Changed person

12 Nov 2013 In: New Beginnings

I  feel like a new person. I’m down 26 pounds so far on the ideal protein diet. I am going into my two months being on this program. These past few weeks have been tremendous. People are really starting to notice, as am I.  My family had a get together and I saw old aunt and uncles I hadn’t seen in over a year because I was overseas. They made such a fuss over me and it really made me feel great. I’ve bought quite a few new things –  mostly tops which are now a size L. I was in a 1X for the longest time so it is nice to be able to get into a smaller size. I have been waiting to get jeans until Christmas at least. My jeans are very loose on me now though. Most of them are a 16 and some are a 14. This Saturday I hope to get my measurements taken as it is now two months and I want to see how much I’ve lost in inches. I feel that this is a good indicator of how well I’m doing.

This past week I have felt hungrier than normal and I have been eating an extra protein pack almost every day. I weighed in on Monday and only lost 1 pounds and that was in nine days. I am very worried as I am still getting this hungry feeling and need to snap out of the extra protein pack everyday. I guess I should be buying more veggies to snack on as well as some pickles and olives.

I meet with my coach tomorrow and I’ll ask her about it. Otherwise, I have had so much energy lately and I am progressing so much in my toning classes. I now do  advance planks and side planks which I could never do at the beginning. I also asked my coach if I could do two toning classes a week instead of one because I want to start toning the flab. She said I could, but to remember that muscle weighs more than fat so the losses may not be as big. Truth is I tried to do two classes last week, but I couldn’t because I am also doing high intensity intervals twice a week and I was way too tired to do my second class last week. I’ll see how it goes this week in regards to tiredness. Another reason I was so tired was that I couldn’t barely sleep the night before my class on Saturday. I waited and weighed in on the following Monday instead. I find when I do a lot of exercise I cannot sleep well. I guess I am too energized.. haha.

Next time I post I’ll give my new measurements. I am hoping I can lose quite a bit more by Christmas and then the rest in January. Here’s hoping for the best. I actually decided to register for the Personal trainer course with the Canadian fitness professionals come end of January. I have thought about doing this since I’ve been back from abroad, but I knew I had to lose weight and get in shape first before taking the course.

With my background in personal training in the past, and my educational background, I feel that this job will suit me. I am very excited about this new job possibility because I hope to be an inspiration and living proof that change can happen. This is my long term goal (short term I guess). It gives me something to work towards for sure.

Awakening to the truth

10 Oct 2013 In: Uncategorized

Don’t mind if I babble on, but I am excited about something!  The Ideal Protein diet has made me realize a few things. I knew mentally that sugar is an addiction, but I’m realizing now since I’m mostly eating protein that sugar is highly addictive. You need more and more sugar to get the same high and the same insulin spike in your blood sugar. Then your blood sugar crashes and you need more sugar to get high again. It is an addictive and deadly mix.

Now that I’m not eating sugar and consuming mostly protein (meat and vegetables), my body is in a state of ketosis. Ketosis means that my body is burning fat as fuel and not glycogen and as a consequence I’m not storing fat in my body. My body has become a fat burning machine.

I have been feeling so full and not craving carbs/sugar like I used to. Food companies know what to put in high sugar products to keep people coming back for more. High sugar/processed foods are everywhere you look. Grocery stores are smart in stocking all the junk food at the door when you walk in so you’ll buy them. TV ads are mostly advertising the next ‘sugar cereal’ or ‘McDonalds meal deal’ geared to kids, sadly.

I don’t want to go back to high glycemic carbohydrates when I’m finished the ideal protein diet because I know I’ll just gain my weight back and maybe more. High glycemic carbs are carbohydrates that absorb quickly into the bloodstream and give you that insulin spike and high blood sugar. The downside is that your blood sugar quickly crashes (hypoglycemia), and your blood sugar goes low and which makes you crave more high sugary foods,  and thus the vicious cycle of weight gain. Low glycemic carbohydrates enter your bloodstream slower like an I.V drip and keep you fuller longer and in a middle zone where you don’t crave sugary foods. We should aim to keep in this middle, even zone by eating lower glycemic foods.

The Paleo diet is a perfect diet that was used back in the cavemen days before agriculture where people were hunter and gatherers and ate berries, nuts, meat, and vegetables. They didn’t eat grains and even wheat wasn’t like the wheat we have on our plates today. The wheat that was around was so organic, compared to the wheat you see today. This leads me to another issue. The chemicals including antibiotics in our meat supply, pesticides used on our fruit, and veggies is concerning Hence, another reason I want to start eating organically and taking my health into my hands.

I feel like a chapter has been turned for me recently. I don’t even want to go back to eating uncontrollably, feeling like crap and having no energy. I want to feel good and get into an optimum fitness state as well. I joined a gym for 18 months and plan on working hard on myself in that time.

Lots of thoughts today. I also have a lot more energy these days since I’ve started this IP program. I weigh myself in a few days and I’m looking forward to it. I also want to get my measurements taken at the six-eight week point to see my progress.

Here is a list of the glycemic load of a number of foods. The higher the number (to 100), the higher on the glycemic index and the worse it is for you. These are the foods that will send your insulin levels soaring. As you can see foods like beans, fruit, and vegetables have low GI, compared to grains and high sugary food with a high GI.

Alive and Progressing!

8 Oct 2013 In: thoughts

I have been off of 3FC for a long time. I ended up going off of Weight Watchers and went back overseas for over a year. I just got back to Canada a month ago and knew I had to do something serious and fast to lose weight. See over the last year I had a lot of health problems when I was in Korea. I had Acid Reflux before I went abroad, but never got it diagnosed. When I was abroad the problem got worse and I ended up in the hospital a few times thinking I was having a heart attack. I was put on acid reflux pills and was doing quite well for about six months. I was still eating junk though the odd time and bad carbs.

One evening I ate a bagel and cream cheese, and then some Korean dish of noodles with black bean sauce, and a muffin. I then went for a walk, and when I got back, the food was sitting under my breast bone and it wouldn’t go down. I thought I was having a heart attack. After that I felt awful for like three months. I was having awful muscle spasms and inflammation in my back that was debilitating. I could barely move or walk for a week. I ended up going to see a doctor and she said I was having myofascial pain. I’m not sure if this was caused by the side effects of the pills I was on or what. I started getting acupuncture which did help, and the muscle spasms went away, but I was still in somewhat pain for about a month.

This was getting to the end of my contract, and I gave up a job to go to China because of my health. I knew I wanted to come back to Canada because I needed to get better. I didn’t know what was going on. It really was the scariest time in my life.

Anyway, fast forward three months later. I came back home and started going to the chiropractor. I also started a strict diet called ‘Ideal Protein’. The diet is low carb and basically restores you body back to health imo. I have a lot of support here in my hometown and since I’m not working at the moment, I am putting everything into doing this 100% and not looking back.

My aim is to lose at least 58 pounds. I am now down 13 pounds and im in my fourth week of the program. My back hasn’t hurt in about two weeks and I stopped taking my acid reflux pills on my third day of the program. I wanted to get off the pills so much. I thought that maybe the pills were causing side effects like sore stomach/chest and muscle pain. I have felt almost 100% for almost two weeks now. It is amazing how well I feel. I wanted to regain my health and the more I lose weight the more I will do this.

It feels so good to be back to 3fc and writing in this journal again. It is never too late to lose weight and get healthy and as my coach said, ‘I am still young’. I want to get my BMI and weight in a healthy zone. It is as simple as that. I don’t want to end up with diabetes like a lot of my family is. I want to live a long healthy life, and hope to travel again. I felt so awful this past year it was crazy.

Nearing the end of the year, I hope to drop so much more weight on this Ideal program. I have totally changed my habits and want to continue eating healthy with whole foods and make it a total lifestyle change. I never want to go back to where I was. I’m now at 195 pounds down from 238 at my heaviest which was three years ago (time sure does fly). The time is now or never to lose weight. I have never been this focused on anything in my life. I am so determined. To me at this point it is a matter of life or death.

Back to weight watchers finally!

25 Sep 2011 In: Uncategorized

I finally went back to weight watchers yesterday. I joined for eight weeks. I was very weary to get on the scale as the last time I weighed in was maybe two weeks or so ago at a friends place. I weighed 223. I really have been working out a lot and started tracking one week ago. I hoped to have least lost a pound or two. I weighed in at 219.  It was better than gaining, but I’m still pissed off that since I stopped tracking and weight watchers in mid march I have gained eight pounds. Now it is down to 5 pounds that I have to lose to be back where I was in mid march (214).

The whole thing depresses me, but I need to try very hard to lose those five pounds plus a lot more. I’m doing very short term goals from now on so that I don’t get frustrated and lose confidence. My next goal is to lose five pounds to get back to where I was. And then after that to get to 211 which is my 10% goal which I should have reached a long time ago. I’m not going to beat myself up, but I am going to work hard from now on in. I have a long way to go it seems but I have the time. I want to get to close to my goal weight be mid to late May of 2012. I am not one to fool around when I have a goal like that. I need to be so so focused and not let anything get in my way (which is me that usually gets in my own way and sabotages myself).

I’m going to try and write at least on a weekly basis and maybe more. I need to keep track of how I’m doing and I find writing helps a lot.

Back in the saddle!

29 Jul 2011 In: Uncategorized

I can’t believe I stopped writing for so long. I gave up following weight watchers as of March 24, 2011. I also gave up the gym for three months. I also started eating more junk and going back to some of my old habits. Over the last month or so I’ve started feeling like I was gaining weight and I felt out of control with my eating. I decided to rejoin the gym two weeks ago for an entire year. I went three times last week, and 2 times so far this week. I want to start going 5-6 days a week. I have also realized lately that I have just given up caring about what I eat. I made the move today to weigh myself after all this time. I weighed in at 222 pounds. I went up 8.5 pounds since March 24th…ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! The last time I wrote I was trying hard to get into onederland. I was at 214 pounds. I’m hoping that losing 8 pounds won’t take too long.

I’ve decided to go back to the WW points plus program. I’m going to do it on my own for now. I’m going to start  tracking my points and get back to losing 2 pounds or so a week or so. So I weighed myself this am (friday), and will weigh in once a week. I also need to buy a scale. I’m also going to take my measurements this weekend as I haven’t taken them in a long time. I’m determined this next month to make a dent into those 8 pounds. I am mad and disgusted at myself, but there is no way I can just keep beating myself up over this. I need to move on and make a change.

I started a support group among my friends on facebook and I hope to start writing on 3fc again. I’ll write again soon.

Every pound counts!

12 Dec 2010 In: thoughts

I haven’t wrote in a long while. I am still on the WW program. I am now at 218.5. I haven’t lost much since that last time I wrote, and the weight loss has been slowing. I believe it is because I haven’t been tracking much if at all in awhile. The WW program has recently changed, and it is now easier to track because we have an electronic calculator. The thing I like about the new program is that it takes more than just fiber and fat into consideration. The calculator takes carbs, fiber, fat and protein into consideration. A lot of carbs went up in points, and protein and fruits and veggies are the best thing to eat. Power foods are what I’ve been eating a lot of and hope to see a move on the scale this Thursday. I lost 1 pound this week and last week. The week before that i went up .5, so it is slow going. I have been working out quite a bit at the gym.

I am doing the C25K program, and am now starting on week 5, day 2 tomorrow. I am working up to running a 5km, and I am getting stronger every week at the gym both in Cardio and in strength. I’m doing weights, and have a regular program that I follow. I was quite happy today when I tried jeans on for the first time (only a few pairs), and I fit into a size 16! I was in a 16 up till two or three years ago, so It is about time I’m back to where I was. I cannot wait to get out of the 200’s, and into the 1 digits again. I’m getting so close to getting to my 10% goal which is 212. This process is soo slow and every pound lost is a victory in my opinion. Winter is here and the holidays so it is more challenging to stay on plan and keep up the exercise, but I am up for the challenge. I do not want to gain weight this year. I hope to lose a bit more weight before the end of the year. I never thought this journey would be easy and I’m in awe at people who have lost a lot of weight. Every pounds and half pound counts. I was getting down on myself lately for losing so little, but every pound counts.

Starting to notice!

21 Nov 2010 In: Uncategorized

I haven’t wrote in awhile. I’ve been working out pretty hard these past few weeks. I lost 3 pounds this past week, and reached my 5% goal. I am now out of the 220’s (219.5). I am soo happy that I finally got back to the gym, and I feel like I am making super strides in cardio and weight lifting at the gym. I have been jogging/walking for 20 minute intervals and doing 20 mins on the epilipical machine. I did some stationary bike today at the gym, because my best friend and I want to do a 200 km bike ride along the P’tit Train du Nord Linear Park next spring. The route is part of the Trans Canada Trail. We will not do it all in one go, but we will stop a few nights along the trail which goes by picturesque towns and villages in Northern Quebec.

I’ve also been doing weights at the gym, and getting back into my routine that I was in last year. I am noticing small gains quite quickly and hope to get back to where I was last year at this time – and surpass it. I’m really noticing the weight loss in my clothes. My jeans and tops are loose and I’ll buy some second hand pants this week because I’m starting to feel uncomfortable in the loose pants, in fact they are actually starting to fall off. Woohoo! I am pretty excited that because I reached my 5% goal, I will be getting my hair done next weekend. I will get highlights and a little cut. I’m also going to get my pics done from my friend who is a professional photographer. I haven’t taken any pics of me since I lost weight, and everyone is asking to see me. I look forward to this photo shoot that I’ll have in two weeks, and hope to have lost more weight by then.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

7 Nov 2010 In: Uncategorized

I started back up at the gym last week. I did weights for the second day, and realized that my abs and my strength is not where it was last year. I worked hard when I was in Kuwait to build up to a 5km run. I also had a personal trainer for two months. I then got sick, and then went through some really stressful times. I stopped going to the gym, and then moved back to Canada, where I had no money to join a gym. Anyway, all that aside, I felt a bit down last night, but know that I have to work extra hard to get back to where I was. My abs are weak, but I do notice that things are a bit easier because I’m 18 pounds lighter. I was doing the standing ab lift machine, and I remember how hard I worked to do three sets of 10. Now I struggled to do two sets.

Thinking back, I remember moving so much over the last seven years, and that it wasn’t always easy to join a gym either because of location or cost. I know my lifestyle did not help help me keeping consistent. Now that I recall though, I did always try to get back into it everywhere that I lived which is a good thing. I’ve always been an off again on again gym goer. I’d love to be able to do Muay Thai again, which isn’t feasible right now as it isn’t offered in my city. I’d just love to go back to Thailand to be able to train.

I’ve been thinking about looking into getting certified with CanfitPro which is the certification I’d need to be a personal trainer in Canada. I was a trainer in university, and I took the course the uni offered. I remember something happened that made me not finish the canfitpro test, and I didn’t get the certification. I hate not accomplishing certain things, and there hasn’t been that many goals I’ve set that I haven’t accomplished. The two that I regret the most are not finishing the 5km race, and not getting that certification. I can’t beat myself up, but I can push myself to accomplish both of those in the future. I’d like to do a 5km race this spring or summer. I’d also like to look into getting certified, and doing some part-time training in the future.

I’ve been thinking about goals, and how important having goals and dreams are. I really need to sit down and think about what I want for myself in the next five to ten years.

Happy Days

28 Oct 2010 In: Weigh-In

I ended up weighing in on Wednesday this week. I had to work on Monday evenings, and my plan was to weigh in on Tuesday, but then I couldn’t get there. So, I went on Wednesday. I was happy to see that I lost 3 pounds this week! I was not expecting to lose weight this week, so I was pleasantly surprised. I am three pounds away to reaching my 5% goal. I cannot wait to get to that place. So far I’ve lost 14 pounds since August 30th. I am really starting to notice, but I so easily slip up.

I haven’t been tracking like I was before and I need to get back to that. I am going to start jogging again! Woot! I will start slowly and will do the C25K plan to work up to that 5 km. It is hard to believe that I worked so hard last year to get up to that 5 km consistent jogging. It was the hardest thing I ever did. I got sick, missed the relay 5km I was supposed to do with my coworkers in Dubai. I really was so upset I missed it, and then I stopped running after that. What a shame! I don’t think it’ll take me as long to get back into it because I feel somewhat in shape (I’ll know exactly how much when I start running again). I plan to start on November 1st.  I think this will help me lose more weight at a faster rate, as well as help me lose inches. I also really miss working out, especially with weights. I’ll do weights as well as cardio.

I feel like I’m eating crappy these days. I need to write down what I eat all the time. I am soo not organized when it comes to stuff like that.

Happy Halloween everyone! I am dressing up and going out on saturday night. I tried my costume on today.  

A Bad TOM and a Gain!

19 Oct 2010 In: Weigh-In

Ugh! This past week has been just crazy! I had the worst week as it was my time of the month. I felt so bloated, and was sooo hungry. I’ll have to make a note of this period to realize that I have to push hard that week to eat well. I ended up eating out too much last week. I’ve been eating healthy things when I eat out, but I will stop eating out for awhile. I just think it is sabotaging all the work that I do.

I ended up gaining 1.5 pounds this past week. I vow to stay on plan this week, and get in some exercise. My dad gave me an indoor bicycle and I want to use it. I don’t know what is wrong with me. I used to love and want to exercise. I have been walking a lot, but I need to get to the gym. I joined the gym last week, and haven’t make the effort to go. I only have mornings to get up, and go to the gym. It involves me getting up early, eating breakfast, walking ten mins to the gym, working out and walking back. I need to be back by at least noon so I can eat a good lunch. I figure I can work out an hour or an hour and a half if I get up by 9am. I just need to go to bed earlier is all. It takes awhile to build a habit, so It’ll get easier over time. I have no excuses except my laziness.  I need to kick myself in the ass!

I made a bet with my brother this past weekend. We will try and lose ten pounds by Xmas. I said that I could do it no problem. In fact, I said I’d like to lose more than that. Seeing Xmas is about ten weeks away. I was amazed at how much my brother eats and drinks, and stays slim (not slim, but 200 pounds). He seems to be gaining weight. He drinks like a fish, and I could imagine him gaining more weight over time just by the way he drinks. Anyway, I need to focus on myself and what I need to do.

I really need to see a loss next week! Positive thoughts. I will work hard this week. I will stay on plan. I will lose weight next Tuesday. 🙂

I have to stop going to my weigh in’s on Mondays. I was so sad to leave my regular night because I got to know the people that I”ve been with for over a month. I have to work on Monday evenings from now on, so  go on Tuesday mornings meeting instead.