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Playing catch up August 29, 2011

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Yesterday was a BUSY day!  We got up quite early — seems the kiddos keep about the same schedule no matter what.  And that was fine with me.  I would rather stay on a schedule myself!  So, we got up early and knew that my parents were coming to visit and we were going out to eat as soon as they got here.  Not knowing how early they would be here, I was afraid to eat too much, so I had a small breakfast.  Well, I’ll just post what I had here.

Breakfast: 2 slices LC toast with SB butter and grape jelly; some coffee and water

Lunch:  1/2 chicken fried steak, 1 egg with cheese, 1 biscuit with honey (no butter), 2 bites of pancake (with butter and syrup), 3 cooked apple slices, small bowl of grits; coffee

Snack:  2 chicken tenders with ranch dip, 1/2 order waffle fries with ketchup; Coke Zero and a Lemonade

Dinner:  Pizza (probably the equivalent of 2 slices); water

Dessert:  Last cupcake.  UGH.

Obviously it was a day of eating out.  We took my parents out to ‘lunch’ for their anniversary.  They wanted simple and suggested Cracker Barrel, so that’s where we went.  After, we dropped off the guys and kids and headed out for the day — just my Mom and I!  It was nice to spend the day with her!  We went to the Market and did some shopping.  Of course we ate out!  But it is only one day and I didn’t do horrid.  I only ate until I was full, but I know I went over my cals due to lunch.  However, I literally walked for HOURS.  The Public Market here is HUGE and we walked almost all of it.  Then we went to the garden dept of Home Depot AND walked all over Target.  I was POOPED!  LOL

However, most of the day I battled an upset stomach.  Well, not really upset, but GASSY.  I don’t know what is going on, but it sure was unhappy with me.  My cycle started and it’s been hard and heavy and not to mention, painful.  Today isn’t much better.  As I sit here and type this, my stomach is hugely swollen and bloated and I’m having not only cramps, but those lovely gas pains as well.  The hubby seems somewhat off, too.  He said he FELT fine, but he is gassy, too.  Not sure if we’ve picked up a bug or if it is something we ate.  Either way, I wish it would go away — I’m tired of feeling really uncomfortable!!!

Well, I guess I am STILL going to be playing catch up!  I never finished this post yesterday.  I was pretty well sick and uncomfortable all day.  I was battling pretty painful cramps of every variety.  I think we had some sort of stomach bug.  It has finally let up this AM, so I hope it is done.  I didn’t eat great yesterday.  I mostly snacked all day and I can’t even really remember what I had.  I know it didn’t involve anything good… Here is what I can remember…

1 slice of LC toast with some turkey and provolone, grapes, 7 cookies (3 at snack, 4 for dessert), fried rice (what was left), Bugles (the entire medium bag), mac-n-cheese (dinner) and at some point, I believe I had a Diet Lemon/Lime.

I felt bad about the Bugles, but considering it was pretty much the only thing I ate all day that made my stomach chill out, I don’t care.  My weight was 203, but I’m not counting that.  I know it was my weigh-in day, but considering I have my period and being sick I was swelled up AND the only thing I could get down was carby stuff…. yeah.  SCREW THAT!  I’m not counting it.  I am trying to get back into routine today.  I NEED to but it will depend on my stomach.  So far, I’ve had some coffee with cream (not my mixture, just straight cream), 2 slices of LC toast with SB butter and regular grape jelly.  If this doesn’t give me any issues, I’ll eat some eggs and maybe some fruit later.  I’ll get on more of a schedule tomorrow.  Today is just to be able to eat normal food!

Not sure what I will be able to do today.  I was VERY tired yesterday and I still feel a bit tired, but I’m not crazy tired.  I know I need to pick the house up, do dishes, and clean the tub really well.  But other than that I’m not sure.  I’m hoping to get all my pute stuff done so all I will need to do is update my food later on tonight.  Heh.  Just did my checkbook and bills real quick.  I do them almost every Monday, so it’s pretty easy to do if I keep it up.  Although, considering the current state of the nation and of banks, we are seriously considering going back to cash and checks for everything that we can.  The fees and things that they are trying to start imposing thanks to this GREAT new bank regulation (FEEL the sarcasm) is making it to the point where I don’t even want to deal with credit or debit cards.  I don’t really see the point in using them anymore unless you pay credit cards off and store points or use it for things you need to be secured.  I know I use my CC for groceries and gas and pay them down every week and pay them off once a month when we get our bonus.  I try to keep it low.  This month due to back to school and winter shopping, it got a little higher (about $150) than I like for it to get, so I just made an extra payment and when we get our monthly bonus, I will pay it off.  I have the money in savings if I need to pay it off.  I just don’t want to unless I need to.  I like our current system really well.  But for everything else, thinking of going back to cash.  Something I can think over today since I don’t have a ton to do and already got the bills in order.

OH!  BTW, still making some tweaks to my food.  I have decided that even though heavy cream is low in carbs, it’s just too high in cals and fat for me.  So, I am either going to start mixing it with 1 or 2% milk or start buying half-n-half.  Going to do some comparisons the next time I go to the store.  I still want as natural as possible and still want to watch my carbs, but the mixture I made with the almond milk just has too much of a twang to it.  Which I don’t get — I love the stuff straight and in cereal, but it tastes weird in my coffee!  Aargh!  I’m sticking with my LC bread.  I just love the whole wheat, it’s low cal, the size is good, no added sugars or preservatives.  Yes, it CAN go bad quickly, but we buy it fresh and on sale and freeze it.  It’s the only bread we’ve bought that you can’t tell it’s been frozen after being defrosted.  I believe my MIL said that was due to no preservatives.  Says they do the OPPOSITE when frozen!  :O  So, I’m loving the bread and I’m going to stick with it.  Also, I’ve gone back to pre-frozen chicken.  In the end, I wasn’t having as much freezing it as the other stuff.  I don’t know WHY!  But it would never defrost the right way.  I think that it’s because with the pre-frozen, they put it in a salt solution and cut it thinner.  Plus, I got the chicken pretty darn cheap frozen this last time and it saved me time and plastic baggies on top of the money.  And did I mention mess?  So, going to stick with that unless the other stuff is so cheap I just can’t pass it up.  Oh, and I am also thinking of making my own cookies instead of buying them.  I buy them for the hubbs and the kiddos and I end up eating them when I want something sweet.  So, I am thinking of only buying the plain cookies for oldest and then making cookies for the rest of us.  He’s a very picky eater and only eats one or two kinds and he’s fine with not having them a ton.  But the rest of us aren’t that picky so I’m thinking I could make healthier versions of our faves.  Like, no bake cookies, oatmeal cookies, and whatnot.  I like the idea of junk cookies with oatmeal, dried cranberries, and dark chocolate chips.  What do you think?  I don’t think I would make them often, but I’d like to make them so that we had the option instead of the junky store bought.  Hmm… I bet I could make some and oldest would even eat them and wouldn’t notice now that I am thinking on it!  Teehee!

Well, now that I have done the bills and picked up and fed youngest all while typing and coming back and forth, I think I will go for a bit and attempt to get a few things done so that when nap time rolls around, I can hopefully get a few things done.  Heh.  But I keep getting distracted so it’s taking forever to do just this.  Example:  I just did my Christmas list.  LOL  BLEH!  I will be back later chicks.  Too much to do and think about!  😀


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