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Posting May 8, 2012

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Seems as if the issues over here at 3FC are finally getting straightened out.  ABOUT TIME.  But at this time, I’ve already moved a lot of stuff over to the new blog and now I don’t know if I should come back or if I should stay over at the new blog.  I’m still getting use to the new blog and haven’t figured it all out, yet, but so far, I’m liking it.  Although to some extent, I guess I feel a bit exposed over there because it is such a well known blogging spot.  This being a smaller and more concentrated community, I always felt somewhat safe here.  Now I kinda worry about some random stumbling across my blog… someone like me ex SIL.  Not that I care what she thinks, but I just don’t want her in my life — real or online.  Does that even remotely make sense?

Anyways, for now I am going to split blog.  I will blog a bit over here and a bit over there.  With over ‘there’ being my main blog.  But I will post here once in a while and remind people I’ve moved and that there are new posts over there.  Later 3FC’ers!


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