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It’s 3/30 and I’m still here… March 30, 2012

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Unskinny, I swear I’m not dead!  I’m not!  Although after several days of yardwork, I sorta felt like it!  LOL  I am just NOW starting to recover.  But at least the back is started, the front two flowerbeds are DONE, and the plans for the extension of bed 3 and a new bed 4 are done!  WOOT!  AND, we actually started prepping bed 3.  It was HEAVILY eaten up with weeds with all this rain.  But we worked hard and got a lot cleaned up.  I can’t wait to expand it — it’s going to be FAB!!!  Lots of hard work, but FAB! Anyways, with all of this yardwork, I didn’t work out.  I will tonight come Hell or high water!  I’ve had enough time to recoup, so it’s back to it.  I believe Tuesday was the last day we worked out there.  Maybe Weds… either way, took yesterday almost completely off and then just light housework today.  Although, my wrist and shoulders are still sorta achy.  Been good on food and taking in water.  About to start a second bottle!  😀  And going to TRY to remember to take my vitamins with dinner.

My last weight check (which was this AM) was 192.0.  I’d say that’s right.  And it’s kinda sucky since I didn’t really check on 3/25 and my end of month weigh-in is THIS Sunday.  So, I doubt I see a loss.  🙁  I mean, I just don’t think I’m going to see a change between now and then.  But oh well… I can’t backtrack now!  I had REALLY hoped by last weigh-in to be under 190… I was so close!  I mean, I’m still pretty close, but 2lbs. feels like 2miles… in the pouring rain… with no shoes… UP HILL!  Yeah…. I’m a bit mad at myself but at the same time, I knew when I got going in this again that I was going to live life and go on so it would in no way be fast and furious… I knew it would be slow.  And I knew doing it this way that there would be times that I would go up and sit.  Mostly because even if I have a high day, I don’t cut way back to compensate the next day.  I DID try it, but it just made me frustrated, so it’s just not the way for me.  I just got to stick to what I’m doing and go on.

I sure hope everyone out there is doing good… I must confess now that I am not writing every day like before (or at least every other day), I’ve found that I am on the computer less and less which means I’ve not been keeping up with blogs like I should.  I feel awful.  I do!  But at this point, I’m not even sure how I would catch up… I just hope they get things worked out soon.  And then if I have a rainy day… oh buddy!  I’ll burn my eye sockets out trying to do so much reading!

Well, I’m going to jump off of here and talk myself into Pilates.  Take care!


3/22 March 22, 2012

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Quick blog this AM.  Still having sign-in issues and still not able to do much other than sneak on here, type out a quick blog, and sign off.  Which I guess in some ways is just as well, but is also very annoying as I can’t really get to the blogs I want to or be supportive which I need and I’m sure others like as well.  So, overall, I’m just feeling bummed and really thinking that maybe I will indeed switch everything over.  If I do, I will post my new blog here so that anyone who wants to follow me, can.  I will probably do what Pepa has done and post my blog link for a bit to help transition over.  I’m giving this a bit more time, and then if it isn’t fixed, I’m outtie.  I hate to, but what other choice do I have at this point?

Anyways, for two days, I weighed in at 190 flat and then today, 191.5.  But that was completely expected.  I actually expected higher!  You see, we did a crazy amount of yardwork yesterday and I was sweating like crazy and before I even went to bed, I was SORE.  So, I knew my weight was going to be up today… a lot!  I actually was quite surprised at only the 1.5 up.  Only 1 up from my last ‘official’ weigh-in.  So today before I go out, I’m drinking LOTS of water.  I’ve only had one cup of coffee but that is ok since my stomach seems unhappy.  Probably from being tired and slightly dehydrated.  I know I’m slightly dehydrated just because my urine this AM was very little and DARK yellow.  I drank water yesterday, but apparently that wasn’t enough!  So, my goal is about 3L today… 4 if I can stand it.  I think I had about 3 without even trying yesterday but I’m not sure.  UGH.  Just had to chew some Tums.  My stomach is really unhappy right now.  🙁  Probably just too much acid.  I may eat lunch early to try to help with that.  Something easy and simple that will absorb it and then some salad or fruit to keep on plan with getting good and hydrated.  🙂

Other than that, not much going on.  Trying to stick with plan and go on with life.  Hubby is doing ok, too.  Well, I better get off of here and try to get something done, sick stomach and all!  I just won’t push myself to do too much.  And I may go double up on my daily vitamin to give me a little ‘boost’.  I wouldn’t normally do that, but when I start to feel run down, I head straight for the good stuff like water, fruit/veggies, and vitamins!  Hopefully I perk up and get to enjoying the rest of the day and I can be productive.  Have a good one everyone!


Why? March 19, 2012

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I don’t know why they can’t get this site fixed.  Please, for the love of Pizza, SOMEONE WHO’S PAGE IS WORKING REPORT THAT MANY OF US ARE HAVING ISSUES!!!!!  I am going nuts.  And I somewhat feel lost.  AARGH.  I guess I need to start working on transferring my old blogs to my USB today or I may be locked out for good.  I hate this.

On another front, my weight was 191.0 this AM.  I wasn’t too surprised by that.  I didn’t drink as much water as I should yesterday and I know that I went over a bit on calories.  Nothing big… just a few here and there.  But I plan on doing better today.  I want to be at or under.  I really, REALLY hope to see the 180’s this week.  I didn’t even take my cheat day yesterday!  Mostly because hubbs had to work and then nothing really sounded good.  The beauty of doing what I’m doing is that nothing is off limits, so as a result, I don’t have crazy cravings anymore.  Well, except when I have my period!  HA!  And if I do crave something, I just find a way to fit it in my day!  So far, so good.

I did hear something sorta disturbing the other day… an old friend from high school emailed me out of the blue wanting to know about weight loss surgery.  Said someone told her I had done it.  Not that I am opposed to it or anything, but it got me to thinking that I haven’t really seen any of my friends in a LONG time.  Then I got to thinking, wait, what if someone is spreading that rumor!?!  Maybe I am over-thinking this, but it sorta bothered me.  I mean, I’m losing but it is slow, so I’m not sure how anyone could think I had weight loss surgery.  It would be faster, right?  I mean, I started 2012 out at 196.5 and my last official weight in was 190.5, so I’ve only lost 6lbs.  I’m making lifestyle changes and losing slowly.  Wouldn’t surgery be much faster?  And everyone I’ve known who I’ve seen in the last year would see me and probably think I look basically the same… so, I am confused and don’t know if I should address the rumor or just leave it be.  Probably leave it be… but still.  It’s bugging me.  HAS been bugging me since yesterday.

I worked out again yesterday!  SHOCK!  No one pass out or have a cow!  LOL  I am actually a bit achy!  I realize doing the Pilates probably won’t cause me to lose faster, but it would be nice if it just pulled everything in a bit tighter.  That can make a HUGE difference.  My husband says that just after a few times, my stomach is already looking better.  Probably because for Pilates, you use your core for EVERYTHING.  What I mostly hope to accomplish is to get my thighs smoother and tighter, and my waist smaller.  I had wanted to wait on using the Mederma until I had lost more weight, but now I am thinking I should go ahead and start using it now.  But I am afraid that I won’t get the best results that I could if I use it before I have lost enough weight to really give my skin the room to pull in.  My friend used the Target brand of the Mederma and she had a HUGE change.  I don’t know if I will have the same, but I’d love to make them smaller!  I didn’t have that many, but the ones I have are wide and long.  Sorta looks like Freddie Crougher slashed down my sides!  So, if I could just make those smaller, that would make an unbelievable difference.  But I am afraid if I start using it now before I’ve dropped more weight, the scars will heal a certain amount and then when I lose more, they won’t get any better.  Does that even make sense?  UGH.  Not sure if I should start or not….  Maybe I should use just one tube and see how it goes and go from there.  I could always get more later as I lose…

Not sure what else to write about right now.  Things with the hubbs are better and no news on the BIL this AM.  So, I really should go on and get started with my day.  I had hoped to do a playdate, but I guess that isn’t going to happen.  No one has responded.  🙁  It’s our Spring Break, so I think that most of the people I hang with are out of town.  *sigh*  Oh well, onwards!!!


Still Having Issues. March 18, 2012

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3FC — You are pissing me off.  I am seriously about to take all my crap to Tumblr!!!!  AGGRAFRETTIN’ POS!!!  UGH.  Seriously.  I’m annoyed here.  I don’t know WHAT is going on with this site, but it’s enough to drive a body mad.  I don’t WANT to spend hours on end moving all of my stuff from here to my pute, but I’m starting to think the only way I CAN keep blogging is to to that.  I have tentatively started blogging a bit over on Tumblr, but mostly complaining about here!  But I guess I’m going to have to move over if they can’t fix this issue.  And it isn’t just me — it’s LOTS of the blogs!

On a good note, my official weigh-in number for this AM was 190.5!  Which finally puts me at a loss.  😀  I’m super happy since for the last couple of weeks, it was holding out or going up.  Thanks Mother Nature!  LOL  I think this is the most water retention I’ve had from a period in a while.  But it’s fine now that I am back down.  Well, back down and then down a pound!  That means that I have lost…  UGH.  Only 5lbs. since the beginning of the year.  Sounds kinda sucky… but I know that I’m doing it slow and the right way.  I know each month I lose about 7 days with my period.  And I also know that I’ve had at least one whole week with massive constipation issues.  Thankfully with the blogging I’m able to follow all of this stuff or I would get frustrated and give up!

On another good note, I worked out TWICE last week!  I know, it wasn’t much but it was 2 days of Pilates and a bit of stretching.  And since the weather has been nice, I’ve gone to a playdate with the boys and started on Spring Cleaning!  Oldest’s room already looks much better.  It’s just about time to change Youngest’s.  He’s getting to be a big boy now and needs play room in his bedroom.  We are trying to figure out the best way to deal with that.  He’s not really ready for new furniture or anything, but we for sure need better storage for his things in there.  Thinking it’s time to clean out and re-organize his closet and all that jazz.  Anyways, I’ve been trying to keep busy, do the Pilates, and stay off the net.  Not being able to blog/comment like normal has been a part of that.  I can’t even get to the blogs I normally read so I’m not even sure if anyone is seeing this.

Unskinny, if you are seeing this, I am thinking of you and I wish I had some other way to get in touch with you.  :/

Well, I won’t keep going on and on.  I need to get back to work and try to get a few things done.  Oh, and eat lunch!  Plus, I need to work out once my SIL heads back out.  Busy busy.  But it’s a good busy.  I like it!  It’s not crazy, out of control, or a ton… it’s just right for now.  Steady and good.  Hopefully I don’t wear myself out and can keep at a good pace.  Hope you all are doing well out there!  And if anyone knows how to reach the Admins of 3FC (since I apparently can’t email them either!) please let them know that lots of the bloggers are having issues!!!!  Please and thank you!


Pissed March 13, 2012

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This site is pissing me off.  I keep having to ‘sneak’ into my account by going around in circles and it is getting on my nerves.  And I don’t think I can comment on other blogs.  Is anyone else having this issue?  Can you even comment to let me know if you’re having this issue?  DAMN IT.


Weigh-In (from yesterday) March 11, 2012

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Well, we ended up getting our date day yesterday, so I’m counting yesterday’s weigh-in as my official for this week.  So, that would be 193.5.  Up 2lbs. since last week.  I completely expected it.  This week has been rough and I also have my period.  You see, my BIL is back in the hospital.  🙁  He had a seizure during the week and my SIL has just been all torn up.  So, all week we’ve just been tracking back and forth and trying to take care of her and well… my diet hasn’t been horrid but probably not awesome like it should be.  So, I expected the 2lbs. and don’t really care.  I mean, I care, but it’s not at the top of my list right now.  If you could… please say a prayer for him.  His name is James and he’s so young and such a nice guy.  They’ve only been married 3yrs. and he’s been sick almost the whole time.  There was a brief moment where he was all clear, but it came back.  Once he is through this, they are going to be VERY aggressive in fighting the cancer.  But for now, they have to get him through this gallbladder/infection/seizure issue.  I wish I could do more to help.  I truly love them.

So, our last couple of weeks have been hard.  Not hard on us personally, but hard seeing so many of our close family and friends going through so many things.  We’re just trying to be their cushion.  Not much else we can do.  But I won’t lie… it can be draining, heartbreaking, and downright hard.  So, I’m feeling a bit worse for wear today.  I think the kiddos are feeling it, too.  Both of them have been a handful and last night with youngest was miserable.  I ended up spanking and screaming and well, neither of those is how I like to handle things.  I just sorta had all I could take.  And nothing was working.  So yeah, long night.  I really think we need a mini vacation.  We’re all tense and tied up in knots.  I can tell because we are all easy to jump and easy to anger.  Not our typical MO.  I think the stress has just gotten to all of us.  We had sorta talked about a mini-vacay, but now it’s moving to the top of our list.  Once a few things are straightened out, we’ll make more definite plans.

Not much else to talk about other than I sure do wish I knew what was going on with my account on here.  I have a VERY hard time signing in and it takes upwards of 10 to 15 tries.  I think I hit 16 earlier before I gave up.  I went to another site and clicked back on here two or three times and it finally signed me in.  UGH.  I have emailed the site and said hey, I’m having an issue!  So, I hope it is resolved soon.  I don’t know what could be causing the issue as I don’t post many links or anything, but it’s driving me bananas.  I hate not being able to get on here and write to help me stay sane.  I may have to just type it up in a word document and then post them all on here when I am able to sign in.  But in the meantime, I’m getting pretty darn behind on blogs for fear of not knowing when I will be kicked off!  It’s really bugging me….

OK, off of here to finish up some more chores around the house.  I’m flat out tired, but it’s either knock some of this stuff out now, or pay for it later.  Have a great rest of the day!  Onward and… downward!  LOL


Not sure… March 10, 2012

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Not sure if you all will get this… I have been unable to get on here at all this week and I’m not sure what the issue is, but even as late as 10mins. ago, it wouldn’t let me on.  I clicked back on here by accident and it opened the page.  So, a quick bloggie just to let you know I’m not dead and I’ve not given up.  Just been a weird week of not being able to get on here and family craziness.  Hope you all are doing well.  I will do a longer blog when/if I can get back on here!


Kind March 5, 2012

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Thank you ladies for your kind words!  I don’t feel gorgeous for most days, but I know what my best assets are, and my eyes are one of them!  So, thank you for noticing!  😀  I tried to take a couple of new pics yesterday even though I’m only about 5lbs. thinner than the last pic posted, but I couldn’t get the angle right.  I don’t take very good self pics.  I usually have to have someone take one of me.  I guess I will have to ask the hubby to take one the next time he has some free time.  I know he won’t mind that AT ALL!  In case you were wondering, that handsome guy I’m walking down the aisle with in the wedding photo is my hubby.  See why he frustrates me with wanting to lose weight at times?  He has gained since then, though.  He’s not as thin now, but he’s sure getting there!  And in that same pic, I don’t know if you can click on it to make it bigger, but you can see my hair is red.  It had been red for YEARS and then just a month or so ago… maybe a bit more…. I decided it was time for a change and went back to my more natural color.  Even with my pale skin, my hair is quite dark!  But I wore that dark red color for…. I want to say at least 2yrs.  That’s about the longest I’ve stayed any one color.  Blonde is the shortest– I was only blonde for a few weeks.  The color washes me out and just doesn’t look good on me.  I think it’s because every stylist I go to wants to do a bronzy caramel and I need more of an ash or white blonde.  I need more cool jewel tones and not warm tones.  The warm stuff just brings out the yellow in my skin.  BLEH.  So, you guys were right for picturing me with red hair!  😀  And thanks for thinking my kiddos are cute.  They can be cute and sweet… but they can also be a pain!  LOL  My hair is red in that pic, too, but it’s hard to see because my hair is pulled back.  Eh.  It was Disney and probably 90+ degrees!

Ok, now on to business.  Today’s weight is 192.5.  Probably from the Chinese last night and not much water yesterday.  It was my cheat day, but all I had that was probably high cal was birthday cake.  Even the Chinese was made here and was low on cals.  I was too cheap to order real take-out.  LOL  So, I just threw some noodles in the micro from Annie Chun’s and tada!  It was nummy!  And believe it or not, very filling.  So, I’d bet the 192.5 is from water retention.  So, no biggie.  I don’t have much planned for today.  I’ve already had breakfast, picked up, vacuumed all of upstairs and mopped all of upstairs.  Probably fold a couple of baskets of laundry, throw in one or two, and pick up some downstairs in the play room.  Hubby wants to run a couple of errands so we’ll do that and try to get some things posted up for sale.  Busy busy.  I’m excited about dinner… stead and asparagus.  YUM!  OK, ladies.  Today is a shorter one?  Medium one?  Whatever!  I’m going to go now and get off the pute!  I’ve gotten a lot done so I want to read for a bit and then go shower.  Have a good week everyone!


Update March 4, 2012

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So, here I am!  Now you all know what I look like.  This is actually a current pic from January when I decided that the pic on my FB page had sat there long enough without being changed.  LOL  It’s nothing fancy.  I literally grabbed my camera on a decent day and just snapped a few shots.  I think I have on just some eye make-up.  And yes, I wear those big ol’ hoopty earrings pretty much daily.  I love big earrings!  I’m not sure why, but I do.  Always have.  LOL

Anyways, as you can see from the title, I’m updating.  I did my weight first and was disappointed to see that from last week, there was no change.  Still 191.5.  At first, I was really mad.  Mostly because if anything, I’ve been UNDER this week on cals.  Even with the one night of going out, I’ve been where I should be and like I said, had a day or two of lower cals than the 1600.  Closer to 1400.  So, I was very angry that I had been so good only to get on the scale and see that I hadn’t lost anything.  But then I got to thinking about it and realized that I needed to get over it.  There are several reasons why my weight could have stayed the same and in the end, none of them are worth getting mad about because they are out of my control.  Such as deaths, illnesses, awful weather, etc.  The stress from all of that I’m sure made a difference.  Even though I didn’t eat to compensate for it, I still think it did something chemically to my body.  Especially after spending the night stuffed into the overflow pantry in my basement with my kids, my SIL, my dogs, and our emergency gear.  It was a long stressful night.  We were REALLY lucky that we were spared.  Several towns under 100 miles from here are destroyed.  Middle TN got hit HARD and it’s been a mess.  We had 3 touchdowns here, but luckily when it hits the valley, it seems to break up and miss us some.  That’s why the storms last April were so freaky.  Back to my point, between all of that and the fact that I should start my period in the next day or two, I’m not overly shocked.  Disappointed, yes.  Shocked, no.  But I’m not giving up.

So, that means that over the last two months I’ve only lost 5lbs.  Which sorta blows.  Only because I had really hoped to be closer to my high number of 16lbs. at this point.  I’m off by 11lbs.  And from my low number, I’m only off 3.  But still.  I would’ve at least liked to be down 6lbs.  BLEH.  I’m trying not to be too down, really, but it’s frustrating.  I know, I know…. it’s probably because I’m not exercising.  You’re probably right.  But on a good note from all of these storms, a big chunk of my garage got cleaned out so I may be able to at least get in some walking time soon!  LOL  Hubby is anxious to be working out now since he is FINALLY seeing some good results!  😀

Speaking of hubby… he was right.  I told him that in the last month or two, I hadn’t felt like I was losing but was glad that it looked like I was because he said my stomach area seemed so much smaller.  When I did my measurements today, turns out he was right!  The only place I really lost was my tummy area!  Which after the disappointment of the lack of loss actually made me feel better.  Mostly because when I had started to gain, my stomach is what seemed to explode.  And I have a lot of fattiness there.  So, to be losing that makes me VERY happy!  I have a pretty curvy figure.  I’m very close to hourglass, but would probably be considered a pear as my butt, hips, and thighs are really full.  So, when I lose I don’t lose as fast there.  I also tend to put on muscle there very easy.  I think if we get the garage set up, I may very well go back to some weight training.  I think that will help my hips and thighs more than anything.  I still want to walk and do Pilates, but I think the weight training will help my muscles fill out a bit and get rid of the saggy skin.  I honestly think the reason it’s gotten mushy is lack of muscle from not working out.  Not even doing much walking.  So, I gotta do this.  I should post my ‘skivvies’ pic just to show where my problem area really is!  LOL

I added 4 pics to my Pix page.  I hate the photo uploader here!  UGH!  I couldn’t get them on the page where I wanted and they are all crammed together.  Then again, I didn’t really take the time to play with them much, so maybe I could figure it out if I did.  Anyways, I hope to add one or two more pics later if I can.  Hubby will be up and I should be able to play with the camera some.  I want to take a pic in that red dress again and then one in my new bathing suit for tracking.  I didn’t want to post the skivvies pics cause it’s basically bra and underwear, but I did want SOMETHING to go by.  I talked to a friend and she said I should do a bathing suit.  BRILLIANT!  So… I bought a bikini top (I already had a plain black skirt bottom thing).  I haven’t worn a bikini in… I won’t post how long cause it will make me feel old!  HA!  But it’s just a plain black one and I want to use it for tracking.  Will I ever wear it in public?  We’ll see…  I normally wear tankini’s, so I don’t know if I will ever be brave enough to wear the bikini top.  I am going to start using some Mederma, but my stretch marks are pretty big from having my second.  I barely had any with oldest, but man, I got SO BIG with my second.  I would post a pic, but you’d swear I altered it!  LMAO

So, I guess that is about it for today!  I’ve gotten braver and uploaded a pic of me, updated all my pages, and told you about buying a bikini.  The only other thing I wanted to post about is a blog that I read that other day that talked about taking time for yourself.  And that’s when it hit me that I’ve been spending lots of time on the net just messing around, not getting much done, feeling tired and whatever and it hit me that I was displaying signs of depression.  SO much had been going on this week and I had felt drained and then I realized that not only this week, but slowly over the last couple of months I’ve been letting myself slowly slip away.  And it’s the little things… wasting time on mindless stuff on the net rather than doing something I REALLY want to do.  Not taking as much time to ‘primp’ as I use to.  Just random things.  They’ve all added up.  And I wonder if exercise is the same?  Is it something I’m denying myself?  This blog is about the only tool I’ve been using and now I’m thinking I need to REALLY use it.  I need to get on here and blog but not do the other stuff so much.  I need to support others and read blogs and then get off of here and not continue to be in a slump.  Maybe it was Pepa who was talking about taking time for her?  Anyways, it hit me I need to do all these things for myself.  Blog, take the time to shave and pluck, do my nails, read a book, and even exercise.  I’ve just let it all go slowly over time and it’s hitting me that due to lack of a social life, I’ve just been letting the things that I need and want go.  That shits gotta stop!  NOW!  I started last night.  I played a game because I wanted to then got off the pute.  I took a nice LONG hot shower (most of my showers are 15 and under) and even shaved up everything!  It was something small, but I RARELY shave all in one night anymore.  I know this may sound weird but even though I was going to bed alone since hubby was at work, I felt sexy and more confident.  I need that back!  So, going to attempt to take some more time for me.  I know realistically this won’t happen all of the time, but I’ve gotta start somewhere.  And I want to enjoy these things more and not rush so much.  I’m rushing so much I’m forgetting how to just really relax.  I use to even enjoy dying my hair and anymore it’s a chore I rush through.  Nope.  No more.  Gotta start feeling GOOD about these things and appreciate who I am right now in this life and stop ‘forgetting to smell the roses’.  Or for me, gardenia’s… love those.

Ok, now that I’ve written a novel, it’s time to move onwards and upwards with my day.  Snacks are needed, hubby will be up soon, and I have tons I’d like to get done.  Hope everyone is having a great weekend!  And I hope all of my bloggy buddies made it through the storms ok.  🙂

**Insert** BTW, do I look like you thought I would???  Just curious…


A bit better. March 2, 2012

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I’m feeling a bit better this AM.  I was up way too late last night, but at least I had a good reason.  I felt horrid pretty much all of yesterday and then when we kept hearing about these bad storms, I knew that I needed to be sure and get the garage cleaned up so I could get my car in there.  The hubbs car will be unprotected, but it will be at his work so there isn’t much we can do about it.  Another big storm and once again, hubby will have to be gone.  UGH.  Just like when he was in the Navy.  During Isabelle, he had to go and be on the ship and it was just me by myself.  Yes, I could’ve left but in the end I had too many friends who couldn’t leave.  So I stayed to help them out, with the plan that if they evacuated I had somewhere to go.  And then last year during those BAD storms in April where we got all of that damage, he had to work.  Once again, he has to work tonight.  UGH.  I just checked the radar and 1) I don’t think it’s as bad as they said it was going to be and 2) Even if it is bad, it looks like it has split and the majority will miss us.  Here in a bit, I’m still going to charge my pute and phone and take a few things down to the pantry in case we need to use it for a storm shelter, but I’m hoping we won’t.  It sucked having to sit down there in the dark for what felt like HOURS last year.  BLEH.  But at least we were safe and warm.  Anyways, I stayed up late last night after I got to feeling better to try to get the garage side of the downstairs cleared out so that I could get my car in there.  Before I realized it, it was well after midnight!  But at least I got a lot done.  The hubbs got in after 8 this morning and finished up the rest and parked the car in there.  I will more than likely have to take it back out for pickup from school, but at least we know it will fit in there.  I think this proves that we REALLY need to get the shed cleaned out and move a LOT of that stuff out there.  But right now, the shed is crammed full.  I have a feeling we will be majorly busy this Spring/Summer!!!

My weight yesterday was 191.5 and 191 today.  I felt really uncomfortable yesterday, so it didn’t surprise me that my weight was up.  What I was surprised at was the 191 today!  After moving all that stuff around and really breaking a sweat, I figured my muscles would be swollen and my weight would be up even more.  I really hope to see 190 on Sunday.  I don’t know if that will happen, but that is what I’m working for.  I had hoped to be under 190 this month, but I don’t see that happening.  Sunday will be my last weigh-in for the month, so I hope it’s good!  Then onwards to the next month.  Next month, well, actually NOW, I need to really start finding the time to workout.  I had thought to start this week, but with all the worries of storms and not feeling well, I didn’t get started like I had hoped to.  I don’t know if I will ever get started.  UGH.

OH!  And I forgot to say I didn’t do my measurements the other day.  I decided to only do it monthly so I am going to try to remember to do it this Sunday.  So, I didn’t do it previously like I had mentioned.  I’m not sure why I want to do them as I don’t think there will be much change without the working out.  :/  And I’ve decided to put up some pics.  I want to find some today and get them loaded hopefully tonight.  I already have two photos in mind.  I don’t think I have a recent full body photo, but maybe I can take one tonight.  🙂  Especially if I can take that photo in the same dress.  I think I have that same dress still.  I remember wearing it in the first photo and how TIGHT it was.  And I kept thinking to myself how uncomfortable the dress was and that I shouldn’t have worn it.  I wonder if any of you will be surprised at what I look like?  I always try to imagine what some of the posters on here look like from reading their blogs.  So far, no huge surprises but one.  And it wasn’t huge… just unexpected.  LOL

It’s later in the day now and the first band of storms rolled through rather quick without much damage.  One tornado was spotted downtown, but that was it and it blew over rather quick.  But this front behind it is HUGE.  Like, REALLY HUGE.  It spans pretty much the entire mid to eastern half of the state.  :O  I’m a bit worried.  I’m really as prepared as I can be right now, although I guess I could do a bit more, just not sure what?  maybe put up some stuff in the yard?  I may do that in a min.  There isn’t much, so it would be a quick job.  Just with all of this wind, I’d like as much to be anchored down as possible.  I can just throw it all in the shed.  Not sure what to do with the pile of wood… It’s just too much to move and I have no where better to put it.  But the light plastic stuff can be secured and hopefully make things a bit safer.  I want to wait until youngest is asleep though.  But right now, I still here fussing.  BLEH.

Ok, well, going to get off of here and attempt to pick up a bit and maybe do some dusting.  I already cleaned the kitchen pretty well and I don’t want to do the bathroom right at the moment so the other stuff is at priority right now.  LOL  Maybe if I get things picked up, the house dusted, and a load of laundry done I can consider this day successful instead of a drag like it feels.  Wish me luck with this and the weather, ladies!


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