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Bull April 6, 2012

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I am starting to get tired of the bull on here.  It’s been that week and STILL no repair.  I still have trouble signing in, I still can’t leave comments, and I still can’t update anything.  AARGH.  I don’t know what else to do.  I tried to send two emails through here and then one directly (thanks Unskinny!) but still no repair and not even a response.  What the hell???  I just don’t get why they aren’t fixing this issue!  Obviously, it’s not just me but they are ignoring it!  Surely there are more than one person doing this and surely they aren’t ALL out of town at the same time?  And what’s worse is my word processor program isn’t working so right now, I can’t even transfer my blogs to my USB!!!  ANNOYING.  Thinking of going to Blogger now.  I don’t think Tumblr is right for me.

UGH.  Not going to get to write much today — parents on the way!  Just wanted to say my weight is 194, but I expected that since Flo is here.  Big fun I tell you.  I guess I won’t weigh-in officially this Sunday but instead will wait and do it the following week.  Wish me luck… I hope to see 18something.  LOL  Have a good weekend and for those that celebrate, Happy Easter!


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  1. unskinnygirl Says:

    Ugh that sucks that it’s not working for you yet. That’s so weird that they haven’t even replied to you!!! Maybe I will have to e mail them on your behalf. Lol this has been way to long!!!

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