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Tuesday! August 30, 2011

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MEH.  I really, really, REALLY need to go to the store, but I HATE taking the kiddos with me.  Oldest is at school today, but youngest is home and well, he’d have to go with.  It’s not even 9AM right now, so the stores would still be packed with people who went right after school drop off.  Plus I hate going on Tuesdays.  I go to Krogers and typically Krogers gets wiped out on Sundays and Mondays (people trying to get sales).  So, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are kinda gross.  I like going on Thursdays (mark-down day) and Sunday.  Wednesdays aren’t bad because they are re-stocking and marking down that night and I use to go at night a lot.  Not so much now.  I may just wait and go tomorrow.  I think we can stretch one more day.  We’re low, but not out of stuff.  And with the hubby off tomorrow, I could go by myself.  OHHHhhhh!  Sweet bliss!  You know you’re a Mom when going to the grocery store alone is a awesome thing!  LOL  It’s just so much faster, orderly, and I can think.

OH!  I need to post my food from yesterday:

Snack:  2 slices LC toast with SB butter and grape jelly; coffee

Breakfast:  2 eggs with salsa (1-2Tbsp) and sour cream (less than 1Tbsp), raspberries; more coffee and some water

Lunch:  Spinach salad with some carrots and onions, lots of cucumber, greek dressing (1tbsp.) and a light sprinkling of grated parm cheese AND a sweet baked potato with SB butter, cinnamon and Splenda; water

Dinner:  Crust off of son’s sandwich (I love crust and this saved me from having to make separate bread for myself) and spaghetti; Diet Lemon/Lime

Dessert:  Very small glass of milk and 3 vanilla sandwich cookies

Overall, I felt pretty good about yesterday other than I should’ve had more protein.  I did fine at my real breakfast and I did pretty good at lunch, but at dinner I wish I would’ve had some chicken or something but it just didn’t sound great.  I use to buy these great frozen meatballs.  I think I am going to look for them again at the store and check their nutrition.  I have made them before, but well, they take more effort than I am willing to put in on the nights when my hubby is working.  I usually do super simple when it comes to food for just myself.  I am seriously thinking of buying myself some frozen meals just for that!  Or freezing more leftovers on the nights when I cook for the whole family.  Some frozen meals like lasagna or something would be nice, though, so that I could just throw some salad in a bowl and heat that up and eat.  I may look at them when I go to the store and prep to get some so that I have them the next time.  I am DESPERATELY in the need for some variety and ease.  Hopefully my waistline agrees with this!  LOL  Anyways, I should’ve had SOME sort of meat with dinner or maybe another salad because I ate one small serving of the spaghetti with the bread crusts and I was still hungry.  I waited a bit, put the kids down, but still rumbling.  So, I had another small plate.  Believe it or not, I still felt grumbles!  But I didn’t eat anymore.  I waited a couple of hours and then had the milk and cookies.  I wouldn’t have had the milk except I had a bit of heartburn and I was afraid anymore tea or coffee would cause me more issues.  And well, water wasn’t helping.

Whew!  OK, got the tub cleaned out.  I think I will have to use some CLR on the jets — I didn’t realize our water was so hard!  I also need to leave it filled after baths tonight and run some bleach/cleaner through it to make sure the pipes are sanitized.  If I had it to do over, I would NOT have put in a jetted tub!  It’s been a pain!!!  When you have kiddos, jetted tubs are just a nuisance!  We’re putting in a smooth surface tub and shower surround in the downstairs bath.  Not that it will make much of a difference other than I won’t have to clean it much.  I can’t wait to have this house done.  Next up to do on my list today is to sweep and clean the floors really well and then if I have time to do some more paper sorting downstairs.  Yup.  Going to end up putting off groceries.  LOL

Well, guess I should get off of here for now.  I’m just rambling on and well, not on anything of any importance really other than trying to figure out low cal foods again.  It’s been so long, I’m just out of practice.  But I think I’m figuring it out.  I just don’t want to get in the habit of convenience foods.  I want to rely mostly on whole foods.  But I want some convenience foods like the frozen meals for those nights when I just can’t do anything else.  Just have to watch the ingredients — they can be sneaky and slip all kinds of sodium and sugars in there!  Ok, I’m off to eat my real breakfast now!  OH!  Wait!  Checked my weight last night (after dinner but before bed) and I was 201.5.  Pretty happy with that.  I’m hoping that by the time my cycle is over I will be back down and maybe even have a small loss by Sunday if I can stay on track.  🙂


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  1. misscatty Says:

    Low Calories foods are tough! My favorites are fruits and frozen veggies, as I think they are totally AWESOME. If your a fan of mayo, try the olive oil mayo by hellmanns green lid, as it is half the calories and ALL of the flavore with no additional yuckies added to make it taste right like the fat free shite! I am a huge fan of lemony water, and hot tea with a little bit of honey as a snack filler. Sometimes eating something with a lot of calories around 200 is better than trying to live off of styrofoam and feeling hungry until dinner. I really like cottage cheese, and if you like it too try adding peaches or pineapple from a can for a little sweet flavor. It tides me over for hours, unlike those stupid 100 calories packs.

  2. gertie Says:

    I can imagine how chaotic going to the store with little kiddies around. When my 6 year old nephew was visiting us we went to the store it was crazy. He wants to push the cart, he’s pushing it too slow.. urgh lol

    anyway I hope you’re doing well and kicking butt in the weightloss department!

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