I  feel like a new person. I’m down 26 pounds so far on the ideal protein diet. I am going into my two months being on this program. These past few weeks have been tremendous. People are really starting to notice, as am I.  My family had a get together and I saw old aunt and uncles I hadn’t seen in over a year because I was overseas. They made such a fuss over me and it really made me feel great. I’ve bought quite a few new things –  mostly tops which are now a size L. I was in a 1X for the longest time so it is nice to be able to get into a smaller size. I have been waiting to get jeans until Christmas at least. My jeans are very loose on me now though. Most of them are a 16 and some are a 14. This Saturday I hope to get my measurements taken as it is now two months and I want to see how much I’ve lost in inches. I feel that this is a good indicator of how well I’m doing.

This past week I have felt hungrier than normal and I have been eating an extra protein pack almost every day. I weighed in on Monday and only lost 1 pounds and that was in nine days. I am very worried as I am still getting this hungry feeling and need to snap out of the extra protein pack everyday. I guess I should be buying more veggies to snack on as well as some pickles and olives.

I meet with my coach tomorrow and I’ll ask her about it. Otherwise, I have had so much energy lately and I am progressing so much in my toning classes. I now do  advance planks and side planks which I could never do at the beginning. I also asked my coach if I could do two toning classes a week instead of one because I want to start toning the flab. She said I could, but to remember that muscle weighs more than fat so the losses may not be as big. Truth is I tried to do two classes last week, but I couldn’t because I am also doing high intensity intervals twice a week and I was way too tired to do my second class last week. I’ll see how it goes this week in regards to tiredness. Another reason I was so tired was that I couldn’t barely sleep the night before my class on Saturday. I waited and weighed in on the following Monday instead. I find when I do a lot of exercise I cannot sleep well. I guess I am too energized.. haha.

Next time I post I’ll give my new measurements. I am hoping I can lose quite a bit more by Christmas and then the rest in January. Here’s hoping for the best. I actually decided to register for the Personal trainer course with the Canadian fitness professionals come end of January. I have thought about doing this since I’ve been back from abroad, but I knew I had to lose weight and get in shape first before taking the course.

With my background in personal training in the past, and my educational background, I feel that this job will suit me. I am very excited about this new job possibility because I hope to be an inspiration and living proof that change can happen. This is my long term goal (short term I guess). It gives me something to work towards for sure.