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All in one… August 26, 2011

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I know that I should’ve finished yesterday’s blog before posting, but I just felt so yucky.  So, I will add the rest of my food to todays blog so it’s all in one place.


Breakfast:  LC pita with PB and honey; coffee

Lunch:  Mac-n-cheese, strawberries; water

Snack:  Nectarine and Cheese-Bits; water

Snack:  Doritos; Diet Coke OH!

Dinner:  Egg drop soup, fried rice, 2 crab rangoons; water

There’s all of yesterday’s.  I was just SO hungry, I had Doritos for my SECOND snack.  My stomach was literally growling and I wasn’t sure what else to eat.  I decided to eat whatever sounded good at the time in hopes that it wouldn’t upset my stomach more; and that was the Doritos.  Not the best choice, but nothing else really sounded great at the time.  In retrospect, I could’ve had a small cheese sandwich for the same or maybe less cals.  I ended up doing the soup and rice for dinner.  The soup and the rice finally settled my stomach.  I don’t think I could’ve choked anything else down, but within minutes of eating those, my stomach just stopped hurting.  I am starting to think that the old wives tale of chicken soup for sickness is true!  Except in my case, it’s egg drop.  Similar in that they both have a chicken base.  I know how to make it, so the next time I feel like poop I may just make that and see if it helps.  Would save some moola!  LOL  Although, mine never tastes quite as good as the stuff from the Chinese place.  LOL  And honestly, they are almost as fast!

So far this AM, I’m feeling ok.  Better than ok, really!  I’ve not checked my weight and I don’t plan on checking it until Sunday.  However, I fully don’t expect to see a loss.  Between feeling like crap and about to start my cycle, I know I will be up.  Not to mention the sodium that is always in the Chinese food.  *sigh*  But it’s ok.  Hopefully I will be ok the rest of today, the rest of the week, and next week.  If so, I hope that I will see a loss at the following Sunday’s weigh-in.

As today has worn on, I feel better and better — if not hungry.  I have barely eaten a thing today and I feel good!  I think that the worst of the PMS has passed.  WHEW!  I have to keep remembering that 2 days out of the month, I am just going to be a ravenous, cupcake eating MONSTER.  LOL  At least it wasn’t crazy… just a few cookies and a cupcake.  I TOTALLY could’ve done worse!  LOL  But I felt like a zombie, too.  Just dazed, upset, HUNGRY… bleh.  Sometimes hate all the girly stuff we have to go through!  But I am relieved to be feeling more normal and like my perky self today.  Still don’t have much hunger, but I have heartburn.  Not sure why… maybe the beans?  I’m going to just keep chugging water and if that doesn’t break it up, I am going to eat two Tums.  Could be residual from yesterday, I guess.


Breakfast:  2 LC slices of toast with SB butter and RS jelly; coffee

Snack:  nectarine; water and coffee

Lunch:  1 slice sourdough, mayo, 4 ultra thin slices turkey, 1 sandwich slicer pickle, small bowl of baked beans; Mello Yello Zero and water

Dinner:  Some fried rice, egg drop soup, 1 crab rangoon; the rest of the Mello Yello Zero and more water

Well, it’s almost bedtime here and I am pooped out.  I didn’t do much, but apparently just getting over feeling so yucky took all my energy!  Sorry the last few posts haven’t been deep and insightful — just haven’t had it in me!  Maybe soon.  The ‘rents will be here tomorrow, so no idea if I will be able to post.  But for tonight, I believe I’m done.  G’night chicks!


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