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Bad Mood October 8, 2011

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Me?  No.  Hubby?  Yes.  And it’s on my nerves.  I went to bed in a good mood and woke up a bit tired, but in a good mood none-the-less.  AND, my parents are coming to visit today.  But here I sit feeling like crying because my husband is in a foul mood and says he feels like he’s wasted his time off.  Well, gee, thanks!  So glad that having our date night and finishing up with the contractor yesterday and helping with the kiddos while I ran errands and doing your schoolwork was a waste of time!  I admit I was annoyed yesterday, but after having the night to think it over and chill, I realized that all in all, even if it wasn’t THE most productive, at least we got some things tied up and now we can move on to other things.  And it’s only Sunday.  We have today, tomorrow and and then another couple of days after that to do things.  I’m not sure what we’re doing today, but I had hoped it would be something good.  Now I am betting it won’t be anything.  We’ll probably end up spending the day here since he feels like being an ass.  I don’t know WHY men think that if yesterday sucked and wasn’t what they wanted that instead of making the best of today they just want so sit and bitch about it!!!  Duh — you’re wasting another day.  BLEH.

So, now I am feeling in a foul mood and just feel like calling my parents and telling them to not bother with coming up.  I want to see them, but not when my husband is being a grouch.  Maybe me and the kiddos should just go down by ourselves.  That way grump ass can sit here and do whatever he wants.  That sounds like the best plan of action, but it’s after 10 so I am sure that they have left already.  She said they would probably be up and heading out the door around 8.

I guess I should go get dressed then.  The kids are fighting, the husband is grumping, and my head is splitting.  Ready to throw the kids in the car and leave.  UGH.  Hope you ladies have a better weekend than what mine is starting out as.


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  1. janeemosher Says:

    i like the idea of throwing the kids in the car and meeting up with the folks someplace. go find a nice place to enjoy the fall weather? go walk around the mall and split a smoothie? i hope hope hope your day gets better! xoxo

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