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Why? March 19, 2012

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I don’t know why they can’t get this site fixed.  Please, for the love of Pizza, SOMEONE WHO’S PAGE IS WORKING REPORT THAT MANY OF US ARE HAVING ISSUES!!!!!  I am going nuts.  And I somewhat feel lost.  AARGH.  I guess I need to start working on transferring my old blogs to my USB today or I may be locked out for good.  I hate this.

On another front, my weight was 191.0 this AM.  I wasn’t too surprised by that.  I didn’t drink as much water as I should yesterday and I know that I went over a bit on calories.  Nothing big… just a few here and there.  But I plan on doing better today.  I want to be at or under.  I really, REALLY hope to see the 180’s this week.  I didn’t even take my cheat day yesterday!  Mostly because hubbs had to work and then nothing really sounded good.  The beauty of doing what I’m doing is that nothing is off limits, so as a result, I don’t have crazy cravings anymore.  Well, except when I have my period!  HA!  And if I do crave something, I just find a way to fit it in my day!  So far, so good.

I did hear something sorta disturbing the other day… an old friend from high school emailed me out of the blue wanting to know about weight loss surgery.  Said someone told her I had done it.  Not that I am opposed to it or anything, but it got me to thinking that I haven’t really seen any of my friends in a LONG time.  Then I got to thinking, wait, what if someone is spreading that rumor!?!  Maybe I am over-thinking this, but it sorta bothered me.  I mean, I’m losing but it is slow, so I’m not sure how anyone could think I had weight loss surgery.  It would be faster, right?  I mean, I started 2012 out at 196.5 and my last official weight in was 190.5, so I’ve only lost 6lbs.  I’m making lifestyle changes and losing slowly.  Wouldn’t surgery be much faster?  And everyone I’ve known who I’ve seen in the last year would see me and probably think I look basically the same… so, I am confused and don’t know if I should address the rumor or just leave it be.  Probably leave it be… but still.  It’s bugging me.  HAS been bugging me since yesterday.

I worked out again yesterday!  SHOCK!  No one pass out or have a cow!  LOL  I am actually a bit achy!  I realize doing the Pilates probably won’t cause me to lose faster, but it would be nice if it just pulled everything in a bit tighter.  That can make a HUGE difference.  My husband says that just after a few times, my stomach is already looking better.  Probably because for Pilates, you use your core for EVERYTHING.  What I mostly hope to accomplish is to get my thighs smoother and tighter, and my waist smaller.  I had wanted to wait on using the Mederma until I had lost more weight, but now I am thinking I should go ahead and start using it now.  But I am afraid that I won’t get the best results that I could if I use it before I have lost enough weight to really give my skin the room to pull in.  My friend used the Target brand of the Mederma and she had a HUGE change.  I don’t know if I will have the same, but I’d love to make them smaller!  I didn’t have that many, but the ones I have are wide and long.  Sorta looks like Freddie Crougher slashed down my sides!  So, if I could just make those smaller, that would make an unbelievable difference.  But I am afraid if I start using it now before I’ve dropped more weight, the scars will heal a certain amount and then when I lose more, they won’t get any better.  Does that even make sense?  UGH.  Not sure if I should start or not….  Maybe I should use just one tube and see how it goes and go from there.  I could always get more later as I lose…

Not sure what else to write about right now.  Things with the hubbs are better and no news on the BIL this AM.  So, I really should go on and get started with my day.  I had hoped to do a playdate, but I guess that isn’t going to happen.  No one has responded.  🙁  It’s our Spring Break, so I think that most of the people I hang with are out of town.  *sigh*  Oh well, onwards!!!


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  1. incontrol2day Says:

    I would be bothered too if someone thought I had weight-loss surgery. I wanted to make sure people didn’t think I lipo’ed my fat off so I took progress pictures and made sure I posted lots of pictures on facebook even during the process when I went out.

    You are SO close to be out of the 190s congratulations!

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