I haven’t wrote in a long while. I am still on the WW program. I am now at 218.5. I haven’t lost much since that last time I wrote, and the weight loss has been slowing. I believe it is because I haven’t been tracking much if at all in awhile. The WW program has recently changed, and it is now easier to track because we have an electronic calculator. The thing I like about the new program is that it takes more than just fiber and fat into consideration. The calculator takes carbs, fiber, fat and protein into consideration. A lot of carbs went up in points, and protein and fruits and veggies are the best thing to eat. Power foods are what I’ve been eating a lot of and hope to see a move on the scale this Thursday. I lost 1 pound this week and last week. The week before that i went up .5, so it is slow going. I have been working out quite a bit at the gym.

I am doing the C25K program, and am now starting on week 5, day 2 tomorrow. I am working up to running a 5km,¬†and I am getting stronger every week at the gym both in Cardio and in strength. I’m doing weights, and have a regular program that I follow. I was quite happy today when I tried jeans on for the first time (only a few pairs), and I fit into a size 16! I was in a 16 up till two or three years ago, so It is about time I’m back to where I was. I cannot wait to get out of the 200’s, and into the 1 digits again. I’m getting so close to getting to my 10% goal which is 212. This process is soo slow and every pound lost is a victory in my opinion. Winter is here and the holidays so it is more challenging to stay on plan and keep up the exercise, but I am up for the challenge. I do not want to gain weight this year. I hope to lose a bit more weight before the end of the year. I never thought this journey would be easy and I’m in awe at people who have lost a lot of weight. Every pounds and half pound counts. I was getting down on myself lately for losing so little, but every pound counts.