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Another day… April 18, 2012

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Had a small heart attack this AM.  I got on the scale and it said 186.5 and then 187.  I nearly fell over!  I was like, OK, something is wrong here.  No WAY did I lose that kind of weight overnight and I KNOW I couldn’t have been THAT low the day before!  So, I turned the scale off and tried again.  189.5.  YAY!  I was happy to still be 189.5.  187 would be great, but I don’t like seeing numbers that change.  And since I was pretty sure it was a false number, I knew it would be higher and lead to disappointment.  Know what I mean?  I’d rather just have a steady number going down and not big jumps unless I really earned that big jump.

I hope I didn’t mess it up today… we went to a new restaurant and I decided to have blueberry pancakes.  I didn’t have the butter and I gave most of the whipped cream to hubby but I did use real syrup and I did eat a few bites of other things.  I had about 1.5 of the 3 pancakes and they were SO good!  But then we did a ton of walking and I missed ‘lunch’.  So at snack time, I had my lunch which was some strawberries, a small hand full of Doritos, and a PB and honey sandwich with coffee.  It was about 350 cals.  I’m hoping between no snack and all the walking that my cals are balanced out.  And since I had a meal instead of snack, I’m thinking that I didn’t go too far under, either.  Not sure what’s for dinner… maybe casserole.  Crap… need to start that AND need to charge lappy.  Be back later!

Mmm…. good casserole and LOTS of veggies!  I had gotten these boxed potato things and then after buying it to use for a quick side, I didn’t know what else to use it for.  SO, I made it into a casserole!  I added a couple of cans of chunk chicken, a bunch of broccoli, corn, and some black beans.  YUM YUM!  One serving was only 300 cals!  😀  I added a few oyster crackers on top and DELISH!  Fast, easy, and pretty darn healthy since the only thing really processed was the boxed potatoes.  I should’ve made a small salad to go with!!!  :O  That would’ve made it even better.  I love salad!

And now what am I doing?  Sitting on the couch listening to ‘Dirty Dancing’ playing on Netflix and waiting for my hair to process.  Yes, I’m coloring my hair.  I’m really diggin’ this dark brown hair right now.  I did think of highlighting it again, but I decided against it before taking this trip.  If I do it, it will be after our little trip.  I’d hate to mess it up and be stuck with it right before we go.  Although now it’s suppose to rain all weekend.  BOO.  But I am still looking forward to going.  😀

Well, I guess I should tie this up and get going.  I need to rinse my hair soon and then shower/shave a bit.  Then I need to relax.  I get to see some old friends tomorrow so I am excited about that.  I may not be able to write for the next few days, but I will be back!  Have a good one ladies!  😀


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  1. unskinnygirl Says:

    Whoa!!!!!!!! 180’s that’s so incredibly awesome! See it all pays off in the end!! I missed your last blog somehow too! Weird! Anyways,congrats on the 180’s and I know what you mean about The moodiness. I had an emo blog that other day too! It sucks feeling like that. I was super freaken depressed,for no real reason. But I’m back on track today,thankfully. Keep up the good work!

  2. journey2skinny Says:

    congrats!! 🙂

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