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Ended Better October 9, 2011

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Man oh MAN did yesterday start out rough.  The hubbs was in a FOUL place and well, it pretty well rubbed off on me and the kids.  But once he FINALLY out and chilled out, the day went better.  My parents got here and loved on him and told him how great the house was looking and asked about how school was going.  Then we got youngest down for a nap and my Mom and I got out to run around for a bit.  After that, we came back, had a nice dinner, and just visited and played.  So, the day ended a MUCH better way than it started off.

Today has been a busy day.  I wanted to go out for breakfast since today is my relaxed day and I can have what I want.  I had a coupon, too!  So, we did that and went to a couple of the Halloween stores PLUS JCPenney’s who was having a sale… but I left my coupon for them at home!  BOO.  So, I may return the stuff later and re-buy with the coupon.  I know that sounds silly, but if I am out and over there, I will go to the trouble to save the almost $7.  Just wish I had taken it with me earlier!  If I don’t go back out and over that way, I won’t fool with it.  No point in wasting extra time and gas.  But, I am thinking I will have to run back out to the store later tonight for dog food and school snacks.  Can’t believe I forgot those the other day!  JCPenney’s is literally one mile down the road from there so I might as well do it.

Now, we’re all at home and I’m putting my feet up.  But not for long… I need to pick up a bit.  Ok, did that real quick.  Needed to do that to make some headway in the mess.  It wasn’t BAD, but it was stacking up.  For some reason, when we have company, it gets out of hand before we know it!  So, I filled and ran the dishwasher, cleaned off all of the counters, and even straightened up the island.  Now I just need to pick up a bit off the floor (gotta love toys!) and run the vacuum.  Hopefully I can wipe down the island here in a bit — oldest needs to clean his stuff off of it!  I also need to clean the stove, but I am going to wait and do that tonight after I make dinner.  It’s not bad, just needs a wipe down.  Going to scrub down the bathroom tomorrow and maybe do a load of laundry.  I need to fold some tonight.  The rest of tomorrow will be dedicated to some painting.  I want to get a second coat of paint on the front soffit tomorrow.  That is my only goal!  If I am able to do anymore than that, that will be awesome!  Trying to decide if I should do any caulking… I don’t think I need to, but I know that the gutter guys caulked where they painted.  Why, I’m not sure.  But I might as well if it will make it more water-tight.  I know one seam is loose and I for sure want to do that, but the rest I am thinking of not doing.  Going to double check my book tonight and see if it is suppose to be done or not.  I think they did it to make it easier to paint.

My weigh-in this AM was as I suspected… not good.  196.  I’ve been 196 for several days now.  I’m not really sure why.  My weight had gone up a bit and then we did date night, but that was Thursday.  I really thought that by this morning, it would go back down.  But instead, it went up to 196 and has sat there.  And on top of that, I am SWOLLEN.  I just don’t know why I’m SO swollen.  My feet are so swollen that they are painful to walk on in my shoes.  Just flat footed around the house I am fine, but when I was out earlier, my wedges started to pinch and they weren’t tight when I got them.  I think I am just going to chalk it up to ovulating and the hubby being home.  My weight seems to almost always go up at this time no matter what plan I’m doing or how ‘on plan’ I am.  I’m not sure if it is hormones or the fact that we eat saltier food when he is here.  No idea.  But I have decided not to dwell on it.  I am just going to keep focusing on my goal and be on it tomorrow.  So far today I’ve just had breakfast and that was around 11 this AM.  But I am starting to get hungry now and it is almost 5.  I was going to have a snack, but I am SO close to dinner I am thinking of waiting.  But I don’t want to get overly hungry.  Maybe I’ll just have some multi-grain chips and salsa.  YUM.  I really need to decide on dinner, though.  I am thinking it will be some sort of meat, salads, and a baked potato.  Guess we will see.  I really want a potato!  I had wanted one last night, but I just didn’t have the cals for it.  I did eat 3 bites of mac-n-cheese and a roll, so I had carbs but just didn’t want to overdo with a roll AND a potato.

I am really hoping for my weight to go back down pretty quick.  I had SORTA hoped to see 191 this week, but after date night, I had been afraid that it wouldn’t happen.  But considering I was good Friday and Saturday, I am still happy with my week.  I just hope this IS bloat and goes back down soon!  I hate feeling all… PUFFY.  BLEH.

Well, the day is dragging on and now I must bring this to an end and move on to something else!  Like, decorating for Halloween!  We want to decorate a bit tonight before we run out of time.  I wish the house could’ve been done sooner so that we could have decorated then.  But oh well, it is what it is.  Oh, and quickly, just wanted to say I finished the first chapter of my book.  It’s rough, but it’s done.  Like I said before, I don’t really plan on publishing, but I like getting these stories out of my head.  Almost as relaxing as blogging!  LOL  Enjoy what is left of the weekend and onwards we go to next!  😀


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  1. familyaffair Says:

    If you haven’t gone back to Penney’s, yet, consider this. Go to the customer service desk & ask them if they would honor the coupon, rather than returning everything & re-buying. My MIL does this all the time. She’ll buy stuff & then get a coupon a day later & go back & get the discount. Most times the store will honor it. And if not, then just return everything & re-buy, I suppose. What can they do?

    Hormones could be causing your problems with the puffiness. I know the havok my hormones wreak on my system! With hubby working this week, I plan on what I consider my “usual” lunches. Usually a baked potato or rice with veggies. I love simple stuff like that! Hubby doesn’t. Makes it hard to eat good when he’s home. I refuse to be a short order cook & make everyone a separate meal!

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