I haven’t wrote in awhile. I’ve been working out pretty hard these past few weeks. I lost 3 pounds this past week, and reached my 5% goal. I am now out of the 220’s (219.5). I am soo happy that I finally got back to the gym, and I feel like I am making super strides in cardio and weight lifting at the gym. I have been jogging/walking for 20 minute intervals and doing 20 mins on the epilipical machine. I did some stationary bike today at the gym, because my best friend and I want to do a 200 km bike ride along the P’tit Train du Nord Linear Park next spring. The route is part of the Trans Canada Trail. We will not do it all in one go, but we will stop a few nights along the trail which goes by picturesque towns and villages in Northern Quebec.

I’ve also been doing weights at the gym, and getting back into my routine that I was in last year. I am noticing small gains quite quickly and hope to get back to where I was last year at this time – and surpass it. I’m really noticing the weight loss in my clothes. My jeans and tops are loose and I’ll buy some second hand pants this week because I’m starting to feel uncomfortable in the loose pants, in fact they are actually starting to fall off. Woohoo! I am pretty excited that because I reached my 5% goal, I will be getting my hair done next weekend. I will get highlights and a little cut. I’m also going to get my pics done from my friend who is a professional photographer. I haven’t taken any pics of me since I lost weight, and everyone is asking to see me. I look forward to this photo shoot that I’ll have in two weeks, and hope to have lost more weight by then.