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It’s 3/30 and I’m still here… March 30, 2012

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Unskinny, I swear I’m not dead!  I’m not!  Although after several days of yardwork, I sorta felt like it!  LOL  I am just NOW starting to recover.  But at least the back is started, the front two flowerbeds are DONE, and the plans for the extension of bed 3 and a new bed 4 are done!  WOOT!  AND, we actually started prepping bed 3.  It was HEAVILY eaten up with weeds with all this rain.  But we worked hard and got a lot cleaned up.  I can’t wait to expand it — it’s going to be FAB!!!  Lots of hard work, but FAB! Anyways, with all of this yardwork, I didn’t work out.  I will tonight come Hell or high water!  I’ve had enough time to recoup, so it’s back to it.  I believe Tuesday was the last day we worked out there.  Maybe Weds… either way, took yesterday almost completely off and then just light housework today.  Although, my wrist and shoulders are still sorta achy.  Been good on food and taking in water.  About to start a second bottle!  😀  And going to TRY to remember to take my vitamins with dinner.

My last weight check (which was this AM) was 192.0.  I’d say that’s right.  And it’s kinda sucky since I didn’t really check on 3/25 and my end of month weigh-in is THIS Sunday.  So, I doubt I see a loss.  🙁  I mean, I just don’t think I’m going to see a change between now and then.  But oh well… I can’t backtrack now!  I had REALLY hoped by last weigh-in to be under 190… I was so close!  I mean, I’m still pretty close, but 2lbs. feels like 2miles… in the pouring rain… with no shoes… UP HILL!  Yeah…. I’m a bit mad at myself but at the same time, I knew when I got going in this again that I was going to live life and go on so it would in no way be fast and furious… I knew it would be slow.  And I knew doing it this way that there would be times that I would go up and sit.  Mostly because even if I have a high day, I don’t cut way back to compensate the next day.  I DID try it, but it just made me frustrated, so it’s just not the way for me.  I just got to stick to what I’m doing and go on.

I sure hope everyone out there is doing good… I must confess now that I am not writing every day like before (or at least every other day), I’ve found that I am on the computer less and less which means I’ve not been keeping up with blogs like I should.  I feel awful.  I do!  But at this point, I’m not even sure how I would catch up… I just hope they get things worked out soon.  And then if I have a rainy day… oh buddy!  I’ll burn my eye sockets out trying to do so much reading!

Well, I’m going to jump off of here and talk myself into Pilates.  Take care!


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  1. unskinnygirl Says:

    Ah! Glad to hear from you!!!! And glad you are doing well!!!! Is the site still not working for you? Have you e mailed them? Thats what I had to do. I am also feeling frustrated with my weight being the same. But…. I am doing it to myself. I have had horrible eating weekends. How I’ve managed to lose weight at all this month is beyond
    Me!!!!! It makes it that much sweeter though,when you finally lose
    Right!? At least that’s what I’m telling myself. Lol

  2. incontrol2day Says:

    I’ve had a stall all week so ending the month higher than I wanted but the important thing is we both keep on going 🙂

    April is a new month!! Have a wonderful weekend.

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