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The DAY August 19, 2011

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Well, today was the DAY!  My oldest started K.  Excitement was everywhere!  LOL  I hope it’s a great day.  😀

For me, I am sitting here doing my usual morning thing.  Youngest got up with us at around 6:30AM.  I am thinking it is just about nap time!  I see droopy eyes!  LOL

OK, now, on to other things.  I realized something yesterday… the simple joy of carrots!  It had been SO long since I just sat down and ate a carrot.  Not that I didn’t allow it when low carbing, but it was always on a salad or in something.  Never just as a food by itself.  Yesterday, for snack, I went to get out my celery and realized, CRAP — almost all my veggies were gone or going bad!  I saw those lovely carrots sitting there and thought, you know, I’m not low carbing so I could just eat THOSE!!  So, I had two medium sized, oh so yummy crunchy carrots.  Ok, shoot me.  I love all veggies!  And it had been SO long since I ate just a regular ol’ carrot!  It was pure heaven and kept me really satisfied.  However, I realized that I HAD to do something with all those veggies.  So, I made my garbage soup.  I didn’t use cream this time, though because I took the time to REALLY puree the crap out of the veggies.  I took a bite to test for texture and decided it was SO good, that I would leave it as is.  I had that for dinner last night and will probably do the same for dinner tonight.  However, NOW my poor fridge is starting to look shabby.  I used up ALL the veggies that were usable (only throwing out two small yellow squashes and one zucchini someone had given us).  I checked the fruit and we are low on EVERYTHING and out of a lot.  I do have salad greens, but only romaine.  The kale that is left might not be any good anymore.  Milk for the kiddos is low.  Butter is almost gone.  Less than half of the eggs.  Aargh!  Lookin’ like a desert in my fridge!  I was going to go today, but I had to drop hubby off and when we got here, I was STARVING.   Should go now, but it’s almost nap time.  UGH.  Never enough hours in the day.  But I’ll figure it out.  Hubby is home and sleeping, so may run to the store when nap time arrives.  Just have to tell the hubby to listen.  And I don’t need to grab a ton, but I do need to grab a few things.  Oldest will be tired after school since he’s not been in a whole year.

Not much to do today other than more laundry, kitchen stuff, and sort youngest’s clothes.  I want to go through his closet later and get out anything that is too small and start putting in some of the winter clothes.  I may even have to move the shelves around.  It needs to be done.  Probably should look over the bills for next week, too.  I was wondering, what do you ladies do in a typical day?  Like, what is your schedule?  I know my schedule is changing due to school.  Usually, I don’t get up and get too active until around 12.  I’ll be getting up around 6, doing the school thing and then back home with youngest to do the usual routine of breakfast.  When we get up to take oldest to school, there’s only a bottle.  So, we’ll be back home for breakfast for both of us.  Then I usually check my email, FB, and here and do my blog.  I stop in there somewhere to clean youngest and his breakfast mess up and then he gets down to play.  We do odds and ends like playing or whatever until around nap time and then I with the housework I can’t do with youngest up — usually picking up toys and dishes, sorting laundry, taking out trash, etc.  From that point on, I don’t usually sit down until after the kiddos are in bed around 8.  I try to take a shower as soon as I lay them down, but sometimes I don’t get to do that.  Just depends.  Either way, I am up and moving almost a solid 8hrs.  I do sit for about an hour for lunch if I can.  I didn’t use to be up and moving that much.  I use to get up and try to do things in the AM, but by lunchtime I’d be like a blob.  I am NOT a morning person.  But it seems if I take the morning easy, I can pretty easily go go go in the afternoon.  Not sure if that will be true of the new school schedule, but we will see.

Speaking of not being a morning person, I don’t think I’m an exercise person, either.  For months, I’ve been saying I should exercise but I have yet to do it.  I don’t know what my problem is!  I am either lazy or don’t like it.  Either way, I’ve not been doing it and I know I should be.  I’d just much rather get exercise from being up and doing things like going walking with my family in the park, working on the house or doing something in the yard.  But I know that I NEED that extra exercise time.  I just haven’t, so far, done that.  And at this point, I don’t know what I need to do to motivate myself.  Cause here is the truth.  Summer is almost over and it’s no longer a matter of ‘I want to do this to feel and look better for summer!’  It’s now going to be Fall soon and I just can’t seem to find any sort of motivation.  blargh.  I want to, but I must not want to enough.  I guess I need to find something or I won’t be getting anywhere!

Well, it is now 10:30 so I think I should get off of here and do SOMETHING.  Maybe go ahead and do some picking up and cleaning in the kitchen before I pick up oldest.  They are only doing partial half days this week, so he will be out soon.  I really should run to the store but I am worried about trying to fit it all in.  I don’t want to cut it too close.  I know I can go and get back in about an hour, but that is if there are few people there, traffic is light, and I don’t forget anything.  LOL  Maybe I can go later.  Guess we will see.


Breakfast:  2 slices LC whole wheat toast with SB butter and RS jelly, 1 egg, 1 sausage patty; coffee

Lunch:  2 slices LC whole wheat bread with PB and honey, apple slices, Cheeze Bits; water (I only had about half of this entire meal — I shared most with oldest!  LOL)

Snack:  Watermelon

Dinner: ‘Garbage’ soup, 2 slices LC whole wheat bread and provolone cheese (I didn’t finish this sandwich — I got full), roast beef (part of a slice, lunch meat style); water

*Didi*  Thanks for the tomato suggestion!  I love them and already eat a ton of them.  I think I am going to go back to omelettes in the AM with veggies and do less bread.  Not sure why it has sounded so good today.  But I ate 6 slices today!  :O  Not doing that tomorrow.  So, I either have to give up toast or sandwiches.  I think it will probably be either or depending on the day.  I don’t typically eat that much.  So, going to try to add a serving of veg. at breakfast and a serving at lunch.  I do fine for snacks and dinner.  I would use leftovers, but that’s rare in my house!  Everyone here eats lots of fruit and veg.  Glad I stocked up at the store today!  LOL

*Miss Catty*  Thanks for that info!  I’m sure just with running around and stuff, my cals will fluctuate.  Like just yesterday and today, I’ve not had desert.  Just not hungry.  But tomorrow I may want it.  I had it for a day or two so just with that, I’ve had fluctuations.  And then I plan on once every week or week and a half having a down day to have whatever.  I really just want to be balanced.  I HAVE been stalled for a while.  🙁  I had a good loss a few weeks ago, but then immediately went back up.  Not sure what was up with that, but it’s been a big slap in the face for me and part of the reason why I feel burned out with most of the idea of dieting.  That’s why the ‘simple’ and more lenient plan for now.  Not to mention youngest is STILL not sleeping through the night!  Aargh!!!!

I can’t think of much more to write about tonight, ladies.  I’m getting VERY tired and suddenly getting heartburn.  I love my ‘garbage’ soup, but for some reason, it gives me heartburn!  It’s mostly celery with a few carrots, a quarter of a head of cabbage, 2 bell peppers, some onion… wait.  I think it’s all that acid in the peppers and onions!  :O  UGH.  And of COURSE I feel a bit hungry now and I keep thinking, man, a couple of those little oranges would be SO good!  I may have them…  there’s always Tums… LOL

G’night chicks… more tomorrow!


2 Responses to “The DAY”

  1. shesha Says:

    I really do not like to exercise. I found that if I play Just Dance on the kids Wii I get a really good work out without even thinking about it. I also swim a lot. I will either swim or walk laps in the pool. I live in a extremely hot and humid climate, so I try very hard to stay cool and not sweat as much as possible 🙂 lol…

  2. didibuttonsley Says:

    The things you wrote about exercise made me smile, because I was writing about the same thing this morning. I actually do enjoy certain exercises, but if I sit around thinking about them for too long I won’t do them, & that is the problem that I have been having lately. I like pilates, bellydancing, and my Jane Fonda workout, and my Hemalaaya dvds, but I’ve just had so little motivation to get up and get going.
    I used to do pilates five days a week, and long ago I did Jane Fonda three days a week. It’s probably just tough for both of us to accept new routines. We are being stubborn! I need to get going somehow though. The goal I have set for my second year of blogging is to get back to working out as soon as I wake up for five days out of the week.
    It should be a little easier when I am back home and moved in with my cousin, because we have agreed to motivate each other to work out more.

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