A new day. A new morning. Making a good choice right now.

Walk. 15 min.

Fasting BG: 145.

I’ve been forgetting to measure my BG. Yesterday, totally forgot until after I was eating a meal. Then I thought “uh oh… too late. Not going to be a “right” measurement”. Not sure my thinking is right in this but I’ll have to ask my doctor tomorrow.

I have a doctor’s appt. but now I’m nervous about it because I haven’t been perfect or even nearly perfect with a full record of what I’ve been doing. I’ve been trying to track, though, on “Lose It!”.

I’ve been forgetting to take my Metformin on a regular basis. Like yesterday. I didn’t take my first one until 4pm.

Breakfast. Steel Cut Oatmeal and blueberry yogurt (2 Tbsp). I’ve decided putting yogurt in my oatmeal isn’t a favorite taste. But, because I’m going to yoga, I wanted to be sure to eat something before I go but nothing too heavy that I’ll feel gross later.

My thought pattern is… light breakfast, have a heartier lunch. Going to be out so might as well have lunch out. But, save up in the morning for it.

Yoga. Coming up. I need to stretch this body. It will feel good.