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End of Month July 31, 2011

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Today is the End of Month weigh-in.  I came in at…………..199 again!  Woot!  I  know, I know.  I only lost half a pound for the month.  Really, I maintained.  But considering I bounced up to 210 at one point (I know a lot was water weight), I’m REALLY happy to be back under 200 and sitting at 199.  I hope to leave the 190’s behind this month.  That’s really my goal.  I’d like August to be the month I break into the 180’s.  I know a 9lb. loss is a lot for one month, but I think if I really stick to eating well, it will come off.  Not to mention, I am trying hard to stay busy through the day.  I know I need to exercise as we’ve covered a hundred times before, but I am making it a priority to stay up and busy during the day even if I don’t do formal exercise still.  Out of last week, I only had one day where I didn’t do a whole lot, but my knee was hurting.  Thankfully, it and my ankles are feeling better after my fall.  My ankles are more tender than I noticed at first, so I’ve had to be careful.  Especially on the heels of just recovering from injured ankles!

Not sure what I will be doing today other than some general clean up and then getting the kiddos all cleaned up.  Both are due for their regular baths, but I also need to clip their fingernails and toe nails and oldest for sure needs a hair trim.  Well, youngest does, too.  Not sure what else to attempt to do.  I stayed so busy last week that I got a ton done!  LOL  Maybe I should work on a project today?  I could probably get one wall in the foyer painted…  or maybe a couple of the steps prepped for paint….  And I was thinking of going through my books and clearing some of them out.  I was holding on to a few to keep but I’ve been thinking that maybe I should just let them go.  I’ve read them and had them for years and well, now, I’ve never gone back to re-read them.  They were decent books, but they just don’t capture my interest anymore.  So, I was thinking of gathering them up to trade in and only keeping the books I really love.  I know my bookshelf would appreciate it!

I have tons of stuff I could do, I guess.  It’s just where do I get started?  LOL  I guess the first step is to get up off my butt and get going, eh?  But I want to chill for a bit and enjoy my coffee.  Youngest isn’t screaming today, so I kinda want to relax and enjoy that for a minute.  We’ve had a rough few days thanks to some formula changes, shots, and probably teething.  Today is the first day in a LONG time that he hasn’t woken up like a bear!  Seriously.  He was basically crying and screaming for the last 3 days so to have him be somewhat happy today is a relief.  Now the hubby is saying that he may take oldest to the movies since it is so hot out.  If he does, I for SURE can work on at least one project.  Well, if I can drag myself off of the couch.  Not sure why my motivation is gone today, but it sure is.  I am just tired right now!  Maybe I need more coffee… or water…. or should have my green shake!  We will see.

Ok, well, I am going to quit lolly-gagging and get off of here.  I need a plan of attack for this foyer.  I think the sooner I get it done, the sooner I will feel better about it!  About how it looks, I mean!  So, off I go to the races.  LOL


A better night July 30, 2011

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Sorry about the tantrum, ladies!  Rough day.  I was overly tired and sometimes I just feel like the hubb’s thinks I’m trying to order him about when in reality, it’s that I love him and worry.  I know it comes across as mothering at times, but I just love him SO much that I can’t imagine my life without him.  Especially not for a job that someone else could do.  Anyways, he came home from work and apologized.  Even said I was right and when he mentioned it to his boss, he said no problem just to take Sat. off so he wouldn’t be overworked.  So, all is well.  The hubb’s and I rarely argue and even yesterday it was more of a disagreement than an argument.  We have only had one knock down, drag out screaming match in about 5yrs.  But everyone has meltdowns and that was MINE.  LOL  This, well, this was small.  But no matter how small, I really appreciate that he took the time to think about it, fix it, and then apologize.  *sigh*  How is it possible that after 12yrs. together, I love that man more and more each day?  It’s almost annoying!  LOL

Soo… weighed in this AM.  I know it isn’t my ‘official’ day but I’ve been checking every day or couple of days just to see if I’m going along the right track.  Today I came in at 199!  I’m sorta shocked.  I’m not doing low carb, really.  And I saw 199.  What am I doing?  Still the same eating as before with the green protein shake at lunch.  I DID try a cabbage shake yesterday and well, I think I used too much cabbage.  BLEH.  I used 2 cups just like I do with the other greens, but I think the cabbage is too dense to do that.  Next time I will only do 1 cup.  I had a HARD time getting down just one glass.  BLEH.  But I did it and had a small salad since I couldn’t do the full 2 glasses.  And honestly, I’m feeling really good!  I still can’t believe the 199.  If that sticks around until tomorrow, I’ll be happy!  I know, only half a pound down for the entire month, but let’s face it, I’ve not been great!  Any loss at this point is GREAT!  Even half a pound!  LOL  Even though I wish I could see that 198 again on an OFFICIAL weigh-in!  Kinda feel like it was a fluke that time.  Hope this 199 isn’t a fluke.

Well, a few things to do today and I’m not going to get it done sitting on here!  Have a good weekend chicks and I will report back tomorrow on my ‘official’ weigh-in!


Aggravated!!! July 29, 2011

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OK, so, fair warning to anyone who is about to read this and to any moderators who may stumble upon it — This post is a rant and not about weight loss!!!

So, I just had an argument with the hubb’s.  He’s been working a TON of overtime lately and I get that he wants to work and become one of those guys that they just CANNOT let go of because he’s so flexible, capable, knowledgeable, etc.  But this working all the damn time is for the BIRDS!  I have a TON of stuff coming up in the next couple of weeks, so I need him home some to help out.  But instead of being flexible for his family, he’s bending over backwards for them.  You see, they did some sort of training retreat and forgot to schedule enough people.  So, they had given 3 people vacation and now they are short handed.  But instead of just sucking it up and making some of the Supervisors actually WORK, they’re working the guys who are there to death!  Now, keep in mind, this is Industrial Electrical, Mechanical, and Electronics work.  My hubby is the only person besides one other qualified to do Electronics.  OTHER THAN a couple of Supervisors.  So, instead of saying hey, we screwed up and now we are going to help you cover, they’ve scheduled him an impossible shift with no turnover.  He’s going to be exhausted and that cannot be safe!  Not to mention, I am already worn to a nub from an injury, busy schedule, and a baby who is still up a lot.  I was up every hour last night with one or the other.  Oldest was having bad dreams.  I am SO tired I feel like crying!!!!!

So, I came up with a solution to the work problem and told him he could try asking his boss and he was like, “No one is going to want to work that.”  I’m like, WHAT?  The guys there are ALWAYS asking for overtime!  And if nothing else, ONE Supervisor could cover to give you one day off!  But instead, he was like, well, they’re just really short handed and you’re acting like it’s my fault.  I said no, I’m not.  I’m trying to help come up with a more reasonable solution rather than you working 84hrs. — 62 on nights and 24 on days on one day of transition!  And even if no one DOES want to work it, it isn’t his problem!  He’s not the one who approved this stupid class and people’s vacation without making sure that the floor was covered!  So, the Supervisor is the one who should be responsible for making sure that it is covered, covered safely, and that if there aren’t enough regular guys that HE comes in and works it so that his employees aren’t worked to death!  Everyone with any sense KNOWS that when you are tired that you are MUCH more prone to mistakes.  And when you work in Engineering in an Industrial job, it is just not SAFE!!!!

On top of all that, like I said, I have a TON coming up this week and I am so tired I can’t think.  And I am getting no support.  I get he wants to do the right thing for his job, and I am THANKFUL for this job, but sometimes you just have to say enough is enough and let them find another way.  Especially when your family is starting to suffer.  I won’t lie, I’ll make it.  I won’t fall apart.  But it’s frustrating as snot when men put their jobs above what is going on at home.  I just feel like screaming!  SCREAMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t know why, but that sorta did make me feel better.


7/28/2011 July 28, 2011

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SO…. weigh-in this AM was 200.5!  Woot!  I’m pretty darn happy with that!  Even if I don’t lose anything else (which I hope I do) I will be down 1.5 for this week come Sunday.  Another pound would be great to get me back under 200.  That would be a FABULOUS way to end the month!  Although, this will be another month of no loss if I end it at 199.5, but I’d rather have maintained than gained.  I am trying to stay positive.  LOL  And did I mention my cycle started?  So, I am beyond happy.  Even if I see nothing else but the 1.5, hopefully next week I will have a WHOOSH from water weight!

Yesterday ended up being a fairly easy day.  I did do a few things around the house, but nothing drastic.  My knee was REALLY twinging all day so I didn’t want to push it.  Today will be a bit more since I have to run around town for a bit and I need to do a few more things around the house that I wasn’t up for yesterday if I can.  I want to dust, finish up some laundry, and do dishes.  That alone is about 3hrs. of stuff.  LOL  Dusting the whole house is a lot of work!  Not sure if I will do the basement or not…  I really need to deep clean down there and maybe the hubby will let me do that when he is home so I can knock it all out at once.

I tried another type of green shake yesterday.  I used romaine in it along with strawberries, a couple of pieces of leftover frozen mango, and some peaches.  The romaine is VERY different from the spinach in that it tastes almost… minty?  Very fresh and invigorating!  I liked it after just a couple of sips.  However, I drank two servings and then left the other for later.  MISTAKE.  After it sits for a while, it REALLY gets a green taste… probably from the chlorophyll being released.  Not good.  Not good at ALL.  So, if you decide to try these, make sure you drink it fresh!  But I was very full after the first two glasses that I couldn’t finish the third.  So, may have to cut the recipe down a bit.  Today I think I will have a raspberry, banana, and spinach.  I’m getting low on everything so I will need to make a trip to the store soon.  I also told my hubby that we needed to eat up some of the older things in the fridge before they get bad.  We do pretty well with keeping up with it, but some of the fruits have been sitting there for a while.  Time to eat those up in the form of smoothies!  I bet I’m getting at least 3 or 4 servings of fruits and veg in those smoothies plus the protein and good fats.  And with the greens, I don’t need to add fiber!  😀  Not to mention the fact that there is a lot of liquids in them from the ice and almond milk.

Well, not much else to write about other than we got our meat!  We decided to try them out last night and they were SO good!  When fresh beef is cooking that is all natural and grass fed, the meat actually SMELLS like grass when it’s cooking!  It was crazy!  And the meat is sooo tender that you don’t really need much else but the meat and some veg.  I think we have about 200lbs. of beef in our freezer right now!  LOL  Plus the about 50bags of frozen veg.  I’m really excited to eat it and try it all out and see what we will be able to do next year.  We got a good mix of of different cuts, so I hope that we can really find the best way to use it all.  We got some GREAT roasts… up to 3lbs.!  We can get 3 meals out of that.  Straight roast with salad, roast and roasted veggies, and then either stew, chili, or even bbq or spaghetti.  So many things you can do with roast.  I know a lot of people don’t like it, but it is honestly one of our fave things to eat because it’s so versatile!

Ok, well, I think I’ve rambled on enough!  I need to get off of here and get a few things done.  And relax a bit.  I’d like to read some more of my book.  It’s the last in the set and well… I’d like to turn them back in for credit so that I can get more books!  LOL  I’ve been thinking of getting a nook, but I’m not sure if it would be worth the money.  The nook color is pretty darn expensive.  I haven’t really looked around or anything, yet, though.  But the hubby keeps saying that for certain things, he thinks that the nook, in the end, would save us money.  Because a trip to the used bookstore almost always results in a $40+ purchase.  Yes, we turn them in for credit when we’re done, but you know you rarely get back what you put into them.  So, I’ve been wondering if for books that I just want to read and return if it would be better to get the nook for and then books I want to purchase to keep to get from the used store.  I guess I should do some research and see what would be the best options.  I really love books!

Ok, Ok, I’m going!  All of you take care!


Whoa Buddy! July 27, 2011

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WHOA BUDDY have we been busy!  The last two days have consisted of purging, cleaning, and organizing of mass proportions!  You see, I had a VERY cluttered garage.  I’ve been cleaning it out here and there when the hubby wasn’t looking, but nothing massive.  And I had been helping him to organize the things he wanted to keep.  I’m a store and label kinda gal, so that’s what I had been doing slowly as to not KILL myself.  Well, then the farm called and said *GASP* our meat will be delivered Weds.!  WOOT!  So, I needed to clean out the garage to get a clear path to the deep freezer.  AND I also needed to get that deep freezer organized like crazy.  And I did!  THANK YOU TARGET!  I got 4 of those milk crates for $3 each and then some other little nesting/stacking storage bins and now you can get to ANYTHING in that bad puppy!  I dig it.  But, I also took a HUGE load of stuff to Goodwill.  Then there are TWO trashcans stuffed to the gills.  Luckily, regular trash ran today, but now recycling is overflowing.  Going to have to break out the spare can!  I really should take a pic and post since I searched and searched for ideas to organize a deep freezer and no one seemed to have any great ideas.  My hubby was impressed!  He even got out there today and ended up doing a bunch of organizing and purging, too!  This is the best our garage has looked in FOREVER!  While he worked in the garage, my oldest and I got to work on the family room and rec area.  He was GOOD and got rid of a bunch of stuff.  Now that area is neat and organized again!

I am thinking we will take a break from that for a bit to do a few projects.  Then once those are done, we will go back and do some more organizing and whatnot.  I would really like to do the area under our stairs and go through the attic again.  We did it once before, but at the time we didn’t have much money to put into replacing things so I know we sorta held on to a lot of stuff.  I’d like to clear it back out.  I think when money is tight, you’re more reluctant to get rid of things because you just never know when you will get to replace it.  And even though I wouldn’t consider us ‘broke’ or ‘poor’, I tend to be a worrier.  I live on a budget and like to save and if there are changes, my darn brain panics and reads us as broke.  LOL  So, when I feel like we are ‘short’, I automatically tend to slightly hoard things for ‘just in case’.  I’m trying to get out of that mindset.  And now that we have paid off some things and built our savings back up, I’m feeling more at ease.  So, it’s time to go through those boxes and things again with a fresh eye.  And if I don’t use it and haven’t used it in a while, it’s going to be time to let it go.  I can donate, sell, or recycle it.  Last resort is trash.

Another thing I’ve been thinking on lately is my oldest’s bedroom.  They make these loft beds with a futon under them and he loves them… but he won’t sleep on the top bunk.  So, we have a futon downstairs and we’ve been thinking of using that for his bed.  It would take up about the same amount of room as his current bed, but if he wanted to sit it up and use it for a couch, he could.  I just don’t know if it’s worth the trouble from day to day.  Right now, we’re not super happy with his room because it seems as if the furniture is just too large.  But at the same time, we hate to buy new furniture that he might just up and destroy.  Our original plan was to use old furniture from other things (that I refinished black) until he was old enough to get a more ‘big boy’ style bedroom.  He got this stuff at about… 3?  Maybe 4… Anyways, we thought he could use it until he was about 8 to 10, but now we are wondering if that was the best idea.  It’s holding up well, it’s just BIG!  We had thought of an IKEA bedroom since it wouldn’t be crazy expensive.  UGH.  Not sure WHAT to do!  But I feel like something needs to give because his room always looks… crowded.  My Mom thinks we’re crazy and should just leave it alone, but we need better organization for in there.  It’s one of the few rooms that I have REALLY had an issue with getting together.  I think the solution is to get rid of the armoir, dresser, and bookshelf and get an all-in-one system.  Maybe mixing some of the Trofast and Malm stuff from Ikea.  We could keep the bed and maybe the nightstand.  I’m just not sure what to do.  I’m not sure why his room is proving to be so difficult!

On a good note, I have been keeping busy.  I weighed this AM and saw 201.5.  I know that is only another half a pound down, but considering I am about to start my cycle and this is only Weds., I’ll take it!  Every little bit will help.  But today, I think I will take it easy.  I do need to do a few things, but I have had 4 pretty busy days so today should be a calmer day.  I need a down day once in a while!  LOL  I may read and take it easy.  But I probably should do some stuff!  LOL  Like, fold another load or two of laundry.  But I don’t want to be on my feet for hours and hours today.  Especially since I took a fall downstairs on the concrete floor.  My knee is a bit sore.  Yup, sounds like a good day to take it easy if I can actually do it!  LOL  But already, my brain is thinking it would be nice to go outside and do some weeding during naptime.  But I really shouldn’t.  LOL

I don’t know what to say about food.  I haven’t done much with it to be honest.  I am still trying to have my shakes but I am attempting to have a different kind each day.  I was reading that your body absorbs nutrients best when you mix them up.  So, one day I have a blueberry and spinach, the next raspberry and banana, and then today I was thinking of having strawberry.  I may have some mango or something left in the freezer to mix in with it.  Or I could do a splash of orange juice.  Now, I know what you’re thinking… this isn’t low carb!  Well, yes and no.  It’s not traditional low carb, but I’m not using anything artificial and I am focusing on getting in a mixture of nutrients.  I am having carbs.  Just not cheap, highly processed, lack of nutrient carbs.  I just feel like maybe the reason I keep stalling out is I am missing something, nutrient wise.  I have been feeling better getting in the extra protein and the mixture of greens and fruits.  The only other thing is I have been trying not to eat carbs later in the day and evening and when I eat a meal, I’m focusing more on the veggies.  I am pretty much eating two bites of veg for every bite of protein.  And of course lots of water.  I DO need to get better about my vitamins, though.  I do great for a couple of days and then backslide and forget.  Hard to keep up with that when there are SO many things to keep up with!

But I’m feeling good.  I just really want to focus on the type of foods and staying busy since I don’t seem to ever be able to do ‘formal’ exercise anymore.  I do miss it, and we’re working towards it.  I just think that right now I need to focus on my protein shakes and getting lots of extra fruit and veg in there and continuing to stay away from man-made carbs.  I probably still won’t go back to eating rice and potatoes, but I may have them when they sound good.  I just hope that I figure out what I am lacking that is slowing me down and can get it straightened out.  Especially if it is a nutrient thing!  I never understood why people tracked their micro and macronutrient intake until now.  Makes lots of sense!  Now I just need to find a way to incorporate even more veg and some fruit into my diet.  I’m loving the shakes, but I’m a bit…. hesitant, I guess is the word… to try other greens.  I’ve read that parsley is great, and so is kale, but kale is bitter.  Going to do some more research here in a bit to see what I can find.

I think that is enough rambling for today.   You ladies have a great day!


Yesterday July 25, 2011

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Yesterday was a fun but busy day.  I DID get some housework done, but not as much as I should have simply because… we ended up going shopping and out to dinner.  You see, our TV took a crap.  Now my hubby is a smart guy.  He’s going to school for his degree in Electronics/Electrical Engineering.  So, he took the time to look up the repair guides online, took the TV apart, and then diagnosed the problem.  It’s a $100 fix.  But now, NOW I don’t trust the TV.  We brought our oldest’s TV out here to use until it was repaired and then we decided screw it, we’re buying a new one!  Mostly because like I said, I don’t trust the old Samsung anymore and oldest’s TV (that he uses for games like old school Nintendo and VHS) is well, and old Tube TV we bought back in 2000.  We ended up getting a new one and set it up last night.  It’s pretty great, but HUGE.  It’s a man TV.  LOL  The only thing so far that I’ve noticed I don’t like is that the TV is 1080.  Netflix is 720.  So the pic on the TV isn’t as good.  But when you watch DVD’s… OMG.  FANTASTIC.  DVD’s are 1080.  INSANE how good the pic is.  And we got a crazy good deal.  😀

Then we hung out and did a few other things.  Like, let the kiddos play at the play area in the mall and took them to Great American Cookie since it was youngest’s b-day.  Clap for me — I only had like, 2 small bites of cookie!  😀  I had a shake before we went, so I just had a taste.  We did lunch out and the hubby and I shared a salad from TB.  Wasn’t great.  But I figured since we were out walking for HOURS it was fine.  That’s two days I’ve gotten out and walked around.  May not be walking on a treadmill, but I was up and moving!  Dinner was the only place I didn’t do great.  Well, dessert.  I had a mini caramel pie.  So yum!  But it will be the last for a while.  But I’m ok with having it.  I probably SHOULDN’T, but oh well.  It was moderation.

Didn’t weigh this AM.  I figured I did yesterday on my ‘official’ day so no point in today on top of that.  I probably will again soon, but not too soon.  I DID, however, try on my bridesmaids dress last night.  OY.  It was TIGHT.  When I tried dresses on, I tried on a 14 and it fit great.  However, I guess I should’ve taken into account that it was a sample and would be slightly stretched.  Cause it fit great unlike the one I tried on last night!  I hope I can lose a few pounds in the next few weeks; otherwise that dress is going to be like wearing a corset for an entire day!  But I think if I could lose at least 5 or 6lbs., I would be ok.  The hubby said the only place that ‘looked’ tight was the bodice… which means I need to lose some back fat.  UGH.  Hard area to lose for the most part.  But when I was losing, it did seem that area had gone down because this weird rolly area I’d had went down.  I hope that happens with losing this time!  I would really like to be under 195 for the wedding.  That’s 7.5lbs. to lose to get to 194.5.  I think that is do-able if I don’t stall out AGAIN.  I am going to aim for 7.5!

Well, I am going to get off of here.  I need to get to work and finish some of the things I wasn’t able to get done yesterday and a few other things.  Hopefully the hubby can do the phone calling and let me get the other stuff caught up.  Not sure what we will do tomorrow, but if I get a lot done today, maybe a project or two can be finished.  Like, cleaning up the garage some!  We are having our beef delivered on Weds., so we need a clear path to the freezer!  I sure hope it will all fit.  I plan on organizing the deep freezer and moving a few things up here just to help insure there is plenty of room.  At least until my parents take part of their meat.  Not sure WHAT we’re going to do if all of this doesn’t fit.  I sure hope it does!  Might have to ask a neighbor to hold part of it.  But I hope not.  Anyways, off I go to start and hopefully finish a few things!


Going with the flow July 24, 2011

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So, MsCatty, after taking some time to think it over, I believe I’ve come to the conclusion that I am utterly boring!  I was trying to think of something different to get involved with that I really love so that I could meet other people.  Because heck, I always encourage people to get out and meet people.  I mean, I don’t want to be one of those people who is like, ‘Do what I say, not what I do.’  But here’s the issue… I moved from a bigger city to a smaller area.  And so far, no matter what I’ve tried, I’ve just not met many people.  And I’ve tried.  I’ve joined all kinds of groups and gone to all kinds of things and I’ve just not clicked.  I’m starting to feel like maybe I’m trying too hard?  I mean, the friends that I believe will be lifers that I have now, I met without trying.  They’ve been random.  And the things we have in common are well… random.  I have met some nice people and acquaintances, but not many people that I feel like I can confide secrets in or depend on.  In retrospect, it isn’t that they aren’t nice people… it’s just that for whatever reason we just don’t have that ‘click’.  And to be honest, I’m boring.  I don’t really have any ‘extreme’ interests.  I love board games, reading, doing crazy stuff to my hair and nails, gardening, home improvement…. and we do things that go with those, but so far not much luck meeting people.  So, I’ve come to the conclusion that part of the reason I am having trouble this go around is because I am rather boring!  And being in an area that isn’t saturated with people and things to do… Well, it’s made the opportunity to meet people like me more difficult.  But I’m not going to give up.  I’m just going to try not trying so hard.  I’m going to be friendly and do my thing but leave myself open to meeting new people.  I think once oldest goes to school, that will help.  But still not going to force it.  Just going to go with the flow and put it out of my head.  I don’t need nor want to stress over something like that.  I’ve been silly in doing so.

On a good front, I got up and weighed in this AM.  I saw 202.  😀  That’s 2lbs. down from last Sunday’s official weigh-in!  Which is only 4lbs. from my lowest.  So, I am feeling better about what I am doing.  I think maybe taking the time off did some good.  And this week, I was eating carbs, but focusing on limited ones.  I may cut back some more and I know for sure I will be using my green protein shakes more, but so far, I’m feeling good.  I don’t want to be too drastic even though I am ready for results.  I am feeling like something this week (even with being sick) worked better.  I just don’t know what it was!  I ate pretty well and drank lots of water.  So, I really wonder if maybe I was just stuck… I guess we will see in the following weeks.  If not, I think I will take your suggestion MsCatty and have my thyroid checked again.  I know I have PCOS and that slows me down, but maybe my thyroid has gotten out of whack.  Who knows?  LOL

The hubby is off for the next couple of days so I plan on getting in some exercise.  If the rain is cleared, going to walk the dog.  I am thinking I will walk him in our neighborhood for the next few days.  Then, when the hubby is back at work, I will attempt to get another day or two in of walking on the treadmill.  Just 20 to 30mins. as SOON as nap time rolls around.  I know I have other things I need to do during that time, but I need to make some cardio a priority.  At least a few days a week.  Although, I really don’t think planned cardio is as beneficial as just staying moving.  My Granny never ‘exercised’ but she was always moving.  Gardening, moving things, cleaning.  She would’ve been a hundred on her next birthday, but she passed away.  Until she was like 97, she was up and still doing her own yardwork!  So, that’s my exercise goal… I want to be busy for the majority of the day.  I don’t mind sitting here in the AM checking my mail, doing my blog, etc.  But come noon, I want to be up and moving the majority of the time.  I think that’s realistic unless I am sick or really tired.  And if I can get some pure walking time to zone out, that will be good, too.  More for my emotional state than my body, though.  LOL  And the Pilates.  GOT to find time for the Pilates.  I KNOW what kind of results I get, and I know that I would feel better doing them.  So, got to get to it.  I have 3 weeks until my friends wedding… I am thinking of taking measurements again tonight, starting the Pilates, and then seeing where I am in 3 weeks.  Small challenge for myself!  😀  I especially want to see some changes in my arms.  I know everyone has those areas they hate, and mine are my triceps.  It’s hereditary in my family to have ‘batwings’.  Even the super skinny family members have them.  So, I’d like to somewhat tame the bats and get them under control.  I am hoping that with weight loss they will shrink a bit and the toning will make them appear smaller.  I don’t want ‘guns’ but I would like a nice shape.  I remember when I was about 10lbs. smaller they already looked better.  Hoping that is the case once again!

Let’s see… I believe that covers it all.  I think that’s enough!  This is looking LONG.  Sorry ladies… lots on my mind lately!  LOL  I guess I should get off of here and get started on my house.  Lots to do to catch up on housework from being sick.  And then yesterday, I didn’t get much done due to still being tired and I went out to run a few errands in the evening.  Which was futile, because they ended up not having what I needed at either store!  Pain in the BUTT!  Oh well.  I just need to catch up today and not let it keep piling up.  And I can do it all today (for the entire week!) if the kiddos will cooperate.  So far, youngest is a grouch.  But if I don’t get it all done, it’s still ok and I am not going to fret.  Enjoy your Sunday, ladies!


On the road… July 23, 2011

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So, a few days ago, I posted about getting back on the road to dieting and knowing that my weight was going up and I needed to do it or else.  I felt REALLY good about that… and then I got sick.  UGH.  Stupid stomach virus!  Needless to say, I haven’t been on any kind of plan.  I’ve been on the, please let me keep it in without it killing me plan!  Egg drop soup was my friend.  Why, of all things, THAT helped my stomach I don’t know.  But it sure hit the spot.  It’s 10AM and that sounds SO good right now…. I love egg drop soup.  I guess since it’s low carb, that’s good, huh?  LOL  Can’t be too bad on cals either since it’s basically just broth and eggs!  Maybe some ginger and green onions, too.  Either way, it was my safe food.  Made me feel SO much better and stopped the cramping.  Yay!

So, now I’m going on day 3 and yesterday and the day before were the worst.  Yesterday I was just crazy tired and my tummy was tender so eating was sporadic.  I mostly picked at my food and sipped water all day.  I didn’t feel horrid, just exhausted.  Today I feel ok!  I had an LC pita with PB and some honey and of course my coffee.  Later I plan to have an omelet, fruit for snack, and then steak and salad for dinner.  YUM.  Tomorrow, I won’t be having the pita.  I will either have the omelet then or a protein shake.  I’m flushin’ the carbs out!  Although, the pita itself probably isn’t all that bad coming in at 7g of carbs and full of fiber.  The bad would be the honey that I mix with the PB.  LOL  So, I will for sure be nixing the honey.  I love the stuff, but it’s like crack for me.  I LOVE it.  On everything.  Many times that will be my snack when I’m having a moderate day.  Low sugar vanilla ice cream, a sprinkle of cinnamon and a drizzle of honey.  OY.  I just love honey!  So, I try to stay away from it when doing really low since it’s really just sugar… but better for you than the other if you buy locally.

Anyways, that’s really my big news.  LOL  That I’ve been sick and not on track but not due to falling off.  I am hoping that I feel even better tomorrow and can keep moving forward instead of feeling like poo.  I do feel ok today, so surely by tomorrow I will feel really good and really get to moving on my diet/exercise.  I will attempt to catch up with everyone soon!


Today has not gone as planned.  Instead of an omelet, I had a green protein smoothie.  Then I had some ham and cheese, and vanilla wafers.  The wafers weren’t the best choice…. I should’ve just said NO.  But I ate those since I was having a horrible craving for a cheeseburger.  I don’t even know why.  LOL  Anyways, with the ham and cheese and wafers, the craving has passed.  Hopefully that is the last for today.  I still plan on having steak for dinner and some sort of salad or spinach and maybe some mixed veggies.  Depends on how hungry I am.

I signed up for  I am going to give it a go and see how I like it and then sparkpeople and a couple of others.  Hopefully I will find one that fits.  I just wish I wasn’t so tired so I FELT like doing things.  Youngest went to bed late, got up during the night and then up at 6AM.  I’ve had around 4hrs. of sleep so I’m feeling groggy and can’t seem to get over it.  Drinking some more coffee and water now in hopes to get perked back up to get a couple of chores done around the house.  AKA, dusting and some laundry.  If I am not dead out tired later, I may go ahead and give myself a pedi and a mani.  My hands and feet are looking ROUGH.  I’m not sure why I’m worried… This weekend (starting tomorrow) we are going to be cleaning out the garage and getting rid of some things.  So, I need to do some laundry and get that stuff out of the way tonight and tomorrow since it’s in the garage!  I’ve kept up on it pretty well, but I need to do a few loads to keep it that way.  Maybe I will go down here in a min and throw in a load since the kiddos seem happy.  😀

I PLAN on checking in over the next couple of days, but it may get busy here and I am thinking I will be tired flushing these carbs out.  My carbs are fairly high today with the wafers… but I believe I am still going to come out lower than yesterday!  So, either way, it’s going down.  And I am going to also going to do more of my protein/green shakes.  I watched a Documentary on a guy who did a 60 day juice fast and how in the end, he felt SO good.  He used it to detox due to an autoimmune disorder.  Now, for me personally, I don’t want to do a full fast like that, but I did protein shakes heavily last time and had great results.  Not only physically, but medically and emotionally.  I am really leaning more towards that again.  I KNOW I can do it.  I KNOW I get great results.  But I also KNOW it can be hard at times.  But something has got to give… I’m sick of fighting so hard to get nowhere when it comes to diet.

I’ve been doing some more looking around for exercise.  And the hubby and I are working on a schedule.  I think that I will be able to do it again soon!  I just have to get up and do it.


Oh crap. July 20, 2011

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I am not feeling so good today.  I know why… I’ve been stress eating and drinking and it has caught up with me today.  Then I got on the scale… 210!  NO JOKE!  I knew it would be high, but not THAT high.  I thought maybe 205.  But I should’ve known because I am VERY swollen from late night salty snacks, margaritas, and flat out stress.  So, irregardless of what my final diet decision is, I need to get on some sort of track.  So, today is going to be LOTS of water, vitamins, and lower carb and reasonable cals.  No junk food, salty or sugary snacks, and no alcohol.  I am thinking about going back to food journaling for a while.  Thinking of using a website if I can find one.  I’ve heard of several.  Any recommendations?  I would like a program where I can put in the foods I eat most often and it will remember it for me.  I did it all myself with pencil and paper, but it would be nice to have a program if possible.

I will once again go back to ‘official’ weigh-ins on Sundays.  After seeing that 210 this AM, I know I’ve got to get it in gear.  Yes, I know that almost all of it is water, but I have to do something.  I’ve given myself about a week off, so now it’s time to get back to work.  I may not have a concrete plan, but I want to eat better and find some sort of exercise to fit in.  I can only do the best I can, ya know?  And after a break, I feel more ready to give it a go.  So, as I said, starting today, I’m going to get back on the wagon.  I will weigh-in Sunday.  And if I have time, I will post my ‘before’ pics.  I hope to do a progress pic when I hit 20lbs.  Hopefully it won’t take me long to get back to that!

Not going to make this long since my last couple of posts have been long.  Thank you to all you ladies for being supportive, offering suggestions, and well… just reading.  I think I will pull out of this slump just fine!


On Sale July 19, 2011

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Aargh!  SO frustrated!  I found some good coupons for Gerber products today and the darn things won’t print!  I’m hoping they are on sale, too!  Since youngest is almost a year old now, we don’t do a lot of baby products anymore.  He mostly eats whatever we are having.  But it is nice to have SOME of those ‘convenience’ foods for him like the puffs and the dehydrated fruits.  He has seemed a bit bored with some of the food options lately, so I am thinking we may add more ‘baby’ foods back in for a bit to give him more variety.  We really do tend to eat the same things over and over.  LOL  And I am REALLY hoping this one won’t be as picky of an eater as oldest.  I’m not a picky eater and neither is the hubbs!  Which is part of the reason dieting isn’t as bad as it could be.  I eat almost everything.  But it also makes it hard at the same time because there are very few foods I don’t love!

Speaking of, the hubby and I have been really talking over the diet thing.  He can feel my frustration and I was pretty clear about how I am at a crossroads.  So, last night, we sat down and talked over every diet I’ve ever tried since we’ve been together.  I remember trying low fat and it didn’t work for me.  I’m almost positive I gained.  I also gained like crazy on Slim-Fast.  And that brought me to low cal.  I don’t remember losing or what I did, but the hubby remembers I lost a good chunk in two weeks, and then it just stopped.  He said he remembers coming home from work and I was upset and crying because I had weighed at the gym and I just wasn’t losing.  Even though I was eating less than 1600 cals and working out for 1 to 2 hrs. at least 4 times a week.  I gave up for a while.  I remember that because I just felt like, what was the point?  I know I sat at a pretty high weight for a while and then when we started trying to get preggo, I kept having issue after issue and kept going to the Dr.  At first, it was ‘it’s all in your head’.  Then after years, my new Doc after moving said, ‘You have PCOS.’  That’s when I went to low carb.  That’s when I dropped down under 20g per day and FINALLY lost weight.  I lost 25lbs. and got pregnant.  For a few years, all was well, but I didn’t try to lose again until we moved to TN.  And that was only because on oldest’s b-day, I saw a pic of myself that was so awful I knew then that I HAd to do SOMETHING.  That was when my weight was 226.5.  I went to a low carb diet and did mostly protein shakes.  I know that for the most part, it would be considered a liquid protein diet.  I found it pretty easy mostly because I could work it pretty well.  I would be able to have my shakes and my dinners and if I WANTED to go out I allowed myself a treat meal now and then.  I lost 40lbs.  Then I got preggo with youngest.  Since youngest has been weaned, I’ve been trying to lose weight but got serious in Jan.  Well, Dec. 26th.  I cut back on some and lost some but again, I didn’t see much success until I cut my carbs way back.  So, I am considering going back to an almost ‘liquid protein diet’.  I don’t really consider it that, but I guess that’s the closest name.  To me, it’s more like Phase 1 Atkins.  Because I still eat meals.  I just mostly use the protein shakes.

That’s where I’m at now.  After talking it over and over, as much as I would like to, I don’t know if ‘just’ cutting my cals would be enough.  Although, I have to admit I KNOW that my cals probably weren’t very high when I did mostly the shakes before.  But in the end, it would be a diet that was not only low in cals, but low and cals and focused on reduced carbs.  Because apparently I don’t lose well otherwise.  But another part of me wants to just try low cal because I haven’t shown any symptoms of PCOS since before I had youngest…  Although I’ve never heard of anyone being ‘cured’… just being under ‘control’.  But if I were going to do it, I’d want to give it a REAL go.  Like, 30 days.  Because you just can’t tell unless you give yourself a good amount of time.  2 weeks just isn’t enough time to REALLY test a diet out because with almost any plan, you have that initial loss.  It’s after that you have to really see what is going on.  What do you ladies think?  Yes?  No?  UGH.  I guess I am just partially worried because I am in a wedding in the middle of August and I don’t want to gain.  It’s in 3 weeks.  Speaking of, I need to try my dress on!  I hope it fits.  I know I may need it shortened a bit, but I hope that is all.  UGH.  Hope it’s not too tight.  But should I give it a go and see if I can do just low cal?  Decisions decisions decisions…

Well, I think this is long enough now and I want to read for a bit.  I am taking the rest of the afternoon to rest, and then I am going to do some housework tonight after the kiddos are in bed.  Then tomorrow, finish up some stuff and attempt to find a playdate for the kiddos.  Not to mention I am thinking of signing older up for something for the next few weeks before he drives me NUTS.  We need to be reviewing for school, too.  fun fun.


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