I slept a lot because I had work and I know it is so important to get enough sleep!! So heres the foodstuffs for today! 1. Breakfast: 2oz cheddar cheese, 1 orange clear grapefruit shake 2. Lunch: 2oz ground turkey breast, 8oz salad (cucumbers & tomatoes), 2oz potato with skin. Strawberry banana jello supplement. 3. 4oz chicken breast grilled, 4oz cauliflower, 1/2 orange. Clear wildberry shake. The chicken was so delicious! And the salad wasn’t too big for me to finish! I’m getting my eating straight!! 🙂 Happy May 1st!

Bye bye April! You’ve been good to me!!

Can’t believe April is already over! I counted up my total lost for April and I lost about 10 pounds!!!


The last few weeks have been very tough for me with the cravings and my never ending lack of sleep!!

I really need some May goals!! I have a few in mind but I don’t want to get stuck in a rut with what I think I should achieve and miss out on whats actually going on! The change in me is obvious and I don’t just mean physically. I think thats the best part of this whole thing. ok enough of the sappy tonight. I need sleep (ALWAYS)!

So long April! Hello May!! Ready for some more SUNSHINE!!!!

Food Journal 4/30

OP for this last day of April!!


1. Breakfast: 4oz cottage cheese, 1 orange. clear grapefruit shake

2. Lunch: 1oz white cheddar cheese, 1/2 oz almonds, 8oz cucumbers, 2oz red potato with skin. clear wildberry shake

3. Snack: 1/2 creamy chocolate vanilla pudding shake (made into a brownie)

4. Supper: 4oz lean ground turkey, 8oz salad, 40 cal wheat bread. strawberry banana jello clear supplement.

Took my multivitamin at supper & no nausea!! YAY! Not too many cravings snuck up on me today! Its been a good day!!