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Changed person

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I  feel like a new person. I’m down 26 pounds so far on the ideal protein diet. I am going into my two months being on this program. These past few weeks have been tremendous. People are really starting to notice, as am I.  My family had a get together and I saw old aunt […]

Awakening to the truth

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Don’t mind if I babble on, but I am excited about something!  The Ideal Protein diet has made me realize a few things. I knew mentally that sugar is an addiction, but I’m realizing now since I’m mostly eating protein that sugar is highly addictive. You need more and more sugar to get the same […]

Back to weight watchers finally!

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I finally went back to weight watchers yesterday. I joined for eight weeks. I was very weary to get on the scale as the last time I weighed in was maybe two weeks or so ago at a friends place. I weighed 223. I really have been working out a lot and started tracking one […]

Back in the saddle!

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I can’t believe I stopped writing for so long. I gave up following weight watchers as of March 24, 2011. I also gave up the gym for three months. I also started eating more junk and going back to some of my old habits. Over the last month or so I’ve started feeling like I […]

Starting to notice!

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I haven’t wrote in awhile. I’ve been working out pretty hard these past few weeks. I lost 3 pounds this past week, and reached my 5% goal. I am now out of the 220’s (219.5). I am soo happy that I finally got back to the gym, and I feel like I am making super […]

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

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I started back up at the gym last week. I did weights for the second day, and realized that my abs and my strength is not where it was last year. I worked hard when I was in Kuwait to build up to a 5km run. I also had a personal trainer for two months. […]

Re-visiting the Past

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Today was quite a shitty day for me. I called in sick mostly because I could not get out of bed. I felt exhausted and feel a cold coming on. I was happy yesterday at my results, but last night I woke up a few times with pains in my side. I’ve had this problem […]

Time to make a real change

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I’ve finally gotten around to starting my 3fatchick blog. The straw that broke the camels back, as in the last straw for me to say, ‘time to make a serious change,’ was when I got on the scale at the doctors last week and it tipped at 237.7 pounds. I knew I was big, but […]