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Bad days January 31, 2012

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I’ve had a bad couple of days.  A bad weigh in, stomach issues, kids being nutso… So, yeah, BAD.  I just feel so off.  I’ve been a bit productive, but not hugely.  Although, I DID finish scraping and sanding the grout in the shower last night and even got he first layer of sealer on it.  Its by no means perfect, but it sure is a HUGE improvement!  The odd spots blend better, it overall looks smoother, and of course, now it is freshly sealed.  I am going to put on another layer of sealant here in a bit, and then I am going to put in fresh caulk later.  We have also decided to put in a real ‘skirt’ around the tub instead of the plastic one that came with it.  It just isn’t sturdy enough for a regularly used tub like ours.  If it was a secondary bathroom or something, it would be different.  But it’s used daily.  So, we need the sturdier built-in skirt.  I liked the plastic one since it allowed easier access and whatnot, but we have already gotten a crack on the side of the tub from stress and its not even that old.  So, we are going to do a repair and then build in the skirt.  I want it fixed correctly and not just covered up.

Anyways, the last few days, I’ve not really been ‘on plan’.  Like I mentioned before, I wasn’t really on or off plan Saturday, even though that was originally to be my ‘off’ day.  I weighed in Sat. at 194.  I got up to 193.5 on Sunday which had be up a pound from the previous week, thus putting me behind.  So, I decided I would take Sunday off.  I got up to 195 on Monday, but I knew that would happen since I was pretty good all day Sunday until I had dinner.  We had Chinese!  YUM YUM but I know, full of sodium.  Still hadn’t had it in a while, so I was glad to get some!  So, I have that and then yesterday I knew I was a bit over, but I was SO busy that I didn’t care.  But I cared this AM when I got up to 196.  🙁  I was so annoyed.  I mean, I hadn’t eaten perfectly, but it hadn’t been horrid.  Small breakfast and then salad at lunch with some carrot/raisin loaf.  Then the rest of the salad and soup for my snack since I didn’t eat much at lunch along with half a muffin.  Water, tea, and coffee, of course.  Then a decent dinner.  But still nothing horrid… And then I realized yesterday that I haven’t pooped in days.  I FINALLY (right after starting this blog) went.  I feel a bit better, but it wasn’t an easy go of things.  I’m not sure WHAT is going on with me but my urine is really thick and stinky and I’m having a hard time pooping.  Even with drinking lots of water and eating lots of fruit, veggies and fiber.  I’ve never had this issue before, so I’m not sure what is going on.  Up until the last couple of weeks, I’ve always been pretty regular and would go every AM after breakfast.  But now, I’m going days without going.  I’m sorry if all of this is TMI for some people, but I’m at a loss.  Hope it is just something random and passes soon.  I am going to be careful to watch my water intake today and try to get in more than my regular 64.  I want to try to take in 96.  Anymore than that and I might float away!  LOL  No, seriously, I don’t want to do more than that because there is a history of kidney issues in my family so I don’t want to overwork them.

Anyways, weighing right now is making me depressed so I am thinking about not weighing again until Sunday.  I want to do well the rest of the day even if I feel off.  Which should go fine since breakfast was right at 400 and then I had a snack of dry cereal trying to get my bowels moving and I think that was around 200 to 275 (I didn’t measure).  Lunch will be around 300 and then something for dinner.  The hubbs goes back on nights tomorrow, so without him here, it will be a bit easier.  He tries to be supportive, but sometimes we’re bad influences on each other!  Like, when he was DYING for cookie dough!  LOL  I know, I coulda said no, but I didn’t!  Seems I always have issues when he’s off for 7 days.  He does, too.  I won’t deny I love him being off, but it does seem to make our diets stumble a bit.  Its like Oooh!  We’re on a mini-vacay!  LET’S EAT!  LOL  We don’t really say that, but we do seem to get more lax.  So, I need to get back on it.  I think we also felt a bit sorry for ourselves since we didn’t get to do our date night.

Ok, well, I am going to stop whining and pouting now and get off of here.  I am not happy about the 196, but all I can do is push forward and try to figure out what is going on.  There has got to be some solution.  Wish me luck!


1/29 Weigh-in January 29, 2012

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Man, finally able to log in and do my blog!  AARGH!  I was getting aggravated.  I’m not sure if it was my internet or this site, but I kept trying to no avail so I gave it up and moved on.  I’ve been having somewhat of a lazy day and I’m a bit down.  My weight was back down to 192.5, and then back up to 194, then 193.5 this AM.  Yesterday WAS my cheat day, but I’m really not happy since I didn’t do much of a cheat day.  I was too busy.  I did have half a cupcake, but I drank water all day and didn’t munch and well… I just didn’t cheat.  But for the life of me, I can’t figure out why my weight is bouncing up and down 2lbs.!  I’m FRUSTRATED!  I know it’s just part of it, but dang it, I was ahead 1lb. last week and now this week I’m behind!!!  Ticks me off!  I’d have been happy with just a half pound loss, but instead, I GAINED a pound!  It’s BS and pisses me off big time!  I feel angry and like screaming!!!  UGH.  But what can I do?  Nada.  Just gotta keep pushing through.  I’m just mad that I am behind a pound now instead of ahead.  I kinda feel like a failure.  I should expect this at this point, but it’s annoying at times.  But I refuse to give up.  Just going to keep going.

Not going to keep going on and on.  Just gotta keep on with it.  Outta here for now.  Hope you chicks had a better week than me!


Change January 27, 2012

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Well, just found out our sitter has some awful virus plus strep, so we won’t be doing date night Saturday.  I’m bummed, but it happens.  So, now I’m not sure if I should do weigh-in tomorrow or Sunday.  I will probably do it Sunday since that’s my ‘normal’ day and I was only going to do it tomorrow since we had date night and I know I always go a bit over on date night.  Not a huge thing over the course of a month or even a week, but can make my weight appear up the next AM.  *sigh*  I bought tickets to go to the opening weekend of ‘One for the Money’ and now I won’t get to use them.  BAH.  I hope we can use them the next weekend we have date night.  Otherwise, that money is just gone.  We got them through Groupon, so it wasn’t too bad.  But still.  It’s my birthday weekend!  Hubby works next weekend on my actual birthday.  🙁

OK.  No more moaning and groaning.  Laters!


Is it Friday?

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Why yes, yes it is!  I don’t keep up with the days all that well other than to know when my oldest has school.  Since I don’t work, I don’t really keep any kind of special hours other than to accommodate other people — aka, my kiddos and hubby.  Which all in all, is a good deal!  Well, for me.  I know a lot of people who wouldn’t like this life, but for me, I dig it.  Really, it helps that with my hubby, for the most part, we have a very balanced relationship.  Many consider it ‘old school’ but it works for us.  You see, he’s the breadwinner in the family and I’m the happy homemaker.  I use to work.  I managed a hair salon for a year or so and before that, I was JUST getting training to be a Dept. Head at Target.  So, we’ve both done the working thing.  And for us, it doesn’t work.  After we had our first, we quickly adapted our budget to live on one income.  We don’t make a lot of money, but so far, we’ve managed to make it work.  Being at home has been beneficial for us all.  I have been able to really find ways to save money and make smarter choices that have really helped.  And the truth is, our relationship is better.  When I was working (and many times, I worked longer hours than the hubbs) we fought.  A LOT.  I was too tired to cook at night and the house would go days without anything being done.  Then on weekends when we were off (if we were both off) we’d end up spending the majority of the weekend catching up on housework, bills, and errands.  It really started to damage our relationship.  And even when we tried setting it up to where each of us did certain things on certain days so that we didn’t get so behind, it ate at our relationship.

By the time we had our oldest, I was pretty well done.  I didn’t want to work.  I wanted to be at home.  I wanted to STOP worrying so much about things never being done and our relationship falling apart.  So, we made the decision to adapt our budget and live on less so I could be home.  And it worked.  And is working.  We may not go out to eat as much or we may not go shopping all the time, but when we do get time together its better.  We can work on projects we want to or just spend time together because the majority of the HAVE TO items are done.  I keep up on the laundry and dishes and housework so when the hubbs is off, he’s off.  We’re not making up for DAYS of nothing being done.  Although, does seem like we do a lot of remodeling!  LOL  Or projects.  But it’s good.  And we make a good team.  I just feel like we are really balanced!  And that’s coming over into our diets and lifestyles, too.  I’m getting better about supporting hubby’s low carb and he’s getting better about my low cal.  There for a while, I was making stuff for me and the kids and then he wouldn’t have much to eat so I made a conscious effort to make him an extra veggie or something.  And he’s finally getting better about adding up his lower carb fare to make sure it fits into my lower cals.  It really is coming down to a good balance.  I never really thought about how much a good partner in this journey would be.  But I have to ask, if you don’t have a partner who is supportive and helps you to balance out just your food, diet, and lifestyle, then really, is that partner being beneficial to you or are you there for the wrong reasons?

Eh, not sure what got me off on that…. just something on my mind.  Ok, onwards and upwards!  My weight this AM was 192.5 again.  After that 194 yesterday, I was glad to see that but then I think man, I’m not going to have a loss this week!  I guess the 2lbs. last week was too much to ask for two weeks in a row!  LOL  But I’d say a large part of it has been I’ve been busy and then had bum issues.  But that seems to be straight now thank goodness!  I just hope it doesn’t happen again.  It was ANNOYING to say the least.  And I’m somewhat taking it easy today since my parents will be here tomorrow and then we have date night.  And since I’ve run around so much the last few days, I don’t want to wear myself out too much today.  I am going to do a bit of housework, but other than that, I am going to have a somewhat easy day.  OH!  And I DID workout yesterday!  That’s 2 days this week!  And I am thinking I may do it again here in just a bit.  🙂  I figure I might as well.  It’s not like it’s over the top hard or anything.  But I’ll tell you, my chest and abs are feeling it today!  I think I may up the leg work since I’m not feeling much of anything on those except maybe the last two reps.  Just feels too easy.  Still struggling with the ab work but right where I should be on upper body.  So, some tweaks and we’ll see how it goes today and the next few workouts.  What’s weird is my thighs already look a bit different… it may be in my head, but that’s fine!  It’s just that looking at them last night, they seemed a bit smoother.  Which could be an illusion from swelling from getting back to working out.  But oh well… makes me feel good for now!  Oh, and I added in some stretching.

Diet wise, I feel like I’m doing ok.  We have a lot of leftovers in the house right now that need to be eaten or they are going to go bad.  I think I will eat some for lunch and we may even do the same for dinner.  I know the hubbs won’t be happy with that, but I hate to waste food.  We were going to last night, but he said he just wasn’t in the mood.  I’m sure he won’t be today, either, but I am not going to waste perfectly good food if I can help it.  I don’t mind to throw away a bit of food here and there, but only if it wasn’t something we could use.  Most things I can find a use for!  So, we will see how that goes.  I may take part of it and make the dogs a fresh dinner.  They haven’t had that in a while, so I think they would really enjoy that.  And since it’s some leftover lean meat and veggies… yeah… healthy for them, too!

Well, it’s getting on in the day so I need to bring this to an end and get to it.  I need to do a couple of things and then workout.  Plus, I hear youngest banging around so I need to go check on him and see what he is doing.  Busy busy.  Hope everyone has a great weekend starting….. NOW!  😀


A bit Icky January 26, 2012

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Eek!  The weather outside is looking a bit icky.  🙁  My tummy feels a bit icky.  🙁  But I think the icky stomach is my own fault.  I took a stool softener last night and then had a big cup of coffee this AM.  Recipe for disaster!  But I had to — my backside wasn’t feeling so well so to give it some time to get back to 100%, I took stool softeners the last couple of nights.  NOT taking one tonight, I guess.  But at least maybe I’ll be ok after this.  But I think that coupled with the coffee has my body torn up.  AND, I’m bloaty.  I figured I would be.  I worked like a dog yesterday, had salty food, and then stool softeners.  I’m sure I am retaining water like CRAZY.  So, lots and lots of water today, lower salt, and no stool softener tonight.  Gotta get flushed out.  I’m also probably going to take it fairly easy today.  I have a couple of errands to run, but nothing that is a big deal.  I mostly only want to run the errands because I want to get my dining room table cleared off!  I have two bags to take to a girl, a laundry basket full of stuff to return to a friend, and two returns to stores.  Then I have a picture frame I need to get new glass for and some pics put up.  But I think that will be the extent of my running around.  Although, I did think about stopping at Big Lots if I have time.  🙂  OH!  And I’d love to stop and get my hair trimmed.  It’s driving me nuts.  :O

I didn’t workout yesterday but I plan on doing it today.  Here soon, actually.  Since I don’t get very sweaty, I feel like I can do it whenever.  I am going to do some stretching today, too.  😀  I can’t walk right now since my treadmill was dismantled to move it.  We made a lot of progress yesterday in the new closet/pantry/storage area and in the study, but nothing in the garage.  Oh, and the foyer is as done as it can be!  Needs some caulk and some paint, but other than that, all done!  😀  Guess I need to get a rug now.  😉  So excited!  I’d love to be done with this house soon.  Feels like we’ve been working on it FOREVER.  Now I know why people hire out.  LOL  We’ll probably end up doing what we did in our last house — working on it until we sell it!  I think we finished our first house maybe a month before we decided to sell.  Then it sold in just a few days!

Not sure what else will be going on.  Sorry I’m not on the blogs much right now, but I feel like I’m doing good just writing mine.  That’s probably how it will be for the next several days while the hubbs is off.  I want to be productive and get a lot done.  I just hope we can keep it up.  OK, getting off of here for now.  Going to chug some more water and then workout.  I think I’ll put on leggings first.  I’m in a legging mood.  I know they say that certain people shouldn’t wear them, but I love the whole legging thing.  Especially with an oversized shirt or sweater.  And since it’s raining, that and some boots sounds nice and snug to me!  😀  OK, getting to it.  Later!


I think… January 25, 2012

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I think I’m 192.5.  I got 192.5…. then my toddler put his foot on and it shot up.  I weighed 2 more times ( I always weigh 3 times — habit I guess) and got 192.5.  I did a 4th time and was 193.0.  Bother.  I am taking the 192.5 since that is what I saw the most.  LOL  Even if I took the higher, that’s 193.  AND, I had pizza last night.  No, not one of those healthy ones, either!  REAL pizza!  But I only had the equal to two slices.  Then I was full.  The benefit of doing low carb and then low cal.  You learn what to eat to keep you full doing low carb (protein and some good fat).  Then with low cal, you learn to fill that cal gap with quality stuff with more bulk (fruits and veggies).  So, I think my body is so use to eating a certain amount (not just cals but bulk) that it just makes me feel full when I really am.  It’s great!  Makes it hard to overeat!  😀  I think the last year is starting to really pay off.  🙂  I just got to stick with it.  And so far, I’m feeling good about it, so I’m hoping that I can.  I really want this to be a permanent change.

So far the day has been productive.  I’ve moved the couch and cleaned under it and then put sticky feet under there so it wouldn’t slide so much.  The hubby decided to go ahead and tighten a few things up since we’d already flipped it over.  The couch sits like new!  So, I think we may wait on new furniture.  😀  The hubby, as we speak, is putting the last few pieces of flooring in the foyer.  I LOVE IT.  NO JOKE!  I knew I’d like it, but it’s so nice to have it done!!!  Me?  Well, I’m taking a break.  After the living area, I picked up and cleaned the kitchen and now I’m shaking.  So, I’m taking a little break to eat a snack.  NOM NOMS in my TUM TUM = YUM YUM!  LOL  Did I mention I’ve been dusting and I fixed a lamp?  Yeah… I needed food.  The shaking was ANNOYING.  I rarely get them, but I think we’ve been so busy and I’ve danced around so much I just got really hungry.  Yeah, you read that right!  DANCING!  We have the music up and we’ve been dancing around while we work on stuff.  LOL  We’re silly, but it’s fun!

Not sure what else we’re doing today.  Probably more odds and ends projects around here that need to be knocked out.  I’m REALLY unhappy with the contractor right now.  I feel he did a piss poor job the last week he was here.  If we wanted it done half-assed, we’d have just left it like it was.  Otherwise, I’m not going to let what he’s not gotten done or what he did WRONG go.  Nope.  Not satisfied.  And at this point, I’m feeling like we should get that last week back as either a do-over or the trailer back.  Yup, we paid his last week with our trailer.  Ready to have a cow.  I want to try to be nice cause I think he was just ‘off’ that last week and everyone has those.  But if he doesn’t fix the shoddy work he did during that week, it could get ugly folks!

Guess I will get off of here for now.  I want to check FB and then talk to the hubbs.  Hope you ladies have a great weekend!!!  😀


Quickie January 24, 2012

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Going to try to make this quick…. 193.5 this AM.  Not sure why, but I was super bloaty last night.  🙁  Then I know I had a lot of salt.  But I am OK with it.  LOTS of water today!  😀  I am also a bit sore from that little bit of Pilates!  Especially my tummy.  Oh Didi!  You have GOT to youtube that ‘Dead Bug’ exercise.  My lower stomach is really feeling it!  I use the series by videojug.  I think it’s the ‘how to get abdominals to die for’.  Good stuff!  So, I may have a bit of water retention from that, too.

Had a LONG night last night.  Younger was up for HOURS and well… so was I.  I’m POOPED today.


2nd January 23, 2012

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That’s right folks, 2nd post in one day!  But it’ll be a short one… been busy all day and I’m sorta worn out now.  But I have a clean kitchen, clean floors, lots of ideas found online and some plans for downstairs.  Even did a bit more laundry!  I need to go down and get it… I’m just being lazy.  LOL  But here’s the really big news…. I worked out!  And my oldest did it with me!  LOL  I wanted to go through and try all the videos I’d downloaded (all were under 10mins. ) and see which ones worked and felt good.  I liked aspects of them all, but only liked all of 2.  I may still use some of the other stuff, but it felt like it strained.  But I wonder if once I am more in shape if it will be better since those muscles will be back in shape.  I guess we will see.  But my oldest working out with me was a hoot!  He did a pretty good job and said it was fun!  LOL  I can tell you that a couple of the exercises kicked my butt.  There’s one called ‘The Dead Bug’ and OMG are my stomach muscles SORE!  And I only did 8!!!!!  And it’s my lower stomach, too!  I didn’t like the oblique exercises, so I will go back to using my other exercise for that, but man that dead bug is so hard… I’m going to keep doing it!  I could really feel it and it didn’t strain my back or neck at all.  But the burn… oh man, the BURN!!!  I may have to up the leg exercises, but the tummy ones have gotta start out SLOW.

Well… that’s all for now, I guess!  I was just so excited that I had to post.  It says for best results to do it 4 times a week, so that is what I’m going to aim for, if not more.  It’s fairly easy and fast (maybe 20 to 30mins.) so I think it should be pretty easy to get in.  I just need to make myself do it!  And hubby said that he was going to try to get the treadmill up.  It would be nice if I could rotate them and do one then the other and then if I have time, do both of them.  OY.  Youngest is tearing up the place so I gotta go!  G’night ladies!!!



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So, 2hotinhere posted a blog recently about loving herself… as she is and who she is right now and it got me to thinking about me.  Is THAT why this time is different?  Is that why losing slow and steady and trying not to freak out is working?  Not that I’m perfect… I freaked a bit the other day.  But I am MUCH better now than I was say 4yrs. ago.  Have I finally gotten to the point where I love myself enough to do this right?  I sure hope so…  cause that is certainly what this feels like.  This feels like it started out as just a diet to get the baby weight back off and has transformed into a lifestyle change.  And I don’t feel like I’m suffering or having to KILL myself.  I’m going slow, but the slow is what they say will be the determining factor in permanent change and keeping the weight off.  And that’s my goal.  This is for the rest of my life.  I see my parents living like they do and that is NOT what I imagined my golden years being.  My Dad has lost a lot of weight, but I see my Mom struggle and well, it’s hard for me at times.  Because I know… I just KNOW… that if she could just make a few changes, she could lose and feel much better.  Her latest excuse is if she loses, she’ll have saggy skin.  I get that!  I worry, too!  But COME ON!  Being here with your family is more important than some skin hanging.  I love her, but she can be very superficial!  I think it stems from her own lack of self esteem.

Ok, on to other things this AM.  Another thing I LOVE is that my weight was still 192.5.  TEE HEE!  I didn’t have my cheat day yesterday simply because the hubby will be starting his 7 day Tuesday night and we usually start that off with dinner out.  Then Saturday is date night.  I am really diggin’ these date nights!  Although, we talked about taking a weekend trip this weekend.  I’d love to, but what we want to do is go to Ikea.  The issue is our youngest.  Oldest would be fine going.  He’d hate it somewhat, but he is use to going and doing and would be fine.  Youngest… yeah, he would be a pain the WHOLE TIME.  I love him, but I know him.  He doesn’t travel very well, hates to be confined, and wants to get into EVERY THING.  He’s just not got that easy going personality of our oldest.  He’s like me — never sits still and is into whatever he can.  I am pretty sure our sitter (who is also a close friend) wouldn’t mind staying with him, but I hate to be away from him like that.  But I don’t know what else to do if we want to go.  If we take him, we won’t be able to do anything we need to without having to fight him the whole way.  Aargh!  DECISIONS DECISIONS!

On the exercise front, I went through and got all of my Pilates videos together yesterday.  It took a while, but I got them all on my video player on my Blu-ray.  I LOVE having internet on my TV!  I love not having cable, too!  LOL  So, they are all loaded and ready to go.  I need to re-watch a couple and start getting into the groove.  I also found a couple that will be great for my back since I’ve had so much pain in the last year.  I’m pretty sure the pain is from not working out!  I know I won’t be doing a lot of cardio until the garage or ‘gym’ is done, but I need to at least do the Pilates and the stretching.  I’m actually feeling excited to get started on it now.  I don’t know why… maybe watching the videos helped!  😀

Well, I better be bringing this to an end.  I need to get some housework done and it isn’t going to do itself!  Have a great week ladies!  😀


1/22 Weigh-in January 22, 2012

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Are you ready for it????  192.5!  Woot!  That’s down 2lbs. this week!  Yay!  I rarely get 2lb. weeks, so I am especially pleased to have one.  Mostly because, it puts me ahead now.  😀  Now, if I could just have a couple more of those, I could beat my 20lb. goal.  😀  I believe I just finished week 3, so that means 19 to go.  My main goal is 20… well, it was 22 or 23 since that’s how many weeks I had until it was officially summer for us.  But, my ‘wishful thinking’ goal was 27lbs. to get me into the 160’s.  Right now with 19 weeks left, I have 19 more pounds to lose and WT (wishful thinking) pounds are just 4 more!  So, if I could have just 4 extra pounds out of the next 4 weeks, I could be in the 160’s.  UNREAL!  I’m going to keep working for just the 19.  If I get the 23, that’s great, but I am happy with how this is going so far.  But it’s nice to have a ‘bonus’ in mind.  LOL  Sorta like when you were in school and you’d take a test and you’d get a couple of extra points if you wanted to do the bonus question.  I always did the bonus question!  Yeah, I’m just like that.  😉

I’m still not working out.  I keep trying to do it… but I don’t.  I am fine with not doing a ton of cardio… I kinda feel like it’s overrated as it is.  But I NEED to do more toning.  Don’t get me wrong, cardio is important, I just think it is stressed so much that people forget that toning and strength are important, too.  I really don’t feel a body needs so much.  I’d rather just move.  Yeah… I’m a repeating record.  I’ve said that before.  But I need to find and make time for the toning.  I walk and move quite a bit and even more during warmer months, but I sure need to make it a habit.  I like the stress relief of walking on the treadmill.  But I really NEED the stretching and toning.  UGH.  I NEED TO DO THIS!  NEED!  Even if it doesn’t speed up my weight loss or help it at all, I know that it would for sure tighten me up and make my clothes hang better.  Especially my arms and thighs.  My stomach is shot from babies, so I don’t worry about it too much.  I’ll still work on it and make it the best I can, but I know what it’s been through so I won’t fret too much.  But I’d like my arms and thighs to look nicer and firmer.  The rest of me isn’t too bad!

Where did you all notice your loss the most?  I’ve already started to move into smaller clothes — some 14’s and L tops but I’m mostly still wearing 16’s and XL.  Mostly because I’m more comfortable in them… especially on bloaty days.  I am thinking another 5lbs. more or less and 14’s will be the norm.  I think the high 180’s is when I was wearing 14’s last time.  That means my clothes, so far, have changed in the top part of the numbers.  I’m hoping that means when I get closer to my final goal weight, I will get to about 155 and not be in between pant sizes.  I guess we will see when we get there, huh!?!  Anyways, I noticed in some pics from where I’ve been losing weight off and on for the last couple of years (derailed for a bit by pregnancy!  :D) that when I start to get to the low 190’s and then into the 180’s, my face really starts to change.  I use to always think I had a round face, but now I am starting to think maybe not… maybe the fat was making my face LOOK round when in reality I’m more of an oval or possibly a triangle.  I need to look that up again sometime.  Anyways, feeling pretty happy with the fact that my face is so much thinner on top of the clothing starting to fit better.  I can’t wait to give away more clothes.  😀

Well, I guess I need to be wrapping this up.  I’m going to look up some stretches and a couple more pilates moves on youtube.  My fave one is already on there and I remember all but the stomach and back.  Which are the same.  But I also want to look up some exercises to stretch because my back has been a mess again. Just tight and all full of knots.  I probably need to see a chiro, I just haven’t made the time.  Ok, guys and gals, off I go!  Hope your weekend has been great!  😀


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