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Already August 25, 2011

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Already my kids are driving me nuts this AM.  Youngest is whining and into everything and oldest is all “Look at me!  Look at me!” every two minutes.  I’m already ready to throw in the towel for the day.  UGH.  I really should have found some time over hubby’s time off to get a break.  I’m paying for it now.  And I don’t even have anything outside of the house to do.  Although, I may attempt a bit of yardwork later.  Well, curb work.  The darn crab grass is coming up on the street side of the curb again and I HATE that.  You’d think the town would be responsible for that and spray or scrape, but they don’t.  And it looks AWFUL and makes a runny mess when it rains because everything from cig butts to dirt gets trapped in it.  So, I may take the rolling grass bin out there and the scraper when youngest goes to sleep so that I can get that looking decent.  We also need to decide on our roofing/gutter contractors so that we can get the flower bed ready for Fall.  I normally don’t do much but weed, put down fresh needles, and maybe set out some Mums, but I may do more this year depending on how things go.

I checked my weight this AM and I was 201.  BOO.  NOT happy with that.  But realistically, it’s what I had expected.  I mean, I did my best over the last few days but I know it wasn’t great.  We ate out quite a bit and what we had was salty.  AND, my cycle should start in the next day of so.  I felt bloaty last night, so I should’ve known to not even get on the scale.  But oh well.  Not as though I don’t always bloat up.  I also didn’t drink as much water yesterday as I should’ve so that is my own fault too.  And of course those sugar cookies probably weren’t a great idea, but I had been wanting something like that for days so I ate those instead of a cupcake.  I was pretty sure the cupcake would’ve been through the roof versus the little cookie with icing.  But still, going to try to be more balanced today.  Hey!  Maybe PMS is why my kiddos are annoying me so much!  Nope.  They are just being MEAN!!!  URGH.  Anyone need two kids???  LOL

I don’t have much planned for today, but I DO need to try to do some more major dusting/cleaning.  Dust tends to accumulate in weird places in my house so I try to go through once in a while and get all those odds and ends places so that it doesn’t keep building up.  Like, behind our couch.  Our house is a split foyer so behind me is the open foyer.  For whatever reason, right between the couch and that railing the dust just piles UP.  So, today, I hope to move the couch out and clean that area really well.  It NEEDS it!  That is if I can get my contrary kids to cooperate.  Youngest will be spending a LOT of time in the playpen today if the shenanigans doesn’t stop!

OK, I am going to go for now and get going with my day.  It isn’t going to get going on it’s own, I guess.  I should also probably clean out my fridge.  bleh.

** OK, so far I’ve gotten two areas of my LR cleaned really well and hope to do the rest when youngest gets up from nap.  Thankfully, he has been asleep for a while, so I REALLY hope he wakes up in a much better mood.  Thinking that if he does and eats a good ‘lunch’ then we may all go outside to play later.  I also got our two accounts balanced and bills paid plus the budget done for the next two months.  I’m feeling really happy about that!  I had meant to do it last month, but just never seemed to have the time.  I think I am all in order now!  Well, as far as finances go, anyways.

UGH.  Just had snack and I KNOW I went over in cals.  But I ate some grapes and still felt hungry so I drank some water and ate some watermelon.  Still not satisfied so I ate the peanuts.  I was still feeling yuck so I ate some icing and the sugar cookie.  *sigh*  I HATE PMS!!!!  It makes me SO much hungrier!  I wonder if your body has to work harder during TOM so it hoards up calories during PMS.  I am very curious… Holey moley!  Turns out that ‘some’ research is saying that the week before you start your cycle, your BMR jumps up and you can burn 200+ more cals a day!  HUH!  Maybe that’s why during PMS you crave.  CRAP.  If I had just known that and been more careful with watching what I ate, I coulda lost a good chunk this week!  LOL  I have NO idea how true this science is, but it would explain the crazy hunger.  But for some reason, that little cookie stopped it.  If I had known it was that simple, I’d have eaten it first!  LOL

Breakfast:  2 slices LC toast with SB butter and RS jelly, 2 eggs with 2tbps. cheese; coffee

Snack:  1/2 medium banana; water

Lunch:  2 slices LC bread with mayo, 6 slices ultra thin turkey, romaine and tomatoes, Doritos; Mello Yello Zero

Snack:  A handful of grapes, lots of watermelon, some honey roasted peanuts, and a sugar cookie with icing; coffee and water

Dinner:  Pan fried chicken, mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli in light cheese sauce; water

Dessert: 1 chocolate cupcake with chocolate chips (in the frosting); coffee

*sigh*  Stupid PMS.


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  1. familyaffair Says:

    I’ve heard it said that if you’re having a craving for something, you should just go ahead & eat that thing because nothing else is going to satisfy the craving. Especially if it’s a PMS craving! 🙂 I know my cravings are off the chart during that time. Trouble is, they start for me 2 weeks before! I tell hubby that I’m ready for menopause. Bring it on!

    Sorry to hear about the kiddos. Are yours like mine, where they seem to go through cycles? You’ll have a number of “good” days & then all the sudden all hell breaks loose? I make our girls sit & color or do something quiet when they get like that. I’ve even resorted to making them play in different rooms! Hang in there! Maybe make a game out of cleaning & give them each a dust rag. It’s amazing the fun they can have with silly stuff like that!

  2. incontrol2day Says:

    I hope you are doing well! Kids are such handfuls. I’m taking care of my 11 y/o brother and he’s well-behaved but the responsibility is definitely overwhelming at times.

    I really need to step on the scale. My life is finally slightly winding down where I can start posting again.

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