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Stomach ache… August 25, 2011

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200 this AM, but I have a BAD stomach ache.  It’s burning like the flames of Hades!  Tums, here I come!  I think know that I had too much acid yesterday in the form of coffee, a soda, and more coffee.  UGH.  So, my tummy is hurting as a result.  I chugged water before the Tums in an effort to dilute the acid, but so far, no go.  Hoping that the Tums will help.

I am STILL feeling guilty over last nights cupcake.  I wanted to just stop eating after dinner, but the hubby was insisting on having a cupcake and well, once he brought it over I was weak and ate the damned thing.  I wasn’t hungry.  I didn’t need it.  But I ate the thing anyways.  Aargh!  If he hadn’t gotten them and sat it in front of me, I would’ve just said no.  I’m pretty good at not going to get it, but once it is set in front of me (especially when my will power is feeling weak) I will eat it.  I love my hubby, but I wish he would’ve said no!  I told him no and he got them anyways.  🙁  I won’t lie, he normally gets the worst of my PMS symptoms.  Its SO weird.

But as a result, I KNOW my cals were crazy high yesterday.  No idea of the cals in a regular cupcake, but I’m thinking easily between 300 and 500 cals.  🙁  I honestly should’ve just said no to eating anything after dinner.  I should’ve just drank some water and then gone on to bed.  SO mad at myself right now!!!!

I know it’s just one day and all that jazz, but it’s a lost day even with all the heavy cleaning I got done.  But the hubby noticed when he got in.  Said there was no faint ‘dog smell’ and that the air just smelled ‘clean’.  That’s because I moved and cleaned all the furniture.  All but one corner.  Ironically, the dog corner.  I plan on taking the kennel out here in a bit and scrubbing it out to be moved, washing the bedding, and vacuuming and wiping down that corner.  I need to find a new place to put the dog center.  My youngest won’t stay way from the stuff, so it needs a new location.  I’m spending at least half my day fussing at him to get away from it.  I refuse to keep doing it.  I know it can take 20 something times to learn something — tell that to him.  He wants it and refuses to give up.  So, I’m going to remove it.

I am also kinda hoping to work in my office area a bit today.  In the coming months, we hope to move the office, so I was hoping to get to work sorting and throwing away some more stuff.  I know there are boxes of kids clothes that need to be moved, small totes of papers to be sorted, and then just general moving things around.  I just am running out of places to move things around to.  LOL  Really wish our garage was cleaned out more so that we could move the workout equipment out there.  That would make a HUGE difference!

Breakfast:  1 LC pita with PB and honey; coffee

Lunch:  Mac-n-cheese, strawberries; water

Snack:  Cheese-its, nectarine; water

My stomach is STILL achy!  Only bland food is going down, but I’m trying to get at least some fruit in.  I hope my stomach will chill so that I can eat a normal dinner.  If not, it will be something else plain for dinner.  I really wanted chips and salsa, but was afraid the salsa would just tear my tummy up.  Maybe in a day or two.  I don’t know WHAT to eat for dinner if it is still unhappy.  Maybe grilled cheese and soup, rice, or something.  Or just crackers and soup… I don’t know what to eat.  My stomach just ACHES.


3 Responses to “Stomach ache…”

  1. misscatty Says:

    I hope yuu feel better soon. I have a stomach of steel so I can’t even relate. But you have my sympathies!

  2. familyaffair Says:

    I hope your tummy is feeling better! I used to say that I had a cast iron stomach. Could eat anything & rarely had any issues. Age has crept up on me & I can’t say that any longer!

    Take care!

  3. elliehastings Says:

    Feel better soon, jewlz! I know ’bout those cupcakes…especially with buttercream icing! They should be outlawed!!!


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